What is CBD Wax?


CBD wax is a semi-solid form of CBD oil that has been refined to create a thicker, buttery consistency. CBD wax is an amber-colored moldable blob that can be measured, weighed, melted, and vaporized. In fact, if you are familiar with the world of CBD, you may know that CBD wax was actually created to be vaporized via dabbing.

In regard to dosing and experience, CBD wax isn’t much different than CBD oil- other than being thicker. It doesn’t have any more or any less potency than other similar CBD products. It is easy to use and has a strong flavor when vaped.

What is the Difference Between Wax, Oil, and Shatter?

CBD is available in a variety of forms: liquid (oil), solid (wax), and glass-like (shatter).

When extracted, it’s a liquid. This liquid can be consumed, cooked with, and blended into formulas, such as topicals. It can also be processed into various consistencies.

In its most common form, CBD wax, (aka “budder”) has a waxy texture. It’s made with air pressure extraction.

On the other hand, CBD shatter is created when the oil is cooked into a clear, amber liquid and poured onto wax paper sheets. It is then cooled, which creates a glass-type substance, similar to making sugar candy. Some people believe that shatter is the hardest form of wax. Others disagree and say that since it’s made differently, the two are completely different.

One thing is for certain, oil, wax, and shatter are easy to differentiate from one another- but the dosage and usage are similar. There are two other forms of CBD: live resin and crumble. These are both alternate types of CBD wax.

Benefits of CBD Wax

Chances are you’ve heard of the variety of benefits associated with CBD. It is believed to ease digestive issues, ease muscle pain, help your mind relax, lower blood pressure, and so much more. However, you’re probably wondering specifically about the benefits associated with CBD wax, as opposed to topicals, tinctures, gummies, edibles, and other forms of CBD.

When you use wax, the effects kick in quickly. When you vaporize and inhale CBD, it instantly absorbs into the mucous membranes in your mouth, lungs, and throat. Since wax vaporizes cleanly, you don’t have to worry about harshness or damage from smoke.

Experts say that it is safe to inhale and is efficient. When you exhale, there is very little CBD left. If you want to get the effects quickly, dabbing or vaping wax is a great option.

Does CBD Wax Interact with Medications?

There are a few different medications that CBD may interact with, primarily related to the way enzymes are metabolized or produced. For example, if you are on some anti-seizure medications, it can cause your liver to produce too many enzymes. Also, if you are on certain enzyme inhibitors, your body may not fully process CBD or may prevent your body from processing similar enzyme medications.

That being said, there are no special interactions related to CBD wax. If you understand how to manage your medications with CBD oil, you don’t have to worry too much.

Dosing with CBD Wax

Any time you dose with CBD, no matter what form, it should be done slowly and carefully- and you should pay attention to how your body reacts to judge how to proceed. Start with a tiny amount, which can be difficult because CBD wax is sticky- but with your dab tool, you can portion just enough to vape.

Dosage can also be controlled through heating/inhalation. For example, if you load too much into your vape pen, only tap the button briefly and take a small breath. This gives you control over your dosage but allows the wax to last longer in the pen.

Even if you enjoy the effects, it’s important to take it slow. Also, make sure that you’re staying hydrated because both vaping and CBD can cause minor dehydration.

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