What is the Best Way to Take CBD for Pain?

CBD for Pain

If you have suffered with chronic pain, consider trying something new for relief. CBD for pain has shown to be effective, plus, it does not possess the side-effects that medications and other remedies may have. Consumers have many options regarding how they take their CBD, too, and there is a wide range of CBD products widely available online.

So, why take CBD in the first place? The benefits of taking CBD for pain include these advantages:

  • CBD interacts with receptors in the brain that control sensation throughout the entire body, so it is effective at treating a wide range of different types of pain.
  • CBD does not foster dependency. It is non-addictive and non-habit forming.
  • CBD does not have side-effects. If you take too much CBD, you may experience some stomach upset but nothing else. More on that later!
  • CBD is not intoxicating or psychoactive.
  • CBD is legal everywhere. As long as it does not contain THC- the psychoactive elements of the cannabis plant- it is legal to buy and consume.

The absence of significant side effects is a big draw to CBD for chronic pain conditions. While prescription medications and treatments can leave patients fatigued or dependent, CBD offers a solution that augments pretty much any lifestyle or regimen. Want to find out more? The best thing to do when making any changes to your regular routine is to discuss it with your provider, practitioner or trainer first. They can make recommendations pertaining to products and dosing that could prove invaluable.

What is the best way to take CBD for pain? Here is what you should know:

CBD Products for Pain

Regardless of how you consume or ingest CBD, it will engage the neurons in the brain in such a way that it alleviates pain. There truly is something for everyone when it comes to CBD products and varied ways of medicating your pain.

Here are a few products to consider:

CBD Oil or Tincture

CBD tinctures are usually made with a carrier oil, like coconut fractionated coconut oil, and they typically have an earthy, grassy flavor. CBD tinctures are very potent concentrated liquids that allow you to ingest with a dropper on or under your tongue. Usually, alcohol is used to derive all the CBD from the plant matter- and bottled in small dark vials for buyers. These are convenient to use, easy to take on-the-go, and provide fast, long-lasting pain relief relatively fast.

CBD Topicals

So, what if your pain is basically confined to a specific area, for instance- what if you have chronic knee pain from arthritis? In such instances, topical CBD products may be the best solution. Certainly, you can mix and match your CBD products to find the regimen that works best, but topicals allow you to manage and focus the relief at a designated spot.

Targeting the pain with a quality CBD topical while diffusing pain with an oral form of CBD could be the magic combination that provides long-lasting relief without side effects.

CBD Gummy Candies

Who doesn’t like a tasty gummy candy? It seems that everything healthy is being offered in gummy form these days, like vitamins and pain relief- and CBD is no exception. CBD gummies are a fun and flavorful way to take your medicine- and it makes it more of a treat. Gummy candy is easy to take and eat, plus some contain additional vitamins or minerals to make them more healthful. Gummies work fast, so you should notice relief fairly quickly. They can be a bit pricier, but shoppers can compare costs among various brands to find favorable price points.

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CBD Capsules

There is nothing simpler when it comes to CBD than the capsule form. These are easy to implement into your daily routine, plus, they usually have no taste. They are neat and clean- often more affordable than other options. If you have difficulty with pills, CBD capsules may not be the best choice. The effects last a long time, so you may be able to alleviate pain for extended periods of time when you take CBD capsules.

Other Products

Buyers have plenty of options and there are lots of other items hitting the CBD market, everything from lollipops to lotion. Check online dispensaries and retailers to find the right CBD product for your pain.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding CBD for Pain Relief

Is CBD better than hemp oil?

When it comes to pain, yes, CBD is better than hemp oil. Hemp seed oil is useful and effective for other things, including health prevention, but it does not have the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that CBD has for pain relief.

Does CBD really help with pain?

Research shows that CBD is effective at relieving certain types of pain, especially targeted pain, arthritis pain, and chronic back pain.

Will CBD make you fail a drug test?

Whether you pass or fail a drug test depends on the type of CBD products you use, as well as the dosing. Regular use of full-spectrum CBD products could cause a positive drug screen testing for cannabis- but it may not. Some suggest taking a break for five or more days when you know that a test is imminent. Generally speaking, most CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, so most will not cause you to fail a drug test.

Is CBD only good for pain?

There are many holistic health properties associated with CBD products. They range from pain relief to improved mood, decreased anxiety, disease prevention, heart health, and more! Talk to your provider to find out about the many benefits of quality CBD.

Final Thoughts on CBD for Pain

Always follow the recommendations on the label for dosing information when using CBD products. Take them as directed. CBD shows great promise in treating chronic pain without the repercussions and side effects of other medications. Always seek out reputable brands that are highly rated by consumers, and that are made in the US. Talk to your provider or practitioner to learn more about how CBD may aid and alleviate your pain.

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