Finding a PayPig - My Personal Experience

If you told me a year ago that I could quit my job, sell feet pics, and find a paypig to spoil me rotten, I would’ve told you that you were crazy. I mean, what guy out there willingly hands over his paycheck and credit cards for little to nothing in return? Believe it or not, there are plenty of men out there craving financial domination – you just need to find them.

This is my story of how I found a paypig that adores me and loves nothing more than financing my lifestyle (except maybe looking at my feet pics). 


How It Started…

My name is Melissa and I’m a self-proclaimed findom and I couldn’t be more proud. Not everyone in my life knows my story and I don’t want them to. What I do in my personal time is my business, however, I’ve seen enough of my friends and family members struggle financially to want to share my story and tips for finding a high-paying paypig and enjoying the findom lifestyle.

A quick recap of my professional life and education goes a little something like this. I graduated high school and attended community college before applying to nursing school. After about a year, I realized I wasn’t cut out for that line of work and abruptly switched gears, getting my real estate license. (PS - my nursing scrubs and outfits came in handy when I started selling feet pics online.)

I sold a few condos and rental properties and was just gaining momentum in the industry when Covid hit. My sales tanked along with the market and I was forced to move back in with my parents. After a year of living in their basement and waiting tables at the local diner, I decided it was time to make a change.

It was actually a regular at the diner who turned me onto the idea of selling feet pics online and dabbling in sugar dating. She was a young, attractive girl with an amazing personality, designer handbags, and what seemed like endless free time. After about a month of serving her, I couldn’t help but ask her, “How do you do it?”. It didn’t make sense to me that this young girl wasn’t working a 9 to 5 job but could still afford to eat out almost daily, carry a Louis Vuitton bag, and wear high-end clothes and jewelry.

And that’s when she told me her secret – “feet pics and findom”, she said. The feet pics part made some sense to me since I’d seen a few ads for websites like and always wondered how lucrative it could really be. But then she started explaining the findom lifestyle which, in short, described confident, beautiful, and powerful women demanding money and gifts from paypigs or submissives who loved nothing more than being bossed around, controlled, and used for their deep pockets and fat wallets.  

It sounded too good to be true and I had to clarify so I asked her again, “You’re telling me that you find rich guys online to buy your feet pics and pay your bills?”, to which she responded, “Pretty much”. I was in. That night I went home and opened accounts on a few foot pic websites plus one on Private Sugar Club to try my luck at being a sugar baby and the rest is history. A few weeks and several paypigs later, I had enough funding to quit my diner job, put a down payment on my own apartment, and reclaim my life and independence. 

And here’s exactly how I did it!


Selling Feet Pics

It all started with feet pics. I’d heard about this phenomenon in passing but never gave it a second thought. Probably because feet don’t really do much for me. I mean, I love a good pedicure and enjoy shopping for shoes, but I’ve never gotten a foot massage, sucked someone’s toes, or dabbled in foot bondage. 

I quickly learned, though, that you don’t need to love (or even like) feet to sell feet pics and make money. There are hundreds of people out there who want to buy all sorts of feet pics depicting all types of bizarre and unconventional things. Some buyers even enjoy dirty talk about feet. One of my best customers orders personalized videos where I say his name and mimic pushing him over and kicking him with my bare feet or spiked heels. Whatever floats your boat! As long as the customer is willing to pay, I will make their foot fetishes a reality. 

There are numerous foot pic platforms out there that all claim to be the best and easiest to use. One of which is FeetFinder. But from my personal experience, this website was one of the worst and most complicated – especially for a beginner like me. The menus are confusing and cumbersome, the competition is ruthless, and the platform keeps 20% of your sales while charging you ridiculous membership fees.

I much prefer to sell on where I get to keep all of my money. The website layout is also streamlined and professional-looking. FunwithFeeet invests in its sellers by showcasing all newcomers on the homepage which helps boost your sales and visibility. I’ve also had only positive experiences with their customer service team.



Once I registered on the site (which is free), I started uploading photos to my profile right away. You can organize your content into different collections and categories, making it simple to keep your work in order. It also makes it easy for buyers to find your work and see your new listings. I started off in a few basic categories like high heels and bare feet and quickly expanded to foot worship, foot bondage, and dirty feet. This is where my life changed.

In my experience, the more kinky categories bring in the more adventurous and vocal buyers. A few customers contacted me directly via the private chat and we started talking about different fantasies and preferences. It didn’t take long for me to find one buyer – we’ll call him Steve – who was interested in more than just my sexy feet pics. He wanted a virtual relationship. He expressed his desire to take care of and provide for someone. Steve got pleasure out of giving gifts and money to beautiful women and he had his eyes set on me.

In so many words, Steve was a paypig. The simple definition of a paypig is a submissive who gets satisfaction from being financially dominated. Some paypigs like being bossed around and humiliated but this wasn’t the case with Steve. He simply wanted me to demand his paycheck every week, forward him all of my utility bills, and ask for his credit card details so I could go on shopping sprees. He even footed the bill (no pun intended) for a few getaways and trips for me and my friends.

One thing I’ll tell you about the findom lifestyle is that when you get a taste of it, you’ll want more. Financial freedom is addicting and invigorating. Not to mention, the sense of power and control gives you a sense of confidence like no other. Steve was just the beginning for me. From here, I moved on to sugar dating, and here’s how that went. 


Exploring the Sugar Dating World

Sugar dating involves a wealthy man (sugar daddy) who gets pleasure from providing financial stability to an attractive, usually younger, female (sugar baby). Now, there’s a lot of stigma and myths surrounding sugar dating. 

For starters, a lot of people think sugar babies have sex with their daddies in exchange for money. This couldn’t be further from the truth! I’ve had my share of sugar daddies over the last few years and have never had sexual contact with any of them. In fact, two of them were completely virtual. We chatted, sent video messages, and talked on the phone. It was a clear and simple exchange of conversation and companionship for money. 

Not all sugar daddies pay the same or have the same needs. Once you connect with an eligible match, you can start talking specifics. Here are a few questions I ask all my prospective sugar daddies before we go any further.

  • What is your budget?
  • How do you plan to pay me? (cash, check, credit card, gifts, etc)
  • What is your availability?
  • What are you looking for in return?
  • What are your expectations?

I’m also very clear about my boundaries, expectations, and requirements. Being honest and transparent from the start is the only way to go when entering a sugar-dating relationship. It cuts down on miscommunication, and disappointment, and ensures that both parties are on the same page and getting their needs met.

I’ve used a few different sugar dating sites but found Private Sugar Club to be the easiest to use and the best place to find wealthy, legitimate sugar daddies looking for a true companion – no muss, no fuss. Registering is easy and you can start searching for eligible daddies within minutes. I’ve only ever encountered polite and genuine men on this site. The customer service team is also great. They’re super knowledgeable, responsive, and polite. 

The chat service is easy to use and private. I’ve found most members respectful, sincere, and honest. But, if it’s the control and power of being in financial control that turns you on, you may want to move from sugar dating to the findom lifestyle. I quickly learned that some of the sugar daddies I encountered were arrogant, demanding, and high-maintenance. That’s not what I was looking for. I wanted a partner who was obedient, submissive, and agreeable. 



Selling feet pics and being a sugar baby helped me discover what I did and didn’t like. And once I realized that I wanted to be the one in control, making the permanent switch to the findom lifestyle was a natural transition. 

Check out how I did it. 


Becoming a Findom: 5 Beginner Tips

I never knew what a findom even was until one of my paypigs described it to me. It seemed too good to be true that a wealthy man would get off on me demanding money and gifts. But it’s true. That’s exactly what the findom lifestyle is about. And once I stopped to see it from the guy’s perspective, I started to understand.

Most paypigs are wealthy, successful men with high-stress and high-pressure jobs. From CEOs and entrepreneurs to doctors, lawyers, and moguls, these men are too busy to engage in traditional relationships. They don’t have time for the drama, coddling, or work it takes to maintain a full-time relationship. But these same men enjoy showering a lady with gifts, sharing their hard-earned money with someone, and feeling the satisfaction of being a financial provider. Some even want to be bossed around and relinquish complete control to their findom. 

This concept goes along with the idea that powerful men are in constant control during their work hours and have to make major decisions at every turn. But when the work day is over and they’re in the comfort of their home (or leading a secret double life), they want to hand over control to someone else. They want to be told exactly what to do, when to do it, and how. And if you can harness your inner dominatrix, that person could be you!

Here are my top 5 tips for becoming a findom and how this unconventional relationship arrangement changed my life. 


1. Use a Reputable Website

This is the best piece of advice I can give for starting in the findom lifestyle. Don’t just use any website. You need a platform that is safe, secure, and has a healthy pool of eligible candidates to choose from. Some of the larger websites like and FindomWorld have an unbalanced customer base of findoms vs. paypigs. With competition already being fierce, the last thing you need is to be fighting other findoms for the attention and financial support of a qualified paypig.

My suggestion is to try out a few websites before settling on 2-3. Avoid spreading yourself too thin or opening too many accounts. Not only can this be overwhelming but it can be difficult to keep track of which paypigs you met on which websites. You want to choose quality over quantity when it comes to promoting yourself as the sexy and powerful dominatrix you are. Take time to create a beautiful and engaging profile that paypigs can’t help but notice and click on.

This is another feature to consider when choosing the best findom website – what tools and features it offers. You want a website that supports your efforts and makes it easy to find eligible candidates that meet your needs and requirements. Check what payment method the website uses and what protection they offer against scammers. Most findom websites perform verification checks to confirm the user’s identity and income, which is an important factor when choosing a paypig. 

You can also use the website’s advanced search filters and features to find the perfect match for your needs and personality. Most platforms let you search by location, age, gender, profession, and income and also highlight the paypig’s likes, dislikes, and preferences. Use these specific search features to your advantage and find a paypig with the highest success rate. 


2. Don’t Be Afraid to Demand What You Deserve

The whole premise behind being a powerful findom is demanding what you want, need, and deserve. You need to carry yourself with confidence and be unafraid to ask for (or demand) exactly what you want from your paypig. This could be a weekly or monthly allowance, gifts, shopping sprees, credit cards, and even travel arrangements. Some paypigs will even pay your monthly bills and expenses or pay off your college loans.

I recommend making a list of what you want and expect from your findom relationship. Most experienced paypigs crave a woman who’s in control, confident, and even a little ruthless. They want to be controlled and bossed around. Some may even enjoy being humiliated, to an extent. So if you have a timid or shy personality or are unsure of yourself, this may not be the lifestyle for you. 



3. Harness Your Inner Confidence

Speaking of being shy and unsure of yourself, confidence is a requirement to be a successful findom or dominatrix. And in some cases, you can’t fake it ‘til you make it. You need to already possess a certain air of confidence and conviction. I recommend working on these character traits before you sign-up on a findom site or promote yourself as a dominatrix. 

There are a few ways to harness your inner vixen and start taking control of your life. Start by making a list of your attributes – both the physical and personality traits that make you who you are. Don’t be shy here! Flatter yourself. If you think it, write it. If you want a successful and wealthy paypig to shower you with gifts and treat you like the Queen that you are, you need to believe it yourself. You also need to embody all of these amazing and attractive qualities that show your paypig why you’re worth every penny. 


4. Decide What Kind of Relationship You Want

Another thing I love about the findom lifestyle is that you can create your own destiny and design a relationship and future that meets your individual needs. No two findom arrangements look the same. I’ve had my fair share and each one was unique in its own way. 


For example, most of my findom relationships have been strictly online, however, I recently embarked on an in-person arrangement that involved humiliating my paypig as I demanded money from him. He had a specific list of how he wanted things to go and I was more than happy to oblige — for the right price, of course.

But I wouldn’t suggest meeting every paypig in person, or at all if it’s not within your comfort zone. Remember, you’re calling the shots so if the submissive is becoming aggressive or demanding about meeting in person, don’t be afraid to shut it down. I’ve had plenty of virtual and online relationships with wealthy paypigs that were mutually beneficial without compromising my morals, safety, or comfort.


5. Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations

This last tip piggybacks off the previous one — no pun intended. Communication and clear boundaries are key in any relationship but especially when discussing the findom lifestyle. That’s because, without clear boundaries and expectations, you’re likely to get hurt or be disappointed.

Make a list of your deal breakers. What are you willing to do in exchange for your paycheck and what goes beyond your comfort zone or capabilities? How often do you expect to get paid and in what form? Leave no question unanswered. The more clear and detailed your arrangement is, the less confusion there will be. I’m unapologetic about setting boundaries in my findom relationships because it keeps me safe and prevents unwanted disappointment on both sides of the equation. 


Take Control of Your Life and Become an Empowered Findom

If you need financial stability and have a captivating and strong personality, you can explore the findom lifestyle and reap all the rewards that come with it. From monetary gains and increased confidence to the opportunity to meet new people and discover your inner goddess, these unique arrangements offer more than just financial gains.