Best Free Psychic Love Reading Sites 2023 (FREE Minutes + Deals)

free psychic love reading

Finding the best love psychic website online offering free love psychic reading can be just as hard as finding true love in life. There will be plenty of ups and downs as you can come across an expensive psychic network that doesn't deliver real psychics who con you for money, which may cause you to give up on the idea of using psychic readings for love online.

However, you shouldn't be disheartened as everyone faces some hiccups and teething problems initially. The good news is that you won't have to worry about anything if you try the five psychic reading platforms we have reviewed in this guide. Our team put each platform through the paces and ensured they ticked all the right boxes so you have a smooth and hassle-free experience when getting free online love psychic readings.

We can vouch for the psychic reading websites mentioned below, and any one of them will be an excellent choice for free love online psychic readings

Best Sites for Free Psychic Love Reading in 2023

Kasamba - Best love psychic reading site overall (3 Free Minutes + 75% Off)
Psychic Source - Best for accurate love life and relationships advice (3 Free Minutes)
Keen Psychics - Best for love readings by phone or chat (10 min for $1.99)
Purple Garden - Best love psychic readings via live video sessions ($1/Min)
Mysticsense - Highly accurate love tarot readings (5 Free Minutes)

if you're still undecided about which psychic portal to choose for free psychic love reading and predictions. We have shared a detailed review of what every psychic website offers, along with reasons why you should choose that psychics site. Find the best place to solve your love problems and relationship troubles. 

1. Kasamba - Best Love Psychics Site Overall [Free Minutes]

Kasamba has spent more than two decades in the psychic industry and began its operations in 1999. That was when the internet was still new, and finding love online wasn't what people were doing in their spare time online. However, fast forward to 2021, and the script has completely flipped, and Kasamba is right at the forefront, as one of the first psychic websites offering free psychic readings for love online. The ethical conduct and continuing dedication the psychic site has shown over the years has helped them attract over 3 million users.

Thousands of happy clients have written glowing reviews and testimonials about the good psychic reading service offered by the famous psychics on the platform. Whether using their skills to uncover the truth or offer valuable insights about one's love life or romantic relationships, you will not be disappointed by their top-rated psychics. If you're searching for answers about your marriage, or dating life, there is no better psychic platform out there for psychic readings online on love.

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In the past two decades, Kasamba has consistently stayed at the top of the rankings regarding psychic love readings due to their local psychic's high accuracy rates. They are one of the first platforms to offer free psychic readings online. They have the best psychics and talented spiritualists and cheap psychics who have ensured they are one of the best psychic platforms.

Before coming onboard, every authentic psychic reader is thoroughly evaluated based on their referrals, skills, and experience levels. This strict screening system has ensured they only hire best online psychics whose accuracy and performance cannot be questioned or doubted. One of the best parts about Kasamba is that they don't compromise on the security and privacy of their users and clients online.

Every new user will have an encrypted password when they sign up to the platform, and the entire registration process is protected. There is also an option to hide your identity from the psychic near me if you're not comfortable selecting a confidentiality option in the chat.

The exclusive features available to users ensures they can get free psychic readings on love, relationships, marriage and other sensitive matters in a guarded environment with no security threat or risk.

If you're having difficulty choosing the perfect psychic on the platform, you can read client testimonials and online reviews of the real psychics before making up your mind. The feedback from past customers will make it easier for you to select phone psychics and chat psychics who specialise in your particular problem and areas of interest.

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What You Should Know About Kasamba: 

At Kasamba, you can choose the "best psychics match" option to help choose the best online psychics for your free psychic reading online. Users can also check the ratings, scroll through psychics' profiles, and compare their client recommendations, skills, and experience to choose the best psychic for their psychic love reading.

Kasamba has a global community of reliable psychic online, with skills and specialties in tarot card readings, dream analysis, numerology, career forecast, astrology, love readings, and other psychic mediums and tools.

The best part about Kasamba is that first-time users get unlimited trial runs with every new cheap psychic to test the services. You will get a three-minute-long free psychic reading via chat or phone, followed by a 50% discount deal on the rest of the session. The prices for your love psychic reading online may vary depending on your chosen famous psychic's experience and specialty.

Reasons Why You Should Try Kasamba

Kasamba offers everything you would ever want from a love psychic reading platform when considering all the factors. It's fully accessible, affordable, versatile, and has an impressive lineup of love psychics, gurus, and mystic advisors to choose from.

If you want to turn things around in your marriage, relationship, or love life, get a free love psychic reading from Kasamba today. Here are some other reasons to choose Kasamba:

Has been in the psychic industry for over 2 decades

  Experienced and world-class best psychics and love gurus

  Choose from local and international mystic advisors for love and relationship advice

  24/7 customer support delivered for psychic readings online

  1 on 1 consultation style to encourage in-depth psychic readings

  Secure registrations and confidential chat psychic readings

  Free love psychic reading online (3-minutes free for trial)

70% off on all psychic services for new clients

  Affordable psychic readings online starting from $1 per minute

  100% money-back guarantee if you don't like your psychic reading

  Download the mobile app for faster service from AppStore and Google PlayStore

⇒ Connect with Gifted Love Psychics at Kasamba

2. Psychic Source - Highly Qualified and Trained Love Psychics

Psychic Source is one of the oldest psychic reading platforms in the industry and first started their career forecasts, horoscopes, and love tarot readings way back in 1989. They used to offer love psychic readings via phone initially and had thousands of people call in and ask questions related to their love and relationships. Their real psychics would give reliable psychic predictions with a high accuracy level. The exceptional customer support and affordable rates for love phone psychic readings were two reasons it quickly became the top online psychic reading platform in the country.

The network of psychics has undergone an expansion to meet the demands of the newer generation, which is more tech-inclined. The website has been updated, and that platform has started offering phone psychic reading services through dream analysis, energy healing, numerology, astrology, angel card reading, and tarot cards.

All psychic readings can be accessed via live video consultations, phone psychics or chat psychics. The versatility afforded by the platform to its users has made it an attractive option for millions of people worldwide. Psychic Source also has exceptional safety protocols that guarantee safe consultations and surfing on the website.

⇒ Browse 100s of handpicked, verified love psychic advisors

All online transactions are conducted through legitimate payment methods and log-in credentials are protected. There is a thorough screening process for appointing mystic advisors and reliable psychic online experts as well. Psychic Source also has a dedicated customer support team to resolve all issues regarding refunds, signups, and technical problems.

What You Should Know About Psychic Source

You can book a phone psychic reading consultation in two different ways at Psychic Source. There is the traditional method where you can call the hotline and schedule your session. The next option is where you will use a "Psychic Tool" integrated into the platform. It helps you find three psychics who are compatible in areas that align with your love problems.

You can also browse through the virtual directory and look at the virtual profiles of the psychics if you're having doubts. There are short bios about every mystic advisor and psychic expert, giving you an overview of their abilities and specialties. You can compare their client reviews, skills, and specialties when choosing a psychic reader for reliable psychic predictions.

All new users will also enjoy three free minutes in their first psychic reading online session. If you want to extend your session past three minutes, you will be charged based on the rates of your psychic expert. However, don't worry about the cost, as prices start as low as $0.66 per minute for love psychic readings. Apart from this, new users also get a 75% discount for their trial psychic reading session.

⇒ Get Accurate Love Readings With Psychic Source at $0.66/Minute + Free Minutes!

Reasons Why You Should Use Psychic Source

Psychic Source offers a collaborative and interactive psychic reading platform for love psychic readings online, making it a popular choice for millions of users. You can trust that every love reading session on the platform will be precise, and your confidentiality won't be breached. 

 Over three decades of experience in the psychic industry

  24-hour psychic hotline services

  A team of cooperative and caring customer service care operators

  Connect with a global community of certified online psychics

  Find true love with free psychic readings online via chat, phone, or video chats

  Secure payment options for user safety and convenience

  Accurate and authentic advice on love, marriages, breakups, and the future

  Get 75% off on your remaining session (only applies for new users)

⇒ Speak with a Trusted and Experienced Love Psychic Expert at Psychic Source!

3. Keen Psychics - Affordable Love Psychic Readings Online Via Phone or Chat

Keen Psychics has been one of the leaders in the psychic industry for more than 22 years, and the platform has been offering precise psychic predictions, spiritual healing, mysticism, and love readings online that empowers emotions and exudes positivity to users who connect with spiritualists, mystic advisors, and psychic experts online.

These main factors have convinced over 35 million users to avail psychic readings on the platform. Performance and quality have been synonymous with Keen ever since they exploded onto the psychic industry scene. They have a rigid screening system for inducting psychics on their platform and look at applicants' credibility, specialty, skills, and experience before hiring them.

In addition, they are all about inclusivity and diversity as their lineup of psychic experts come from around the world. The community of psychics they have inducted in their network are all certified professionals who specialize in various specialties and fields. When you look at the selection of psychics on the platform, you know you will be getting world-class love psychic readings online that meet your expectations.

⇒ Specials Available: Get love readings for as low as $1.99 for 10 min

What You Should Know About Keen Psychics

Users can avail free psychic readings on love via phone and chat at Keen. After reviewing their profiles, you can select a psychic expert and even use the integrated filtering system to shortlist options available online. The most popular sessions on the platform are numerology, astrology, crystal gazing, tarot card readings, and love readings.

Keen Psychics is renowned for offering fantastic deals and promotional offers to attract new users. New users are given three free minutes for their first psychic reading session, and if you wish to extend it, you will be charged $1.99 for the next ten minutes. Trying a trial psychic reading makes it easier for people to understand the process better and discuss their problems in detail with experts.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics has created an amazing psychic platform for people looking for love and wandering lost souls. The psychic reading process is simplified on the website due to their excellent psychic experts and user-friendly interface.

  Over 2 decades of professional experience in love psychic readings online

  Excellent platform for love psychic readings via phone or chat

  Highly accurate love readings and predictions

  Connect with thousands of mystic advisors and love psychics near you

  Find real love with guidance and advice from gifted seers and spiritual guides

  Affordable introductory sessions for new clients

  Extended your psychic reading session for an extra ten minutes for $1.99

⇒ Check out Keen love reading offer with a 10-minute trial for only $1.99. 

4. Purple Garden - Get Answers to Complicated Love Problems and Relationship Issues

Purple Garden is one of the newest players in the psychic industry, but it still has a more than impressive network of 3,000 psychic experts and spiritual advisors. Whether you want clarity on your love future, advice on your marriage circumstances, or want closure from a previous relationship, you can rely on gifted and talented psychics on the platform to provide you with all the answers and guidance you need.

They have a modern and intuitive website along with a convenient and responsive mobile application for iOS and Android devices so that users can enjoy on-the-go love psychic readings. That is excellent news for anyone who wants insightful love readings anytime and anywhere. What sets Purple Garden apart from others is that they offer multilingual psychic reading services.

You can get a psychic reading on love and relationships in multiple languages, including English, Russian, Dutch, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, German, and more. The online psychic experts on the platform offer oracle guidance, horoscopes, palm readings, numerology, astrology, dream analysis, and tarot readings on love.

⇒ Try Purple Garden Top-Rated Love Psychics at $1/min

Regardless of your love problem or troubles, you can connect with experienced psychic experts at Purple Garden from your home. You can also view the profiles of your psychic expert to decide whether they meet your requirements and are best placed to answer your questions. There are also custom filters on the platform, which allow you to sort through the extensive list of psychics based on their experience, skills, expertise, training, and talent.

New users can read reviews and testimonials from past clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the type of psychic reading they can expect from a psychic reader. The best part is that you have multiple options to connect with psychics via video call, phone or chat.

What You Should Know About Purple Garden

Purple Garden is famous for offering accurate love psychic readings at affordable rates. The live psychics on the platform are known for conducting authentic love psychic reading sessions that start at only $1 per minute. New users can enjoy a free psychic reading with any psychic expert on the platform.

First-time clients are also rewarded with a $10 credit when they buy a love psychic reading, which can be used for booking further psychic readings after your introductory session. The only downside is that Purple Garden doesn't offer any money-back guarantee. Even though the platform is 100% legitimate and trustworthy, users are advised to thoroughly research their psychic experts before booking a love reading session. That ensures you will not be disappointed by your love psychic reading session.

⇒ Get authentic psychic love reading experience at purple garden

Reasons Why You Should Choose Purple Garden

Even though Purple Garden is one of the newest psychic reading platforms in the psychic industry today, it seems they have been in operation for decades. Their fantastic introductory offer for new users, the extensive vetting process for psychics, an impressive network of psychic experts, and outstanding commitment to customer service makes them a worthy choice for anyone looking for free psychic love reading online today.

  Over 3,000 online psychics to choose from

  Explore profiles of psychics before booking them for a session

  100% accurate, personalized, and authentic love readings guaranteed

  No compromise on data confidentiality and user privacy

  Enjoy insightful love readings via video call, phone, or chat

  Budget-friendly packages for love readings online

  User-friendly website and responsive mobile app for on-the-go psychic readings

  24/7 professional and friendly customer support

  Affordable love psychic readings online starting from $1 per minute

⇒ Overcome Challenges in Your Love Life by visiting Purple Garden Today

5. Mysticsense - Trusted Advisors for Free Love Psychic Readings Online

Mysticsense emerged in the early 20th century and since then has taken the psychic industry by storm. They specialise in psychic reading, tarot reading, and astrology and are renowned for creating unique psychic reading experiences for their clients. That's the reason why thousands of broken hearts and lonely souls trust them and sign up to the platform for practical and accurate advice and guidance on love and relationship problems.

Whether it is questions related to fostering better relationships, resolving marriage woes, or zodiac compatibility, the mystic advisors and psychic experts at Mysticsense can guide you through all aspects of your love life and relationships. Obviously, trusting strangers online with confidential and private details about your life is a big worry for many people.

Mysticsense aims to put its users at ease through credible screening tests and due diligence. There are also reliable payment options and a secure log-in process to ensure your confidential details aren't leaked and fall into the wrong hands. The hired best psychics on the platform go through extensive background checks and submit referrals before getting on board.

⇒ Get FREE 5 Minutes for your 1st Love Reading Session

The best psychics appointed by the platform are then ranked based on their professionalism, field, skills, and experience. Mysticsense offers complete details on their psychic website to ensure assurance and transparency for their clients. The virtual profiles of all mystic advisors and real psychics are visible and show their rates and customer ratings.

You can select psychic experts that excels in a particular field and look at their customer reviews to determine how your love psychic reading will go. Every good psychic on the platform will share their energy-reading and sensitivity abilities to support your emotions, responsible decision-making, and interpersonal relationships.

At Mysticsense, you can get psychic readings with your chosen real psychics via video call, web chat, or SMS, depending on your preference. The sessions don't need to be lengthy, and you can have a brief love reading session if you prefer.

What You Should Know About Mysticsense

The registration process on Mysticsense is straightforward, as all you must do is fill a form and confirm your preferred payment method. You can then select your cheap psychics after reviewing their profile. The mystic advisors and best psychics on the platform use various techniques and tools in their readings.

The popular choices are zodiac compatibility readings, daily horoscope, psychic mediums, crystal gazing, pendulums, i-Chings, and tarot card love readings. The real psychics have mastered these methods and offer them through SMS, web chat, and video call.

Apart from this, users can also rely on 24/7 customer support if they face a problem or emergency. You can ask for guidance in the registration process, log out details, and technical glitches. The main goal is to enhance the overall user experience and ensure a smooth process for all users on the psychic platform.

Reasons Why You Should Try Mysticsense

New users can also enjoy free love psychic readings for five minutes at Mysticsense, and they will be charged for the rest of the session after that. Mysticsense has firmly established itself as a reputable platform for love psychic readings online. You should choose this psychic website for accurate and authentic predictions for all your love and relationship matters.

  Mastered the art of love psychic readings online

  Connect with local and international cheap psychics, tarot readers, and mystics online

  The 24/7 customer support team offers quick and continuous support

  Excellent platform for all types of love readings

  100% accuracy and high-quality performance from mystic advisors

  An affordable psychic reading service with rates starting from $1 per minute

  Flexible price plans rated based on premiums, preference, and popularity

⇒ Connect with Top-Rated Love Psychics at Mysticsense [5 Free Minutes]

Free Psychic Love Reading Frequently Asked Questions: 

Now that we have completed our reviews for the top 5 sites for free psychic love reading online, let's answer some of the most commonly asked questions. We know that most people are unfamiliar with online psychic love readings and have never experienced a session. That's why we have highlighted some of the frequently asked questions here.

What's the Best Way to Choose a Love Psychic Online?

It doesn't matter if you have chosen a free online psychic reading website or are searching for a love psychic reading 'near me' because there are specific factors to consider before signing up for a psychic reading service.

These factors ensure you work with talented, gifted, and experienced psychics who have a genuine interest in your problems and will provide you with the best advice, predictions and solutions for your love life. Here are some of the things you must look at before choosing a love psychic near you:

  An option for a free psychic reading session online

  The specialties, experience, and expertise of the online psychics

  The ratings and reviews from satisfied clients

When searching for online psychic reading services, accounting for these factors will improve your chances of choosing an authentic love psychic online.

What's the Cost of a Love Psychic Reading Session Online?

Whether you have chosen crystal gazing or love tarot card reading, you should get a free trial period for your first psychic reading session. However, there's no guarantee you will get the answers you are looking for in that time. Therefore, it's best to form a budget before you register for a love psychic reading online.

All the psychic websites we have reviewed above charge affordable rates for love psychic readings. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1.00 per minute to $2.00 per minute for smaller sessions and at least $20.00 for longer in-depth psychic readings. The rates for your love psychic reading session will be determined by the psychic you have chosen.

So, if you go for the best and highest-rated psychics and mystics on the platform, you will be charged more than psychics with lower ratings. You can use the integrated filter system to find psychics based on a price that meets your budget.

 What Questions Should I Ask in My Free Love Psychic Reading?

Online psychics and mystical advisors who offer love and relationship readings online often hear personal details and stories about their clients' lives. They will answer all questions related to your love life, partner, family, and ex. You can bring up anything you want; from the ex you can't get over or a brutal breakup to how you can approach your crush or find your soulmate without any hesitation.

You can even ask your online psychic to shed some light on what to expect from your current relationship or why your previous partners left you for someone else. Some common questions you can ask your love psychic are:

How do I introduce my new partner to my strict parents?
What can I do to save my marriage?
When will I get married?
Is it a good time to propose marriage to my partner?
How do I make a connection with someone new I like?
What signs should I look for in someone to recognize them as my soulmate?
Is my current partner cheating on me with someone?
Will I ever find my soulmate?
What if the person I was meant to be with broke up with me?

These were some of the basic questions you can ask your psychic reader during your session. You can also create a list of questions related to your love life or relationship to ask them but ensure that they are open-ended and aren't too general.

Final Word

Love psychic readings online are an excellent option for people who lack the courage or commitment you need to break away from a toxic relationship or fall in love with someone new. You may have different reasons to get a psychic reading online, but if you want answers to your love problems, using free psychic love reading online can get you closer to meeting 'the one,' like Neo in the Matrix.

Our picks for the top 5 sites for free psychic love reading online are all accessible, reliable, and efficient for people who want someone to show them the way in matters of the heart. You can enjoy quality one-on-one sessions with experienced love psychics to get an accurate and authentic love reading that doesn't burn a hole in your pockets. Good luck.