Free Psychic Reading Online [2024] Best Psychics Sites for Free Readings!

Free Psychic Reading Online

Free psychic readings can help you uncover dimensions of your life that you weren’t ever aware about. Not only that, qualified free psychics can even help you in untapping your inner-most potential to be the best version of yourself. For this purpose, some psychic mediums use multiple mystical tools (including tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves, rocks, etc.). These tools help the reader to access the world beyond ours to provide meaningful insights, ensuring you live gratifying and fulfilled life. If you do not believe in all this, we recommend you at least give free online psychic reading a shot.

There is nothing wrong with feeling anxious or uncertain, especially since the world took a strange turn in 2020. If you have thoughts or questions concerning your life decisions, relationships, or career, speaking with a verified and experienced online psychic can shed more light on your future.

That being said, finding the right psychic isn’t an easy task at all. There are a plethora of free psychic reading services that pretend to be genuine. This fact means that you need to be certain who you are dealing with can be classified as authentic.

As stated earlier, finding the right online psychic can be difficult and could cost you money and time. This is why we have taken the time to try out a couple of free psychic reading sites, reviewing them and shortlisting the best and most trustworthy options. 

The online psychic reading sites highlighted in this article have been vetted for offering accurate and free psychic readings combined with affordability. 

Best Sites for Free Psychic Reading Online

1. Psychic Source - $1 per minute sessions with 3 FREE psychic reading minutes
2. Kasamba - Best free psychics for love readings (70% OFF + 3 Free Minutes)
3. California Psychics -  Accurate psychic readers for life’s journey ( 5 Free Minutes + $1/Min)
4. Purple Garden - Free psychic reading session worth $10
5.  Mysticsense - Get free 5 minutes psychic reading

Why You Can Count On Us

We strive to provide you with the most reliable reviews and advice on psychics and tarot card readers. We have conducted extensive research into the field of divination and spirit guidance, so you can trust that our evaluations are accurate and trustworthy. 

Our team is always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, so you can be sure that we will provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge. Furthermore, we take great care in understanding what each reader does and why they do it, ensuring that our reviews are not just better than other sites, but also highly informative and unbiased. With us, you can have confidence that you'll get the best advice on where to find genuine psychic readings.

1. Psychic Source - Free Psychic Readings With Professional Online Psychics

It can be difficult to locate free psychic reading online; however, with Psychic Source, it is possible. You get a personalized experience, as it pairs you with a psychic based on some questions. The questions cover your needs and current situation.

You can select from video psychic readings, chat psychic readings, and psychic phone readings. This availability of options lets you find the type of psychic reading that best suits you. Psychic Source has many features that set it apart from the competition. It happily connects clients to a psychic advisor free of charge, has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, and has 24/7 customer support, and clients will never pay a dime for contacting your favorite psychic. 

If you need help, you can open a webchat or pick up the phone to speak with a trusted psychic reader for the answers you want. It is important to bear in mind that the psychic readers featured on the website are well-screened.

Psychic Source offers a host of reading services, including angel readings, astrology, tarot reading, rune stone reading, clairvoyants, relationship and love psychics, spiritual psychics, and much more. 

Psychic Source is a true veteran in the online psychic industry. It has been operating for over 30 years and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. This dedication ensures that new customers can confidently select real psychics from this online psychic readings website.

Psychic Source Main Features

Has existed and operated with integrity for more than 3 decades

Find a Psychic Tool that ensures guaranteed free psychic readings match

Can get a free psychic reading online via video, chat, or phone

Most experienced online psychics are on this platform

New clients get a $1 per minute rate on psychic readings

Comes with a satisfaction guarantee

Has PayPal payment method for improved anonymity

Free psychic readings for new clients

Looking For Real Psychics? Talk to Psychic Source Best Experts!


Membership rewards program

Comprehensive psychic medium profiles to ensure you get the best fit

Online psychics are experienced and dedicated to providing superior service


You cannot speak with an online psychic before starting a psychic reading

The rate you pay for a psychic reading can depend on the medium: chat, phone, or video call.

Psychic Source Readings

Love and Relationships

Psychic Source offers over 150 psychics who specialize in love and relationship readings. These readings can be helpful for individuals in relationships, those seeking new relationships, and those concerned about their partner's faithfulness. The skilled online psychics at Psychic Source can effortlessly tune into significant details.


If you're someone who practices mindfulness regularly, working with your energy could potentially assist you in releasing emotional blockages and past traumas.

Psychic Source offers a type of reading that promotes physical and spiritual healing, deflects negativity from your aura, and opens your chakras. With over 100 highly rated online psychics to choose from, you can get the help you need.

This reading can be a great way to discover yourself and your purpose in life. A life reading can be for you if you have certain problems, such as expressing your desires, speaking in public, or taking bold steps or decisions. 

Psychic Source can help you address these issues as the psychics can delve deep into your subconscious to extract pertinent information that can help you.

Dream Analysis

Psychic Source has more than 35 psychics that specialize in this niche. They can help you decipher what your dreams mean and the messages within them. Dreams are typically messages that the subconscious gives to us. Without expert help, knowing what those dreams mean can be difficult.

Numerology & Astrology

Like other online psychic reading sites, astrology and numerology readings at Psychic Source utilize the tools of the aforementioned disciplines. Clients can use these readings to discover their truth on a range of topics, from career and love to life and spirituality.

Spiritual Readings

Speaking of spirituality, you can get spiritual readings for guidance on tapping into your most authentic self. Spiritual readings can be great for personal issues, career issues, love and relationship matters and more. 

You should note that while Psychic Source offers spiritual readings, not every psychic on the site specializes in this type of reading. Furthermore, since Psychic Source has an extremely strict screening process, you can be sure that you are getting the best. Having a limited number of choices also removes the daunting task of finding the right psychic.


Getting a career reading is essential for those that feel they aren’t where they are supposed to be. It is possible that your career is not advancing at the desired pace. No matter what you are looking for, getting a career reading with an online psychic reader can help you gain the insight and clarity you need to make the correct decisions in your life. That being said, Psychic Source has more than 100 real psychics to choose from.

 Get powerful answers on the future, your love life, or your career

2. Kasamba - Top-Rated Free Psychics for Accurate Love Readings

Kasamba is one of the best psychic reading websites, as it offers a host of various services for clients to select from and introductory free psychic readings. With thorough testing of both the website and its online psychics, it can be confidently affirmed that Kasamba is a trustworthy psychic platform that caters to most requirements, owing to its extensive operational experience. Furthermore, it can be seen as a reputable website that caters to almost every reading requirement.

It has a mobile application that lets you find the best online psychics, tarot experts, and astrologists from the comfort of your mobile device. You can select from services such as pet psychics, soul clearings, horoscope readings, life problems, numerology energy healers and more.

Despite having slightly higher rates compared to the average, Kasamba platform offers a 70% discount on your initial reading, making it more affordable. Even though Kasamba has the widest payment range available of the online psychic reading sites on this list, users can get occasional discounts that make it possible to get free psychic readings. Another advantage is that you get 3 minutes of free psychic reading.

Moreover, new clients are fully protected thanks to a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The satisfaction guarantee means you can always get your money back if you aren’t pleased with your first psychic reading.

 Get 70% OFF Your First Psychic Reading session with Kasamba

Kasamba Main Features

Wide range of reading services

Has a user-friendly mobile application 

New clients get extremely attractive promotional offers 

You can get readings via video, live chat, email, and phone


Real psychics

Various psychic reading options

Best match guarantee


Too many options can be overwhelming for those searching for their first psychic reading

Options might be too overwhelming for those new to psychic readings

Not all psychic readers use the same communication method

Kasamba Psychic Readings

Kasamba has over 200 psychics who excel in various types of psychic readings. Most of these psychics have given hundreds of readings and received mostly positive feedback from their clients. With the number of psychics available, you should have no problem getting the right online psychic irrespective of your goal.


Realizing that you are feeling stuck in your career can be frustrating. However, seeking guidance from a psychic reader who specializes in career advice can provide the insight and clarity necessary to make the right decisions. With over 180 reputable psychics to choose from, Kasamba is a great resource for finding the right psychic to help you navigate your career.

Each career advisor available on the website possesses an average rating of 4 stars or higher, implying their proficiency and helpfulness. You can consult a psychic reader of your choice to obtain career predictions, as well as explore potential alternative career paths.

A psychic reader can provide predictions surrounding the future of your career and provide useful alternatives. Furthermore, most psychics were praised for their excellent advice and skillful predictions.

Dream Analysis

Kasamba provides a dream-guiding service that offers individualized guidance through the interpretation of dreams, and their platform boasts over 100 dream advisors to choose from. By deciphering the meaning of your dreams, you can gain insight that may lead to better decision-making.

We know that dreams can have an influence on what decisions we make. Kasamba’s online psychics help provide personal guidance by analyzing and interpreting your dream. They come highly rated, having earned their rankings over thousands of psychic readings. Given that a significant number of psychics on the site have performed numerous client readings and received high ratings, it can be concluded that they possess a skill for dream interpretation.

Angel Card Readings

At Kasamba, their online psychics offer angel card readings and cartomancy services. By utilizing cartomancy, clairvoyants are able to tap into the energy provided by your guardian angels to uncover everything there is to know about you. On the other hand, angel card readings offer a comprehensive overview of your life.

Astrology Readings

Astrologers can help you find answers to your questions by looking to the stars. There are 104 top-rated advisors on Kasamba who can answer your burning questions and provide guidance using the stars.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot cards can be a great way to gain clarity or open your mind to new possibilities in life. The great thing about tarot card readings is that you can apply the readings to just about any topic or area in your life. Kasamba has more than 180 psychics skilled in tarot card reading.

Apart from traditional tarot cards, the psychic mediums at Kasamba also have expertise in cartomancy and angel card perusing. The great thing about tarot card readings is that you can apply the readings to just about any topic or area in your life. Telepaths employ cartomancy to examine your life and provide you with a profoundly clear reading.

Love & Relationship Readings

Kasamba showcases a wide array of relationship experts who can provide guidance on different aspects of your romantic life. By obtaining psychic phone readings from a psychic reader, you can receive guidance on various topics such as breakups, divorce, spousal compatibility, and searching for a soulmate. The outcomes of these psychic readings can offer a fresh outlook on love.

Fortune Telling

The fortune tellers at Kasamba use the power of clairvoyance and mystical items to help you gain clarity on your future. More than 150 Fortune Telling professionals are on the platform, all of whom have earned 5-star ratings.

 Find the perfect psychic reader for free with Kasamba

3. California Psychics - Best for New Clients ( Low Rates + Free Minutes)

California Psychics is one of the best psychic reading websites. This online psychic platform is great for those just venturing into the world of online psychics. It has been doing so for more than two and a half decades. This platform has been dedicated to delivering dependable, high-quality, and precise psychic readings. 

California Psychics is seen as one of the best online psychics for tarot readings. It provides a plethora of psychic readings, such as palm readings, harmony advisory, and life advisory, to name a few. 

California Psychics prides itself on providing quality, reliable and affordable psychic readings. California Psychics is great for those new to the psychic reading scene.

Getting a psychic reading is easy with California Psychics; you must visit the website and choose from the list of available online psychics. California Psychics offers live psychic chat for those who want more anonymity. California Psychics offers online chat, phone and video calls.

California Psychics is one of the best psychic reading websites. It has over 1,000 medium psychics online to select from. When selecting online psychic readings, you can choose to get them via call or text. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment. You can review each psychic reader via their personal bios on this platform.

You should note that each online psychic medium has their own information, such as rate, specialty, experience, type of readings offered, availability, number of readings they have offered, and more on their profile. This is a wonderful feature, as other websites barely have enough ways to communicate with your psychic medium. 

A quick overview of the site underlines two key principles - integrity and honesty - that the online psychics at California Psychics must follow. Given that it has been in business since the 90s, it is safe to say that it operates with a high degree of faith and trust.

 Choose from 100s of professionally vetted psychics on California Psychics

California Psychics Main Features

Strict psychic screening process

Has more than 1000 psychics to select from

100% satisfaction guarantee


Comes with an informative blog on the psychic world

Daily Horoscope

100% satisfaction guarantee

Stringent psychic screening ensures the site focuses on quality rather than quantity

The majority of reviews on psychics are overwhelmingly positive


No video chat option

Finding promotions that give free psychic readings can be difficult

Satisfaction guarantee only provides partial refunds

California Psychics Readings

Career Advice

There are moments in life when you wake up and realize you aren’t living the life you planned for yourself. This type of reading can provide you with the insight and clarity needed to make correct decisions for your career.

 This is where this type of psychic reading can come in. You have to book a session with the online psychics at California Psychics. By receiving a career reading, you can attain the necessary insight and clarity to make suitable decisions for your professional life. The reading may offer predictions about your future, along with beneficial alternatives if you wish to explore new opportunities.

Dream Analysis

Dreaming can help promote healing, control our fears, and become completely free of the things that hold us back. We all have dreams that leave us with more questions than answers when we wake up. The dream interpreters at California Psychics can help you analyze your dreams by charting the way forward. 

They can help you understand those dreams and their messages. California Psychics online psychics are highly rated dream interpreters, having earned their rankings over thousands of client readings.

Relationship and love

A love reading is perfect for those in a relationship. It can also be great for those looking to get into one and those worried about their partner’s fidelity. The online psychics at Psychic Source can seamlessly pick up on important information. A general theme you notice with California Psychics online psychics is that clients praise their ability to go beyond the surface.

Life Path

Life path readings can be a valuable tool for discovering your true self and purpose in life. These readings are designed to offer precise and perceptive guidance on your life journey, potentially providing you with predictions about your future and suggesting practical alternatives if you desire to explore new paths.

The online psychics providing this reading possess personal experience, rendering them better equipped to offer practical advice. California Psychics has more than 100 highly rated online psychics to select from for help.

Love Readings

With love readings, you can find out if your feelings for them are genuine. Love readings can help provide clarity on certain relationships and love issues. 

A love relationship can help you discover if your spouse is your soulmate and if you are destined to marry each other. This type of reading is useful, especially if you are unsure of your relationship or are in a love situation that doesn’t give you a clear perspective. This platform has over 100 psychic mediums available for consultation to receive precise psychic readings regarding your situation.

 Connect with compassionate and caring psychics at California Psychics

4. Purple Garden Affordable Readings Via Phone or Live Chat

Purple Garden is an exceptional service for psychic phone readings, offering live video psychic sessions in addition. They provide access to a variety of psychic services, including tarot readings, spiritual guidance, astrology, career advice, relationship advice, soulmate connection, and more.

New clients can take advantage of Purple Garden's low introductory offer, which grants a $10 credit towards their first order and access to hundreds of authentic online psychics. A noteworthy aspect of Purple Garden is the option for new users to enjoy a 15-minute session for only $20, making affordable psychic readings feasible. Moreover, the platform allows users to refine their search criteria to find the best online psychics tailored to their preferences.

Purple Garden offers video, chat, and voice calling options, with each psychic reader having a personal page for you to explore. This feature enables you to gain insights into the psychic's background and expertise before scheduling a session.

Purple Garden offers clients meaningful guidance for any situation they may be facing, whether it be matters of love and relationships, uncertainty about the future, or significant life decisions. Regardless of the situation, the skilled psychic readers on the platform can provide you with the answers you need.

The fees for psychic readings on Purple Garden are determined by each individual online psychic medium. Fortunately, the rates are displayed on the app and website so that new customers can start their reading at an introductory rate of $1.99. The rates for psychic readings on Purple Garden vary depending on the chosen psychic reader and the type of reading selected. However, the starting price is $0.99 per minute, while the highest rate for all advisors is $9.99 per minute. 

The Journey feature is a unique hallmark of Purple Garden. It lets you share your psychic experience with others. You can also use the feature—available on the mobile app—to learn from the experience of others. 

As mentioned earlier, this online psychic platform has a decent introductory rate and a range of high-quality psychic readers. These perks make Purple Garden stick out as one of the best psychic reading websites. This makes it a great choice for individuals trying to develop a long-term relationship with their psychic readers.

Purple Garden has a pricing structure that lets online psychics give discounts on their regular rates. The network consists of online psychics who determine pricing. This ensures competition within the network, which drives prices down. 

If you prefer online chat over psychic phone readings, Purple Garden offers that option as well. While the platform has some of the most affordable rates for psychic readings, it's worth noting that each psychic reader sets their own rates. Therefore, you'll need to find one that meets your expectations in terms of experience and finances.

 Get accurate psychic readings with Purple Garden

Purple Garden Main Features

Attractive introductory offer

Mobile app is user-friendly

Large selection of experienced psychics to choose from

Wide range of psychic readings


Costs around $0.99 per minute for some sessions

Psychic readers have informative profiles

Psychic readings are available via video, chat, and voice calls

Comes with a mobile app


No informative psychic blogs

No free trials

Purple Garden Readings

Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are usually undervalued. They can be a wonderful way to open your mind to new possibilities or gain clarity about a current situation. Kasamba has more than 180 psychics skilled in tarot card reading. Utilizing tarot readings can provide you with intricate details on how to enhance your life.

Tarot readings are great for those that undergo negative thoughts. Tarot readers can discover everything there is to about you thanks to the cards. The readings provide lots of accuracy and information concerning your life. 

Dream Analysis

Some dreams tend to wake us up pondering certain questions. There are more than 100 dream advisors on the Kasamba platform. These individuals can help you understand what those dreams are and the messages in them. Dreaming can spur healing, help you completely become free and even control your fears. 

Dreams are known to have a significant influence on the decisions we take. The online psychic at Purple Garden can help you interpret your dreams by helping you discover the way forward. For this reason, dream analysis is important. Kasamba’s dream interpreters are rated very highly and have thousands of rankings through thousands of readings.

Angel Insights

Anyone, especially those suffering from loss, will find angel insights helpful to their healing process. These guardian angels can give you the required guidance you need in your life. You get the opportunity to ask open-ended and specific questions during this session. 

Astrology and Horoscopes

A horoscope can help you see the type of person you are and the type of person you want others to see you as. Astrology is a great tool for understanding the challenges and experiences you have faced in your past. An online psychic reader specializing in this niche can use their talents to guide your decision-making.

Moreover, horoscopes can validate current challenges you may be encountering, the achievements you may encounter, and what your desired life entails. Furthermore, it can assist you in anticipating what the future may hold.

Palm Readings

Purple Garden has 16 palm readers available with over 500 customer reviews, all of whom are highly qualified. Although the selection may not be extensive, the palm readers provided are of the highest quality. By having a palm reading session with Purple Garden, you can identify your weaknesses and strengths, and receive guidance on how to overcome any obstacles standing in the way of your success.

Palm readings help you understand more about nature and all aspects of your life. All you need to do is let a psychic medium study your palm. A palm reading can provide information about the future and the actions you need to take to actualize that future.

Love Readings

Love readings are designed to offer clarity on matters concerning relationships and love. Determining whether your partner is your soulmate, especially in the early stages of a relationship, can be challenging. Love readings can help you find out if your partner is your soulmate and if marriage is in your destiny. Through love readings, you can also gain insight into your genuine feelings for your partner.

⇒ Try Purple Garden for as Low as $0.99 Per minute

5. Mysticsense - Best Free Psychic Readings Site for Video Sessions

Mysticsense is one of the best psychic reading websites out there. Its website lets you filter online psychics by availability, reading style, tool, and specialty. While some sites seem to have endless psychic reading services and others have limited ones, Mysticsense has chosen to have the right amount of reading offerings without being too overwhelming.

The online psychics at Mysticsense not only offer readings via phone and chat, but quite a large number of them offer psychic readings via video. Mysticsense is a great option for those that love a face-to-face psychic reading session.

Perhaps a unique feature on Mysticsense is the section on how users can avoid scams. The “What is a Psychic Reading” page has tips on how to watch out for scams. There is even information on topics to look out for, such as promises of wealth or fear tactics. This page shows how focused Mysticsense is on maintaining its stellar reputation.

The Mysticsense site also has information about various psychic topics and daily horoscopes. Mysticsense is a wonderful psychic reading website that is trustworthy and does the correct things properly. It has affordable psychic readings, and clients can select from various psychic reading choices. It also doesn’t hurt that the psychic reading rates are affordable and most of the online psychics on the platform are highly rated.

 Get 5 minutes of FREE psychic readings to find the perfect online psychic

Mysticsense Main Features

5 free minutes of psychic readings

Offers readings via video chat, live chat, and phone

Psychic reading rates can range from $0.99 to $5 per minute


Responsive customer support

Various communication options available

5 minutes free psychic reading session to test out psychics

Free horoscope curated by the best Mysticsense astrologers


It can be difficult to find a Mysticsense promo code

The refund policy is confusing

Mysticsense doesn’t have the largest collection of online psychics

MysticSense Readings

One thing to notice on the Mysticsense website is that the platform has extremely specific labels for its reading services. For instance, whereas California Psychics or Kasamba might have a category known as love and relationships, Mysticsense delves deeper by having different label filters for toxic relationships, affairs and cheating hearts, friends and social life, finding new love, and much more.

LGBTQ Relationships

Mysticsense diverges where other online psychic platforms don’t. It has more than 230 online psychics that specialize in LGBTQ relationships. It could be an important category that sets this online psychic reading site apart from the pack.

Grief Counselor

This type of psychic reading is best suited to those struggling with losing a loved one. Mysticsense has more than 80 psychics that provide guidance. These online psychics have a specialty in grief counseling. Mysticsense also makes it easier to filter your search to online psychics with a compassionate reading style.

Toxic Relationships

More than 150 psychics on the Mysticsense platform specialize solely in toxic relationships. It also appears that most of them specialize in other types of connections, such as soulmates. This fact means it is easier to find an online psychic on Mysticsense that can guide you through various relationship and love problems.

Affairs and Cheating Hearts

Mysticsense has more than 170 online psychics on its platform specializing in affairs and cheating hearts. Almost every psychic reader on this platform has a rating of at least 4 stars. The ratings are based on client reviews, so you can be sure that these online psychics provide accurate psychic readings. 

 Mysticsense: Get answers to life’s burning questions

Online Psychic Reading Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an online psychic?

The most effective way to choose the right online psychic is to first understand what you intend to get out of the psychic reading. You could have questions concerning your relationship and would love to speak with someone with a compassionate and gentle style. It could also be your concerns about your career and an online psychic with a straightforward style.

Is it possible to get a free psychic reading?

Yes, it is possible to get a free psychic reading online. However, you should note that other than the sites listed in this article, others might not provide a reliable or accurate psychic reading. It could even be possible that some of the psychic readings are scams. 

Thankfully, reputable sites like Psychic Source, California Psychic, Kasamba and Mysticsense have satisfaction guarantees, free minutes, and low introductory offers. All these offers allow you to try out the psychic site before making a financial commitment.

How often should I get a psychic reading?

The frequency at which you get a  psychic reading depends on your situation. If there are new changes in your life since your last reading, it might be necessary to schedule a new psychic reading. Typically, most people get a psychic reading when they have concerns about certain aspects of their lives, like their relationships and careers.