How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile? [Latest Guide - 2023]

Instagram is the most widely used social media platform. Reports from 2023 stated that the user base of Instagram is 2.35 billion

To engage a huge user base, Instagram keeps introducing features and possibilities for users to let them know about their profiles in-depth. Be it their views on videos and how many people are reaching their profile.

Besides a few socially active user bases, there are a few users who just lurk around, and inspect users' profiles. There could be another reason for their lurking, for instance, they might be stalking people. 

Considering all these, it's good to wonder “Can you see who viewed your Instagram profile?”. To resolve this query, raised by numerous users, we have outlined a few ways to achieve this. 

Use Stories/Highlights

Instagram has still not launched any specific feature to check who is visiting your profile. But, don’t make long faces because instead of a direct way, you can check it via using views on your stories and highlights. 

To review who viewed your stories, tap on the profile picture icons lined up at the bottom of your stories. Now, from the list that appeared, you can assume the number of people who viewed your stories are the ones who have reached your profile.

But, there are possibilities that users have reached your profile but don’t see your story. Consequently, the results must be inaccurate. 

Use Business Account and View Insights

Another possible way to know who views your Instagram profile is by switching your account to a business account. With a business account, you are authorized to access important details regarding who’s been visiting your page. This will answer your question “Who viewed my Instagram profile?”.

Details you can obtain with a business account including their location, age range, gender, and active status (basically the time when they’re online). Despite all these, there is a catch, you cannot get a look at their names, you can only find numbers. 

Still, if that interests you, you can easily switch your account to a business one. Note this, Insights do not deliver historical data. It only delivers the data after the complete set-up of the business account. 

Use Third-Party Apps

Instead of indirect ways, there are applications introduced by third parties that support the delivery of data to the people who viewed your profile. Third-party apps don’t work the way they claim. A couple of them are as follows: 

  • Follower Analyzer for Instagram

The Follower Analyzer application claims that it allows users to know who views their Instagram profile. But, in reality, it does not deliver what it claims. 

Follower Analyzer only represents a list of random usernames that keep changing every now and then. 

More often, the usage of this application runs the risk of being a considerable privacy threat. This is because the application gathers the account data. 

In addition, the usage of such applications can even have your account banned.

  • SocialView for Instagram

SocialView for Instagram is an application that is dedicated to iPhone users. It also claims that it has the capacity to present the list of users who viewed your profile. 

SocialView calculates your activity on the platform and fetches data of users who have recently interacted with your profile. 

Despite all the claims they made, when you go through the reviews of users who have employed it, you will get to know that the application doesn't work the way it claimed. 

  • Profile+

The last third-party application to respond to your question “Who viewed my Instagram profile” is “Profile+”. Profile+ is yet another app that claims to show users who have viewed your profile. Alike, Follower Analyzer and SocialView, this application doesn’t work either. 

Meanwhile, the application asked users to pay some amount in order to unlock the feature “who stalk you on instagram”. And what’s the bummer? The app doesn’t even show results. Long story short, they ask you to pay even though it won’t work. 

Do you want to know about the results it delivers? The results include a list of users whom you have blocked. It's definitely an unreliable application. 

We recommend users do not rely on any application advertising such features. They must be avoided even if you have encountered a few of them as they do not provide legitimate services.

Final Words 

Decisively, if you have wondered if it is possible for Instagram who view my profile in direct ways? The answer is you can’t. The only possible workarounds are mentioned in this article. You can even practice them to achieve the same.

The idea of obtaining details about who viewed your profile is possible by considering the number of views on Instagram stories and highlights. Another way to obtain data regarding the same is by switching to a business account. 

Try not to rely on third-party apps to satisfy your curiosity!