Pets Best Pet Insurance Review 2023: Pros, Cons, Plans and Prices

Pets Best Pet Insurance Review

When we set out to determine which companies would emerge as the best pet insurance providers, Pets Best quickly rose to the top of our list. It's one of the few insurers that provide coverage for wheelchairs and prosthetics for arthritic pets.

We discovered in our Pets Best pet insurance review that selecting the company might be a good idea if your pet's breed is prone to limb or joint issues like degenerative joint disease or hip dysplasia.

In comparison to other insurers, their regulations are also more flexible. They provide clients with an unlimited yearly coverage option and a large range of deductibles.

These choices provide much flexibility, particularly for people who want comprehensive insurance and are prepared to pay for it.

It might be challenging to review all the pet insurance Pets Best options available. Yet, we believe Pets Best is a business that merits consideration.

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we have put up a thorough guide that examines the features and advantages of Pets Best pet insurance to assist you in making the best choice possible.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Pros and Cons

While comparing Pets Best's coverage to those of other insurers in our Pets Best pet insurance review, several differences were clear.

We found a few areas that may be improved, but we were happy to see that accident-only coverage was reasonably priced and that pet insurance was available for all age groups of animals.


  • There are several deductible options.
  • Your veterinarian may pay for your care out of pocket if the doctor approves.
  • 5% discount for each extra pet.
  • Regular wellness programs are offered.
  • Only a 3-day waiting period is required before accident coverage begins.
  • It has a 24-hour telemedicine line for animals.


  • Unlike many other plans, this one does not pay for complementary treatments.
  • Patients having problems with their cruciate ligaments have to wait six months before they may get coverage.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Our Verdict

An affordable and trustworthy insurance provider is Pets Best. The various deductible choices make it simple to plan for future costs. 

Our Pets Best pet insurance review carefully scrutinized the insurance contract by comparing Pets Best to other businesses and their goals. Given that the BBB gave this insurance company an A+ rating, knowing that it cares for its clients is comforting.

In fact, since its founding in 2005, this firm has paid out over $200 million in claims, and to ensure that consumers are happy with the coverage they have selected, they provide a one-month money-back guarantee.

What Is Covered by Pets Best Insurance?

Based on our Pets Best pet insurance review, the BestBenefit plan is a comprehensive insurance program provided by Pets Best that addresses a wide range of expenditures related to accidents and injuries.

To help pet owners pick a plan that fits their budget, this organization offers a variety of options at various pricing ranges.

This coverage is often included in these plans.

  • Physical retraining.
  • Treatment methods, including acupuncture and chiropractic.
  • Examples include breaking bones, ingesting foreign objects, automobile accidents: diabetes, cancer, ear infections, and urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Prescription medication emergency assistance.
  • Chronic diseases.
  • Many diseases, including glaucoma, hip and elbow dysplasia, cherry eye, and epilepsy, are hereditary or congenital.
  • Exam costs.
  • CAT scans, MRIs, and blood tests are a few examples of diagnostic methods.
  • Visits to hospitals and procedures.
  • Wheelchairs and mechanical limbs, along with periodontal disease, are dental problems.

Pets Best also provides accident-only coverage that will pay for urgent emergencies, including snake bites, fractured bones, and unintentional ingesting.

If you have an older dog that doesn't match the requirements for health or can't afford more expensive accident and sickness coverage, this is a good choice.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Pets Best Plans

Pets Best provides a variety of insurance plans, including three levels of illness and accident coverage, two wellness choices, and an accident-only policy. How much does pet insurance cost? Find out as we list the plans offered by Pets Best.


The Essential plan covers accident and injury-related expenses, including emergency services and medical care.

However, the expense of doctor visits, physical therapy, acupuncture, and other alternative treatments are not covered.

  • $50 to $1,000 in deductions
  • Possibilities for reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%
  • Maximum per year: $5,000 or Unlimited


The Plus plan will pay you for the cost of any veterinarian examinations required for the diagnosis and treatment of your pet's covered injuries or illnesses, in addition to the coverage provided by the Essential plan.

  • $50 to $1,000 in deductions
  • Maximum per year: $5,000 or Unlimited
  • Possibilities for reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%


The Elite plan, an enhancement above the Plus plan, includes acupuncture, rehabilitation therapy, and other complementary treatments.

  • Possibilities for reimbursement: 70%, 80%, or 90%
  • Maximum per year: $5,000 or Unlimited
  • $50 to $1,000 in deductions


The accidental illness and injury coverage offered by Pets Best is an insurance policy designed to cover the costs associated with treating illnesses and injuries such as poisoning, broken bones, and gastrointestinal upset.

Nevertheless, the coverage does not cover illnesses like cancer, joint discomfort, or dental problems.

  • $10,000 maximum per year
  • $250 in deductibles
  • Alternatives for Compensation: 90%

Routine Care

You may include Pets Best's two separate programs in your insurance policy:

  • BestWellness: A total benefit of $355 each year. Certain preventative care procedures, including rabies vaccines, microchipping, and health examinations, are partially reimbursed.
  • EssentialWellness: Up to an annual maximum of $535, the EssentialWellness plan provides a more generous payment for authorized therapies. It also includes client spaying and neutering procedures and dental cleanings.

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What Pets Best Pet Insurance Doesn't Cover

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that there are still certain medical costs not covered by Pets Best pet insurance, despite the policy covering a wide variety of costs. These exclusions, which could be covered by other best pet insurance companies, include:

  • Medicines, herbal remedies, and supplementary and alternative therapies.
  • Techniques such as elective and preventative nail trimming, tail docking, ear cropping, and dew claw removal.
  • Circumstances that existed before the commencement of your insurance.
  • Vitamins, specialist meals, or supplements.
  • Costs associated with your pet's food, waste removal fees, supplements, bathing, vitamins, grooming, or any other services that are not directly related to their medical treatment and are not carried out at the veterinarian's instruction.

Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Waiting Periods

There is often a certain amount of time after purchasing a pet insurance policy before the coverage kicks in. The waiting period is the term for this time frame.

There are three possibilities for the waiting period's duration at Pets Best.

  • Accident waiting time of three days
  • Waiting time for the sickness of fourteen days.
  • Waiting time of six months for cruciate ligament problems

Pets Best provides a shorter three-day accident waiting time than other insurance, such as Spot or Healthy Paws (14 or 15 days). Usually, waiting 14 days before treating an ailment is the norm.

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that Pets Best provides a six-month waiting period for cruciate ligament injuries, which is different from what other carriers offer. Get a pet insurance plan with a short waiting time for cruciate ligament injuries if your pet's breed is prone to these problems.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Coverage Levels

Coverage levels are an important consideration. Here’s what you should know about Pets Best insurance.

Maximum Annual Limit Options

The amount that most pet insurance providers pay out in claims each year is capped at that level. For coverage constraints, Pets Best offers two options.

  • $5,000
  • Unlimited

Deductible Options

The deductible for veterinarian coverage must be satisfied before Pets Best will pay any medical expenses. Pets Best offers a range of deductible choices, including:

  • $50
  • $100
  • $200
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1,000

Reimbursement Options

Most pet insurance plans have payment caps and money return options. A reimbursement rate is an amount that the insurer will cover once the deductible has been met. Pets Best has three options:

  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 90%

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews

What Pets Best looks like on paper is a well-known fact. Let's look at what Pets Best insurance holders say about the company's coverage, how fast they answer queries, and how well they handle claims.

It is crucial to remember that there will always be some negative thoughts, regardless of the business or product being reviewed.

Due to the complete objectivity of Pets Best Insurance, we have compiled a few favorable and unfavorable Google reviews.

The peace of mind it provides is invaluable, and Justin and Emmeline L. praise Pets Best, adding that the claims procedure is quite simple. Making payments is also a cinch, thanks to the automatic invoicing of premium costs. 

Another reviewer noted that they’ve had a different experience. Further stating that processing times of claims were long and customer support was subpar.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Discounts

Pets Best provides many discounts if you're seeking strategies to reduce the price of your pet insurance.

  • If you insure several animals, you will get a 5% discount.
  • Veterinarians, their workers, and their clients all get a 10% discount.

How We Evaluated Pets Best Insurance

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that data from was used to rate pet insurance providers and determine which one offered the greatest coverage. A comparison was made using the following criteria:

Pet insurance rates: We averaged the premiums for canine health insurance policies that were fully comprehensive and provided the same coverage levels, deductible, and reimbursement terms as this example (unlimited coverage, $500 deductible, 90% reimbursement rate).

Special waiting period: A better grade, accounting for 10% of the final score, was awarded to insurance plans with no waiting time, waiting periods of less than six months, or the option to have the waiting period eliminated. Several pet insurance companies have specific waiting periods for conditions like hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament problems.

Direct payment to the vet: Ten percent of the total was awarded to companies offering pet insurance and the ability to pay a veterinarian directly.

24/7 vet health line: 10% of the overall score for this criteria was awarded to insurance companies with a veterinarian health line accessible around the clock.

Routine wellness plans: If insurers supplied supplemental wellness and health programs worth 10% of the total, they were awarded points.

Pays veterinary exam fees: Even though the visit is necessary due to a sickness or accident, 10% of the total cost is reimbursed; however, not all insurance policies pay for examination charges. Extra points are awarded to plans that do pay for veterinarian checkups.

Euthanasia or end-of-life expenses: 5% of the total was provided to insurance companies that cover funeral, cremation, and burial expenses.

Multipet discount: When the total coverage topped 5%, firms offering pet insurance for several animals received a discount.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? See if we answer them below.

What Are the Advantages of Pets Best Pet Insurance?

According to our Pets Best pet insurance review, Pets Best provides a range of programs that fit your budgetary needs. The accident-only plans for dogs and cats start at only $6 and $9 per month, respectively, and include a 1-month money-back guarantee and a 5 percent discount for purchasing additional pets.

Also, unlike other insurance companies, there is no maximum age for pet coverage, and add-on coverage for wellness programs is offered in two pricing categories. Pets Best pet insurance is among the best pet insurance for cats and dogs.

Before traveling with your dog, it’s important to make sure it is covered in case of injury or illness.

How Do I File a Claim With Pets Best?

The distinction between human and pet insurance determines who gets reimbursed for the services. After Pets Best verifies a claim, the owner will be reimbursed for any vet costs they paid for.

You may make a claim online, using the mobile app, by mail or fax, or by downloading the form.

Does Pets Best Cover Exotic Animals?

Our Pets Best pet insurance review discovered that Pets Best does not offer exotic animal coverage.

Does Pets Best Insurance Require a Medical Exam?

Our Pets Best pet insurance review discovered that physical exams and copies of your pet's health records are not necessary to enroll your pet in any of Pets Best's plans. However, Pets Best will request these documents from your veterinarian when you make a claim.

Your pet's coverage will be made accessible as soon as feasible by this provider. After your pet has joined the Pets Best plan, three and fourteen days must elapse before making an accident or illness claim.

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How Does Pets Best Reimbursement Work?

Our Pets Best pet insurance review shows that you must submit a claim to get reimbursement for any excess expenses you spent. After Pets Best receives it, they will try to verify and accept it.

The veterinarian will be called and asked for medical information to ensure the claim is not related to a pre-existing ailment.

They will investigate as soon as the claims team has access to the material, including licensed veterinarians and veterinary technicians. If your claim is approved, you will receive payment through a check or electronic funds transfer.

What Does Pets Best Not Cover?

In our Pets Best pet insurance review, we discovered that Pets Best insurance does not cover pre-existing illnesses like other pet insurance companies. This indicates that any health issue your pet has before the end of the grace period is considered a pre-existing illness.

Moreover, Pets Best does not provide reimbursement for optional procedures, supplements, specialty meals, vitamins, or alternative medical practices. You must carefully examine your plan since the provider has established waiting periods for mishaps, illnesses, and torn knee cruciate ligaments of three days, 14 days, and six months.

Anything occurring outside of these times will not be covered.

Does Pets Best Cover Hip Dysplasia?

Inherited conditions such as cherry eye, elbow and hip dysplasia, IVDD, glaucoma, luxating patella, epilepsy, and Wobbler Syndrome may be covered after the 14-day waiting period upon joining Pets Best, provided they were not present before then.

Does Pets Best Cover Dental?

Pets Best will pay for the treatment of periodontal disease if you can provide proof that your pet has had teeth cleaning under anesthetic within the last 13 months before registration.

There is no need to brush your teeth if you're a critter under two. If you upgrade to Best Wellness from Pets Best Accidents and Illness, we'll give you $150 for dental cleanings and other preventative dental care for your pet.

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Does Pets Best Cover Spaying?

Pets Best provides a $150 discount on sterilization services if the Best Wellness supplement is purchased in addition to the basic pet insurance plan. 

Similar to Pets Best, Spot Pet Insurance also provides a $150 coverage of spaying. Read more in our Spot Pet Insurance review

Does Pets Best Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

No pet insurance policy, including one from Pets Best, will pay for treatment of an illness that a veterinarian identified before and during the waiting period.

Does Pets Best Cover IVDD?

If IVDD develops after enrollment, Pets Best will pay for related medical expenses. This problem is covered by insurance for inherited and genetic diseases.

Pets Best does not provide animal boarding or transportation services, including emergency travel.

Does Pets Best Pay a Vet Directly?

Judging from our Pets Best pet insurance review, once your insurance claim is approved, Pets Best may reimburse your veterinarian immediately, saving you from paying the bulk of the price out of pocket.

You may also request a pre-authorization of your claim for any amount above $1,000 so that you and your veterinarian know the coverage sooner.

Before we can pay out your claim, your veterinarian must sign a release indicating their understanding of and agreement with the conditions.

When you go to the vet, you'll need to pay them the difference between what Pets Best pays and what they charge.

If you can't afford to keep your pet in poor health while waiting for a refund, your vet will be happy to take care of it until you get your money back.

They may confidently proceed since they know you have legitimate pet insurance coverage and may expect payment because of a pre-authorization.

At the time of your pet's veterinary care, you may be required to pay the deductible, any co-payments, and any costs that exceed the claim's coverage.

You must continue to submit your claim online, just as in the past.

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Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews: Final Thoughts

It's time to evaluate Pets Best's pet insurance benefits. The benefits of routine treatment and the extensive scope of coverage are enticing. The app makes submitting claims and monitoring their progress simple, and quick reimbursement is a major benefit.

This insurance company allows you to choose your veterinarian and any procedures you and your pet may require. After completing the quick registration procedure, you may submit claims for routine medical care within 24 hours.

Most pet insurance policies are unlikely to cover wheelchairs or prosthetics for your animal. Nevertheless, Pets Best offers insurance that pays for mobility assistance.

To choose a plan that fits your budget, you may select from various deductibles, reimbursement levels, and yearly maximums. Pets Best's processing of your claims and payout distribution might take several weeks.

Overall, Pets Best is a solid substitute for pet insurance.

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