Research Proposal Writing Service From Professional Ph.D. Writers

Are you thinking about using a research proposal writing service to create a proposal for you?

Don't plunge ahead with just any writing service you can find; it's critical that you look online and select one that suits your requirements. Make sure you read reviews and do thorough research into the products available before you begin, so you can find the best research proposal writing service out there.

A PhD research proposal often requires quite a lot of groundwork, and you'll want a professional writer that can spend a lot of time on the research topic. A good proposal will have many hours put into it, preferably by somebody with an academic background.

In this article, we're going to look at some of the top sites that you might want to consider. These websites offer benefits like full confidentiality, zero plagiarism guarantee, and high quality writing to ensure the final piece meets your needs.

BBQPapers — Best PhD Research Proposal Writers

If you are writing a research proposal for a Ph.D., you will probably be looking for a very high quality service to ensure you have the best possible starting point. In this case, you may be looking at BBQPapers, which offers a range of writing services, including academic writing.

BBQPapers is a fully confidential service, which encrypts all its user data to prevent anyone from finding out that you have used it. As well as research proposal writing, it offers other products, including college papers and even high school papers. There is a team of writers, ready to take on your work.

What Are The Benefits Of BBQPapers?

BBQPapers has a variety of benefits, but we'll explore some of the most significant ones.

Firstly, there's the turnaround time. BBQPapers offers fast delivery, and claims that it will always meet a deadline. Some projects are completed by the writer in as little as 3 hours, although this is unlikely to be the case with a more complex proposal.

BBQPapers has a team of expert writers, who should be able to follow all the instructions to create a great piece for you. They may not have the subject knowledge, but they should be able to explore the basics of your idea in their writing, and you can then fine-tune this if necessary.

One of the things that makes BBQPapers stand out from other writing services is that they only take on the top 2 percent of their applicants. That means that, on the whole, their writers are very skilled, which is pretty important when it comes to making sure your written proposal is as good as it can be!

Many of the writers are already in the academic field, and even if they don't have a good understanding of the subject matter, they should be able to make sense of jargon, and will also recognize the importance of adhering to deadlines and making sure they deliver on time.

The site's biggest pros include:

  • They offer regular sales
  • They provide plagiarism free dissertation proposal writing
  • They offer free grammar and editorial checks
  • You'll work with a professional writer
  • You'll get a well researched paper
  • You can request free revisions

What Are The Drawbacks Of BBQPapers?

No site or service is perfect, and some people have bad experiences with BBQPapers. Dissertation proposal writing can be a particularly complicated area, where even experienced writers may struggle to produce high quality work.

The major drawbacks of BBQPapers include:

  • The site can be difficult to navigate
  • The registration process is slow
  • The prices are higher than for many other similar paper writing services
  • They don't offer unlimited revisions

Can You Easily Contact Customer Support?

Being able to get in touch with someone if something has gone wrong is crucial, especially when you're working on something so important as a PhD dissertation.

BBQPapers offers a phone number so you can contact the customer support team, with 24/7 support. There are also email addresses. However, there is no instant messaging system.

PaperHelp — Runner-up

PaperHelp provides research proposal writing service options too. As with EssayPro, you can specifically select "research proposal" from the dropdown list. They also offer a thesis proposal, among other writing service options.

The price estimates start from $13 per page for an undergraduate degree, going up to $19 per page for a bachelor's degree. A professional research proposal will cost around $21 per page. This is higher than some of the other companies that provide research proposal writing, but not significantly so.

They advertise delivery to students in less than 3 hours for some projects, but you should expect a research proposal to take longer. Make sure you leave sufficient time before your due date.

The work the writers produce should be completely unique, which is important for students creating this kind of proposal. The company offers a plagiarism free guarantee so you can be sure that the task will be completed properly.

What Are The Benefits Of PaperHelp?

PaperHelp has been running for years now, and has written thousands of papers for students everywhere. It provides good work, and may be the answer if you need a paper written at short notice.

You can also get formatting done, so your paper appears correct and tidy. Various formatting options are offered.

The biggest advantages that PaperHelp offers include:

  • The service is generally affordable, even for things like dissertation writing
  • The site is easy to navigate
  • The quality is generally fairly good

What Are The Drawbacks Of PaperHelp?

PaperHelp has some major problems too, which might deter you from using the service. Some examples are:

  • They do not offer unlimited revisions (maximum of 3)
  • The company has some unethical marketing practices
  • They don't offer a free plagiarism report upon request

Can You Easily Contact Customer Support?

Customer support is super easy to reach, and available 24/7. You can phone or message the site if you need any assistance with getting your paper or project sorted out.

EssayPro — Cheaper Alternative

EssayPro stands out from the crowd in the range of different products it offers, including proposal writing services, literature review services, creative writing, and more.

Research proposal writing services start from $12 per page for a basic university option. This goes up to $13.20 per page for a master's, and $14.40 per page for a doctorate. That does mean that the costs can add up fast, especially if you need the research proposal on a tight deadline.

On the other hand, it's nice to have such specific options, so you know that no matter what research proposal help you require, you'll get experts at every level.

It's always important to make sure that the writing will reach the level you need, so don't underestimate the value of being able to so specifically select the writer.

What Are The Benefits Of EssayPro?

Apart from the different education tiers mentioned above, EssayPro has quite a few other advantages. One of the biggest is that you can select your writer, and you will work exclusively with this writer to create the piece you want.

This can make it much easier to create a strong research proposal, because you can guide a good writer on what important details you want to include, and assess how the writer's work will fit your needs.

This may even lead to future work with that writer, and it gives you a degree of control over the project that you may not get with other providers. Having a dedicated research proposal writer can make a big difference in how your piece comes out.

Creating a research proposal online can be challenging, because you get no face-to-face time - but the EssayPro setup does mitigate this issue to an extent.

Another significant benefit of this service is that you can upload writing samples, meaning you can show the writer exactly what you want your research paper to reflect. This sets the site apart from its competitors. Even a few pages of your work can help the writer get to grips with the whole approach.

You can also use their rewriting services to turn a piece of your writing into a better research proposal that still uses your ideas.

To summarize, the top advantages of EssayPro include:

  • Seven free revisions (within a week of receiving the research proposal back)
  • There are some good discounts available
  • Only writers with a Ph.D. can be hired, meaning they will have a good understanding of the requirements of a research proposal
  • The quality is generally good
  • You can get in touch with the writer during the creation process

What Are The Drawbacks Of EssayPro?

There are some drawbacks to EssayPro too, including:

  • The pricing structure is difficult to understand, because it works on a bidding system, which means this writing service can be quite expensive
  • Writers can be slow to respond
  • The site doesn't offer much information on what happens if you aren't satisfied with your research proposal
  • They do not offer unlimited revisions, so you can only get certain changes made

Can You Easily Contact Customer Support?

Yes, you can easily contact the customer support team, which is available 24/7. However, they do only offer an email address, which isn't ideal if you are urgently trying to get your PhD research proposal sorted out, and having problems.

What is a research proposal and what’s its aim?

A research proposal tends to be the first step in convincing other people that you have a project that is worth doing. It's often an important aspect of getting funding. Usually, it is written by the student personally to demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and understanding to deliver on the task.

It will also often cover the methodology that you intend to use, and may briefly answer any questions that people may have about the paper. It will contain a title page, and may outline how other studies have missed discussing the points you will cover.

What is the best site for research proposals?

This heavily depends, but the top things you should look for include high quality writers that have an understanding of research questions, relevant literature, literature reviews, and what a research paper should look like.

You should also look for a site that offers a reasonable price per page, so you can avoid skyrocketing costs, as these can quickly add up when you hire a writer at this level.

The best research proposal writing options will be those that give you information about their writers and why they are qualified to complete your paper.

I want to write my own research proposal. Where do I begin?

You should begin by spending some time reviewing other work that has been done in this area, and creating a methodology that you will use to approach the subject. Doing a literature review of the current sources will put you in a strong position.

Even if you eventually intend to use a research proposal writing service, it's worth spending time on this yourself. Because this document will be so critical to your ongoing study and its success, you must make sure you have a good grasp of the subject, and that you can convey this to the research proposal writers you intend to hire.

Research Proposal Writing Services: FAQs

What are the four types of proposal writing?

There are four major kinds of proposals, and these are generally said to be:

  • External proposals: a proposal written for an external organization or individual, who is not connected to the writer
  • Internal proposals: these are made to somebody within your organization, and tend to be less detailed a result, as there is often a shared context
  • Solicited: when a proposal is solicited, the individual receiving the proposal will have specifically requested the piece.
  • Unsolicited: if nobody has requested that the proposal be made, it's considered an unsolicited proposal, and these tend to require more persuasive language/validation that they should exist.

If you are going to hire a research proposal writing service, you should know which categories your proposal falls into, as this will change what the proposal should contain and how it should be crafted.

How do you write a 500 word research proposal?

Many of these pieces only need to be 500 words, so you may be wondering what they ought to include. The answer is, quite a lot. A good research proposal should do all of the following:

  • Outline the aims of the research: this will describe what the purpose is, and why you wish to examine this area.
  • Outline the contribution: this should describe how your research will add to the knowledge that already exists in this area
  • Explain the value: this will further explore why your contributions are likely to be of value, referencing any research that has gone before you, and why your approach is different. This part acknowledges other sources and explains where your piece fits into the broader field.
  • Talk about the sources: this part is explicit about what sources you will use, whether you will do fieldwork, and how you will go about accessing the sources you need.
  • Explain your methods: here, you'll describe what methods you intend to use to analyze the sources you're going to be using.
  • Describe your study skills: briefly explain how your study skills, experience, ability to process data, and other unique talents you may have will bring value to the process of creating a thesis.

As you can see, that's quite a lot for proposal writing services to tackle, which is why these services can be expensive.

Where can I get research proposals?

Any of the proposal writing service options listed above will give you a research proposal, although creating your own will often result in something better.

Are research paper writing services legit?

Research paper writing services, as well as proposal writing services are generally legit. However, this heavily depends on the service. Always thoroughly check reviews on independent sites before you select research proposal writing services to use.

What does a proposal writer do?

A proposal writer will create a document that is intended to persuade the reader that your argument is valid. A research proposal writing service will work to convince others that your area of study is interesting and will add value to the field.

How do you get hired as a proposal writer?

Many of the sites that offer this kind of work hire writers, but you'll often have to meet stringent criteria, such as having a degree or proven experience in the field.

Is a proposal writer a technical writer?

Not by most definitions, no. A proposal writer's job is to persuade and offer more information, while a technical writer is only there to provide an accurate description of something. There is some overlap, but the two are generally considered different tasks.

Final Thoughts

Getting a proposal done online can have some serious drawbacks, but for some people, it's an important part of moving forward with their project. If that's the case for you, you might want to check out the top writing services we have looked at below, so you know which would be the best for your needs.

As you can see, research proposal help is available online, although you will still need to do a lot of work yourself. Always thoroughly check out the company and the solution they are offering before trusting anybody to create such an important document for you - and consider the ethical implications of allowing somebody else to do this work, too.