Beakon Smart Wallet Reviews: Should You Buy RFID-Blocking Carbon Fiber?

Beakon Smart Wallet

Are you tired of carrying around a bulky wallet? Feeling reluctant to take your wallet out, especially with the prevalence of theft? These are valid feelings to have. The average person starts with a new wallet, hoping to keep limited contents. This is primarily due to two factors: first, wallets are made very cheaply, so the more items you push inside, the faster the material will wear out; and second, a large wallet attracts unwanted attention from the wrong crowd. An increasing problem with wallets is that given that technology is so accessible, anybody with malicious intent can read card information by standing nearby!

In other words, security measures in place are rendered useless. Does this mean that we shouldn't carry wallets at all? Not. Physical cards are still very much needed because not everyone is comfortable with or able to make transactions using their mobile devices. To combat technology, the best solution is to utilize technology itself. Are you confused as to what we are talking about? This review aims to introduce The Beakon Smart Wallet.

What is The Beakon Smart Wallet?

The Beakon Smart Wallet is the latest wallet design that employs NASA-inspired carbon fiber to create an ultra-slim, ultra-modern, and incredibly durable wallet with enhanced protection. Beakon represents a technological advancement and transforms wallets. Why? The creators assert that it adds interest to plain wallet designs while also inducing a sense of security.

To see that all we've said thus far doesn't even begin to demonstrate the Beakon Smart Wallet's actual worth had us wondering. Next, we'll look at the essential features that set the Beakon Smart Wallet apart from the competition.

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What Distinguishes The Beakon Smart Wallet From Others?

The fact that Beakon is a smart wallet is enough to set it apart from traditional designs, but thanks to technology, it's prudent to say that Beakon is taking leaps. Here are some reasons why:

Beakon Smart Wallet Features

Extremely Lightweight

The carbon fiber used to create the Beakon Smart Wallet allows it to be highly protective while being light. This wallet comprises up to 12,000 skinny carbon fiber strands. This material is typically used for those constantly in fighter jets or race cars who need very compact items. Besides contributing to its lightness, carbon fiber is also liked for its increased strength and stiffness, rust-free nature, maintained integrity (i.e., no bends or damage), and chemical resistance.

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Glides Seamlessly

The Beakon Smart Wallet is light and incredibly thin, as described. This feature allows the wallet to easily glide in and out of pockets without discomfort, chafing, or rubbing. The same cannot be said with standard wallets because every action, including pulling the wallet out and putting it back where it belongs, can be closely watched by nefarious eyes.

Protection Like No Other

According to reports, the Beakon Smart Wallet has RFID technology. RFID can protect people from attempts to extract data from any cards in the wallet. In addition to offering significant technological protection, its carbon composition does so physically.

Modern Appearance

The ultra-thin Beakon Smart Wallet offers a sleek, contemporary style unlike conventional wallets. Due to its small size, it won't even resemble a wallet; instead, it will appear to be a hip new device. Once again, the visual appeal stems mainly from the combination of thousands of carbon fibers.

Heat & Corrosion Resistance

Last but not least, the Beakon Smart Wallet can survive tremendous heat because carbon fibers found within it are pressured under extremely high temperatures. This also makes the wallet corrosion-resistant.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Beakon Smart Wallet

Q: Who is the Beakon Smart Wallet Suitable for?

A: The Beakon Smart Wallet is meant for anyone who is constantly on the go and hates the feeling of a bulky, heavy wallet. Matter-of-factly, this wallet is available to anyone, whether it be people who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, working out hard at the gym, traveling, or simply going through the motions of daily life.

Q: Does the Beakon Smart Wallet Provide Adequate Slots for Cards?

A: One Beakon Smart Wallet can fit ten cards! On top of that, it has a detachable money clip so individuals can also carry around cash.

Q: Does the Beakon Smart Wallet Provide Rigidity?

A: When appropriately integrated, the materials that make up the Beakon Smart Wallet are believed to be ten times stronger than steel, offering extraordinary stiffness.

Q: Does the Beakon Smart Wallet Last Long?

A: The Beakon Smart Wallet is designed to last a lifetime!

Q: Is The Beakon Smart Wallet's RFID Unique?

A: The Beakon team prioritizes product safety above anything else. For this reason, they created an RFID layer that offers protection against five electromagnetic frequencies.

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Q: Where is the Beakon Smart Wallet Made?

A: The Beakon Smart Wallet is manufactured in Utah, United States.

Q: Is Beakon Smart Wallet Protected Under a Money-back Guarantee?

A: The creators of Beakon Smart Wallet consider protection and usability as two key factors crucial to their product's success. They strive to ensure that their wallet provides top-notch security and offers an intuitive and convenient user experience. So naturally, they included a 365-day no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee on each purchase.

If individuals feel this respective wallet is giving them the sense of security they need, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. To learn more about the steps to successfully returning the Beakon Smart Wallet, getting a refund, and any dos and don'ts, consider one of the following points of contact:

  • Email:

Q: How Long Does It Take for an Order of the Beakon Smart Wallet to Arrive?

A: Once a Beakon Smart Wallet order is placed, 24 hours are allotted for processing. Following that, if the order was made within the United States, it will take, on average, three business days for it to arrive. International orders may take between 7 and 12 business days. It is advised to contact the support team if an order hasn't arrived after 12 business days.

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The Beakon Smart Wallet Pricing

One of the advantages of the Beakon Smart Wallet is its powerful performance despite its low cost. What's even more impressive is the Beakon team's constant sales. Currently, this wallet can be purchased at the following price points:

  • 1 Beakon Smart Wallet: $49 each
  • 2 Beakon Smart Wallets: $33 each (with one free wallet)
  • 3 Beakon Smart Wallets: $29 each (with two free wallets)

Final Verdict on The Beakon Smart Wallet

The Beakon Smart Wallet solves all possible wallet concerns, including quality, durability, flexibility, portability, safety, and price. This smart wallet competes with the traditional wallet by being thin, lightweight, extremely rigid, and resistant to heat, corrosion, and chemicals. It also has RFID technology to guard against data theft. Is the Beakon Smart Wallet winning this battle? The features, primarily carbon fiber and RFID technology, suggest so!

Compactness is sometimes mistaken for a lack of space, but this is not the case. Imagine having this wallet contain ten cards in addition to carrying cash! If there is anything to be learned from the Beakon team's work, people do not always need to go big to feel secure. The Beakon Smart Wallet provides maximum security in a slim and durable design, eliminating wear and tear, theft, and unnecessary bulk.

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