DRACHEN Reviews - Should You Buy Male Growth Activator Spray or Scam?


DRACHEN is a supplement that claims to be the world's first male growth activator. It helped over 111,000 consumers improve the quality and strength of their erections and experience increased sexual pleasure. This formula is taken twice daily, giving consumers the benefit of natural extracts and other ingredients that have known beneficial effects on men's sexual health.

What is DRACHEN?

Every man wants their sexual adventures pleasurable, and nothing gets in the way of an enjoyable sexual experience like a lackluster erection (if he manages to get it up). The embarrassment and the sudden drop in confidence are enough to ruin any romantic encounter, and the issue gets worse when men have to worry about retelling this tale to their doctor.

Erectile dysfunction is prevalent, meaning consumers have plenty of options nowadays to help that don't require them to visit a doctor. Using a new remedy called DRACHEN, men can regain control of their sex life without leaving their homes. Consumers can then get their product delivered to their door to ensure they can revive their erections for good.

Experience firmer and bigger erections that lead to intense orgasms with this powerful blend of concentrated ingredients. The formula helps reduce inflammation that can affect the reproductive system and boosts stamina for improved performance. Strengthen your muscles and increase blood circulation to the erection with this formula for amazing results.

DRACHEN is not only beneficial for enhancing sexual experiences, but it also helps to increase energy levels. With more energy, users can take advantage of the full range of benefits that the formula offers. Best of all, it's conveniently packaged as a spray, meaning no more capsules to swallow!

How Does DRACHEN Work?

DRACHEN's helpfulness comes from the right assortment of ingredients. The ingredients include:

  • Moomiyo
  • GABA
  • L-Dopa
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Tyrosine

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Using natural ingredients, this formula offers a perfect balance of components supporting scientific evidence. While most focus on male sexual health, they even provide some support for women. Read below to learn what these six ingredients can do for the body.


Moomiyo acts as an adaptogen, allowing users to relax their minds to eliminate stress. It is sourced from northern Siberia and can withstand harsh cold during growth. It improves natural testosterone production while removing swelling where it shouldn't be. Though it takes some time to work for each person, consumers often find that their sperm count and motility increase within 30 days.

Also known as shilajit, it is used for many different purposes, working as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent, chemo protectant, and more. This ingredient can also improve recovery and promote improvements in longevity.


GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain that helps people sleep better. Most muscle growth happens while resting, so GABA is essential to supporting the sexual organs. This formula has an incredibly calming effect, helping individuals to manage the stress and anxiety that might be keeping them from enjoying their sex life to the fullest.

When someone struggles to maintain their GABA levels, they are at a higher risk of neurological and mental health conditions. They are also at a higher risk of developing other medical conditions that could put their sexual health at risk as well.


L-dopa is an amino acid, and it is commonly used to help consumers who struggle with symptoms of Parkinson's disease. It regulates dopamine production, making it easier to manage hormones that control erection size. When users consume L-dopa, they naturally work to increase dopamine levels, crossing the blood-brain barrier to make neurotransmission easier.

L-dopa is safe to use daily, and it is even sometimes recommended by doctors to help with their natural dopamine production. Improved dopamine levels ensure that consumers can enjoy their sex life without the risk of stress causing an unwelcome introduction.

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L-Glutamine is a relatively common ingredient for anyone who needs to improve their physique. It is an amino acid-like L-dopa, helping the body to create proteins properly. It supports both the reproductive and digestive systems to promote tissue growth. It also protects the body from harmful toxins that would otherwise be associated with extreme inflammation.

This amino acid is a crucial step in eliminating the buildup of ammonia. The body produces waste that can be used to promote brain function and digestion. Most people already get enough glutamine, but supplementation can help.


L-Arginine is often used for protein creation as well. It promotes better blood flow, especially to the reproductive organs. It also improves nutrient delivery, which makes it easier to achieve and maintain incredible erections. While it shouldn't be paired with a blood pressure drug, it can help with bloating and diarrhea.

L-arginine is a safe ingredient, and it can help consumers to reduce high blood pressure that could otherwise keep the user from experiencing the erection they won't. It reduces PAD and angina risk, but L-arginine is the most popular because it can treat erectile dysfunction. This benefit is crucial for anyone who uses L-arginine.


L-tyrosine works to reduce depressive symptoms and offers anti-anxiety benefits. These two problems can be a big reason why men aren't able to get the erection that they want, but soothing them will promote improved anxiety and better performance. It is crucial to producing different brain chemicals, including dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters encourage communication between the nerve cells and regulate the user's mood.

L-tyrosine is also known for reducing inflammation, which can be associated with many psychological issues. The amino acid targets the user's oxidative stress, and it can promote better sleep so that users can feel as energetic as they need to be for sexual performance.

DRACHEN Supplement Facts

Purchasing DRACHEN

The number of DRACHEN bottles users need to order will depend on how long they want to stick with the regimen. The packages currently available include:

  • One bottle for $69.00 + Low Shipping Fee
  • Two bottles for $59.00 Each + Free Shipping
  • Four bottles for $49.00 Each + Free Shipping

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Free shipping is only offered to consumers who order at least two bottles online, though the shipping fee for a single bottle is minimal. Plus, all of the orders are covered with a money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions About DRACHEN

Q: What is DRACHEN supposed to do?

A: This natural formula is primarily used by men who want better orgasms with bigger erections that last as long as they wish. It is an ideal remedy for long-lasting sexual encounters.

Q: What is DRACHEN made of?

A: Every bottle of DRACHEN exclusively uses high-quality raw ingredients, and they come from locations around the world.

Q: Is DRACHEN safe?

A: Yes. With thousands of customers, no one has experienced any side effects from DRACHEN, making it incredibly safe.

Q: How long will customers need to use DRACHEN?

A: Every person is different, so they benefit from the ingredients at a different rate. Men start to experience increased stamina, and they have longer-lasting erections. Some people state that they even increase growth. To achieve these effects, the creators recommend using it for at least three months to see a lasting impact.

Q: How should DRACHEN be used?

A: DRACHEN is a spray that can be used under the tongue of two sprays and four sprays each night before bedtime, without food or water for at least a half hour.

Q: Can DRACHEN be found anywhere else?

A: No. The creators specifically have only made it possible to order through the official website.

Q: Will DRACHEN work for anyone?

A: The ingredients have a proven effect, demonstrated through scientific evidence and clinical trials.

Q: What if the user isn't happy with using DRACHEN?

A: All orders have a money-back guarantee covering the first 60 days of use.

The customer service team can be reached by emailing support@trydrachen.com or calling 1-883-882-8559.


DRACHEN provides consumers everywhere with a way to make their sex life better than before. It includes multiple ingredients that improve the blood flow that their erection needs, but it also helps users to eliminate stress and anxiety that could keep them from their satisfaction. The DRACHEN formula primarily improves erections, but the other benefits support the brain, immune system, and digestion.

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