GlucoCalm Reviews: Should You Buy Peak Biome Gluco Calm Pills? [Updated 2024]


GlucoCalm is a blood sugar support supplement created by Peak Biome.

Available exclusively through the official online store, GlucoCalm claims to vacuum toxic sugar out of your bloodstream and help reset the “glucose switch” to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Please keep reading to learn everything you need to know about GlucoCalm and how it works today in our review.

What is GlucoCalm?

GlucoCalm is a diabetes supplement that uses natural ingredients to support healthy blood sugar.

By taking three capsules of GlucoCalm daily, anyone concerned about blood sugar can support healthy blood sugar levels without the side effects or cost of prescription diabetes medication.

Peak Biome, who manufactures GlucoCalm, advertises the supplement as part of a “simple bedtime ritual” that has helped thousands of Americans “stabilize blood sugar…lower A1C scores…supercharge energy levels…and enjoy rapid weight loss without restrictive dieting or exhaustive exercise.” Just take three capsules of GlucoCalm daily to support the targeted benefits.

GlucoCalm is priced at $49.95 per bottle for a special discount promotion. A 180-day money-back guarantee backs all purchases.

GlucoCalm Benefits

According to Peak Biome, GlucoCalm has the potential to help millions of Americans support the following benefits:

  • Support stable blood sugar
  • Lower A1C scores
  • Supercharge energy levels
  • Nourish muscles and organs with the fuel needed to drive
  • Support rapid weight loss by priming your metabolism
  • Avoid restrictive diets, exhausting exercise routines, painful needles, and expensive prescription medication

GlucoCalm claims to solve many of the problems people with diabetes face daily – all with minimal effort. The goal is to give you a simple, daily ritual you can implement into your lifestyle without any changes.

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How Does GlucoCalm Work?

GlucoCalm works by giving your body a blend of ingredients to support healthy blood sugar levels.

The formula is based on the idea that glucose is essential for keeping us alive and healthy. Your body needs glucose. Although people with diabetes are taught to fear glucose and avoid high glucose levels, glucose is critical for everyone’s body.

However, by giving you a blend of natural ingredients, GlucoCalm can support your body’s natural defense mechanisms, helping you avoid toxic sugar and replace it with good sugar.

According to Jeremy and the Peak Biome team, your body has a “built-in defense system designed to prevent you from running out of glucose.” By supporting that defense system, GlucoCalm can help people with diabetes support stable blood sugar and lower A1C scores, according to the official website.

Glucose is More Important Than You Think

Glucose plays a vital role in human health. It’s essential to prevent glucose from getting too high or too low.

Some of the reasons glucose is essential include the following:

  • Every cell in your body needs glucose to function.
  • Peak Biome describes glucose as “like gas for a car.” Your body can’t drive without glucose.
  • Peak Biome says high blood sugar doesn’t mean your body has too much glucose. Instead, it just means the blood sugar is in the wrong spot.
  • Glucose is supposed to be in your cells – not in your bloodstream.
  • People with erratic blood sugar have the equivalent of an “internal traffic jam.” The sugar in your bloodstream clogs the highway, leading to high blood sugar.

When blood sugar is circulating your blood instead of entering your cells, it means your body isn’t getting the fuel you need. That’s why many people with diabetes feel cranky or hungry or have heart palpitations, tingling, blurry vision, or fainting with blood sugar issues. Their bodies are being starved at a cellular level.

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A Low-Carb, High-Protein Didn’t Doesn’t Solve Glucose Problems

Many people with diabetes follow a low-carb, high-protein diet to help balance blood sugar. This could help, although it’s not an effective long-term solution.

According to Jeremy and the Peak Biome team, your body adapts to a low-carb, high-protein diet over time.

Eventually, your body breaks down your protein and turns it into glucose. Then, if your body doesn’t get enough glucose from the protein it breaks down, it starts to break down your muscle tissue instead.

In other words, starving yourself with a low-carb, high-protein diet won’t solve your blood sugar problems. Instead, it just creates more problems.

When your body starts to break down muscle tissue to raise blood sugar, it ruins your metabolism. Muscle burns more calories than fat, and breaking down muscle worsens that problem.

GlucoCalm was designed to reverse this cycle and ensure your blood sugar functions correctly without requiring a strict diet.

Your Body Has a Natural “Vacuum” to Stabilize Erratic Blood Sugar

According to Peak Biome, low-carb diets don’t solve erratic blood sugar. Instead, the best way to target irregular blood sugar is by targeting a “vacuum” in your body. GlucoCalm supports your body’s natural blood sugar vacuum, helping you balance erratic blood sugar.

Here’s how the natural vacuum stabilizes erratic blood sugar – and why carbs and sugar are less critical than you think for balancing blood sugar:

One study found the amount of sugar and carbs you eat “doesn’t really matter,” according to Peak Biome. Instead, what’s important is that the cells in your body vacuum the glucose inside your bloodstream.

Your body’s natural ability to vacuum glucose from your bloodstream is “the key to staying effortlessly thin“. Some people have a high-functioning blood sugar vacuum to keep a healthy weight, while others do not, leading to weight management issues.

One study found the real problem isn’t the sugar in your diet but the insulin sensitivity of cells. That’s why some people stay slim and have no blood sugar problems regardless of what they eat.

Peak Biome cites the work of nutrition expert Dr. Thomas Guilliams, who cites several studies confirming your body’s natural “vacuum” is to blame for erratic blood sugar – not the sugar or carbs in your diet.

People with Diabetes Have “Toxic Sugar,” Making Blood Sugar Problems Worse

According to Peak Biome, people with diabetes have another problem making blood sugar worse: toxic sugar.

Also known as “advanced glycation end products,” toxic sugar happens when excess sugar in your blood attaches to vulnerable cells.

This excess sugar is harmful to your cells. It can lead to inflammation and oxidative damage. It can also make erratic blood sugar problems and symptoms of diabetes worse.

Making it worse, this toxic sugar triggers your cells’ natural “security system,” according to Peak Biome, leading to the following effects:

  • Insulin tries to transport toxic sugar into your cells.
  • Your cells’ security system blocks insulin from transporting toxic sugar into your cells.
  • This mechanism wears out the pancreas, making it increasingly challenging to produce insulin.
  • Over time your cells don’t get the necessary glucose, and they begin to starve and die. This leads to symptoms of diabetes like nerve damage, blurry vision, kidney malfunction, weight gain, and other side effects.

Jeremy and the Peak Biome team developed GlucoCalm intending to remove the toxic sugar, relieving the load on your pancreas, and helping your body balance its natural blood sugar levels.

What Does GlucoCalm Do?

GlucoCalm works in a two-step process to balance blood sugar by removing toxic sugar:

Step 1)

GlucoCalm clears toxic sugar, or advanced glycation end products, from your bloodstream and removes the sticky sludge harmful to your cells. It’s like sending a security team to remove bad guests from the hotel: GlucoCalm’s ingredients remove excess sugar from your bloodstream.

Step 2)

GlucoCalm signals your cells that it’s okay to “end the lockdown,” allowing them to resume accepting glucose deposits. This is like a doorman resetting locks to allow the right guests to enter. Without the bad guests or toxic sugar entering your cells, you can encourage good guests or glucose into your cells.

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GlucoCalm Ingredients

GlucoCalm contains natural ingredients to support your body’s defense against toxic sugar, helping you reclaim control of erratic blood sugar levels.

Here are all of the active ingredients in GlucoCalm and how they work, according to the official website:

Gymnema Sylvestre: The Tropical African Sugar Destroyer

Native to west African nations like Benin, gymnema sylvestre is found in many diabetes supplements and blood sugar support formulas sold online today. Growing research connects it to blood sugar support benefits. Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, Benin has one of the world’s lowest rates of diabetes. Peak Biome attributes this to the use of gymnema sylvestre in traditional medicine – not to the low rate of obesity. According to Peak Biome, gymnema sylvestre prevents toxic sugar from accumulating in your bloodstream and blocks sugar receptors in your intestines, tackling high blood sugar in two ways. Peak Biome claims this “sugar destroying” effect is so powerful it “can give you leeway to add more delicious carbs to your diet.”

Banaba Leaf: The Purple Flower from the Philippines Known as the Blood Sugar Vacuum

Next, GlucoCalm contains banaba leaf, another popular blood sugar support supplement ingredient. According to the manufacturer, Banaba leaf has been shown to significantly lower blood glucose levels and increase the cells’ ability to process glucose. To do that, banaba leaf is rich in corosolic acid. The natural ingredient can “lower blood glucose levels by a whopping 30% in just 14 days,” according to Peak Biome. Other studies have linked banaba leaf to significant weight loss – like dropping 12.2 lbs over 12 weeks. Most importantly, banaba leaf will “‘ vacuum’ harmful toxic sugar out of your bloodstream,” according to Peak Biome, pulling excess sugar from your blood.

Berberine: A Shrub Extract with Similar Effects to Diabetes Drugs

GlucoCalm contains berberine, a plant “that humiliated Big Pharma’s Goliath in a blood sugar duel,” according to Peak Biome. In one study, berberine was found to have comparable effects to a popular diabetes drug for managing blood sugar. And it wasn’t linked to side effects like nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, or muscle weakness. Berberine comes from a unique, evergreen shrub called mahonia. It helps reset the glucose lock on your cells and prevent your blood sugar from turning toxic in the first place.

Salacia Reticulata: A Carb Silencing Root from Sri Lanka

Salacia reticulata is a shrub native to India and Sri Lanka, with a long history of use in traditional medicine. According to Peak Biome, this plant can help to maintain healthy blood sugar even after heavy meals. It works by disabling enzymes in your body affecting blood sugar management. The plant “allows carbohydrates to pass through your digestive system undigested,” which means you can continue to eat your regular diet as long as you take GlucoCalm.

A Harvard-Backed Heart-Helping Mineral to Support Blood Sugar and Toenails

Chromium is crucial for health, wellness, nerve support, and blood sugar balance. Many people with diabetes take chromium daily for blood sugar support. Peak Biome cites one study where people with diabetes had 46% less chromium in their samples than healthy adults. Chromium is also linked to toenail health, affecting many people with diabetes. One of the most extensive reviews on chromium and blood sugar was published in 2004. Researchers found chromium was “an important factor for enhancing insulin activity” and that people with diabetes tended to have significantly lower levels of chromium than non-diabetics.

Ceylon Cinnamon: A Science-Backed Sweetener to Lower Blood Sugar

Cinnamon is more than just a spice. It’s a sweetener “that lowers blood sugar,” according to Peak Biome. Cinnamon is rich with natural chemicals called cinnamaldehydes, helping to slow the rate at which food leaves your intestines. This can help you maintain healthy blood sugar even after a meal. It transports healthy glucose from the bloodstream to your cells. In one study, 41 healthy adults took 1,000mg, 3,000mg, or 6,000mg of cinnamon daily to assess its effects. Researchers found taking 3,000mg to 6,000mg of cinnamon was particularly effective for blood sugar when taken regularly for 20 to 40 days.

Vitamin C: A Time-Tested Antioxidant to Neutralize Toxic Sugar Damage

Each serving of GlucoCalm contains 500% of your daily value of vitamin C, one of nature’s best antioxidants. Vitamin C can help prevent the formation of toxic sugar by up to 73%, according to Peak Biome. It also helps to reset the glucose lock, making it easier for cells to remove glucose from your bloodstream. One 2011 study found taking a vitamin C supplement reduced blood glucose and improved glycosylated hemoglobin in people with type 2 diabetes.

GlucoCalm Supplement Facts

Overall, GlucoCalm contains a blend of seven ingredients at specific dosages to support stable, healthy blood sugar.

What to Expect After Taking GlucoCalm

According to Peak Biome, GlucoCalm can help people with erratic blood sugar, like diabetics, and support a range of powerful benefits.

By taking three capsules of GlucoCalm daily, diabetics and others concerned about blood sugar can purportedly enjoy benefits like:

  • Vacuum toxic sugar out of the bloodstream
  • Reset the glucose switch on your body’s cells to help the cells start soaking up glucose again
  • Support a natural inflammatory response throughout your body
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar even after heavy meals
  • Support proper glucose absorption to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

And, GlucoCalm claims to achieve these effects without requiring strict dieting or exercising. Peak Biome claims you may be able to add more carbs and sugar to your diet because some ingredients “vacuum” them from your blood.

GlucoCalm Supplement Facts Label

Peak Biome discloses all active ingredients in the formula upfront. Many of the elements are found within a proprietary formula.

The complete list of ingredients in each three-capsule serving of GlucoCalm includes the following:

1,448mg of a proprietary blend with berberine hydrochloride extract 97%, gymnema sylvestre leaf extract, Salacia oblonga root extract, Ceylon cinnamon bark, banaba powder, 500mg of vitamin C (556% DV), and 100mcg of chromium (286% DV)

GlucoCalm Pricing

GlucoCalm is priced at $49.95 per bottle for a great deal. The regular retail price is $97 per bottle.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering today through the Peak Biome online store:

  • 1 Bottle: $49.95 + $6.95 Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $119.85 ($39.95 Per bottle) + $6.95 Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $179.70 ($29.95 Per bottle) + get free shipping

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Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of GlucoCalm, or 30 servings (90 capsules). You take three pills daily to support healthy blood sugar.

GlucoCalm Pricing

GlucoCalm Refund Policy

GlucoCalm is backed by the same 6-month, 180-day money-back guarantee covering most Peak Biome supplements.

If you’re unhappy with the effects of GlucoCalm for any reason within 180 days, or if the supplement did not work as advertised, you can request a complete refund on your purchase with no questions asked. You can contact customer service via telephone at 1-877-977-7774 or email at

About Peak Biome

GlucoCalm was created by Peak Biome, a nutritional supplement company led by Jeremy Reeves. Peak Biome is known for supplements like Peak BioBoost, Everlean, Peak Joints, and Pressure Aid.

Jeremy was motivated to launch a supplement company after suffering from poor health for decades. Jeremy was constantly tired, aging too rapidly, and experiencing severe gastrointestinal issues. Then, he began to research natural ways to restore his health. He believes traditional natural medicine helped him heal his gut, regain confidence, and restore his health. He wants to share his success with the world via GlucoCalm and other Peak Biome supplements.

You can contact Peak Biome and the GlucoCalm customer service team via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (877) 977-7774

Jeremy was motivated to create GlucoCalm after watching his mother struggle with blood sugar. He worked with his in-house Doctor of Pharmacy to develop the formula. Jeremy says his company researched for months and spent thousands testing each ingredient before finalizing the formula.

Peak Biome manufactures GlucoCalm in the United States in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, cGMP-certified facility. The company also pays extra to test each batch with a third-party lab to verify purity and potency.

GlucoCalm Final Word

GlucoCalm is a blood sugar support supplement that claims to help with many symptoms people with diabetes experience daily.

By targeting toxic sugar in your bloodstream, GlucoCalm can support healthy blood sugar levels, activate the blood sugar vacuum within yourself, and ensure your cells get the proper blood sugar.

Visit the official website to purchase and learn more about GlucoCalm and how it works today!

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