Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me [2023] Top Hardwood Floor Refinishers in Your Area

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me

Are you ready to refinish your home’s hardwood floors and you have started to look for hardwood floor refinishing near me? You might not be able to refinish the floors for yourself, so it makes sense to find an experienced flooring contractor who can do the work for you.

How do you know who to choose, though? Finding a suitable contractor may prove challenging, as you will need to sort through search results online and try to determine which contractors will actually do a decent job. The good news is that there is help for people in your situation, and you don’t have to be left to look for floor refinishers on your own and floor refinishing near me.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me

What Is HomeQuote?

HomeQuote puts you in contact with a number of different contractors for the job you need done. Instead of wasting your time looking endlessly through Google search results pages, you can go straight to find skilled flooring installation and repair professionals for free.

How Does HomeQuote Assist in Finding Floor Refinishing Near Me?

This service works brilliantly to sort through a list of potential matches for you in order to find the best flooring installers in your region. That’s because HomeQuote has already checked out the qualifications, experience, and expertise of many contractors in your area, giving you really good results for hardwood floors refinishing near me. They know what kind of flooring services these contractors offer, and that makes things simple for you. They have done the work of finding contractors, and then they sort them into relevant categories so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

You will get search results that are tied to your area instead of ending up with a list of results for the contractors that pay the most money for advertising. It is much more efficient to use HomeQuote than to try to search for hardwood floor refinishers on your own. This is a contractor matching platform that handles the technical side of locating relevant contractors in your local area. It’s a way more efficient way to get expert help than trying to do a search yourself.

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Can You Trust HomeQuote to Locate Wood Floor Refinishers Near Me?

A number of sites give you search results, but how reliable are those flooring contractors? Well, this site, HomeQuote, puts them all through a strict vetting process. They have to prove themselves through their credentials, and you don’t have to wonder if any of the contractors listed on the site to refinish hardwood floors near me are legitimate. The guesswork has been taken out of the process already, which makes it easy for you to feel confident about the results you get.

Trying to find reliable hardwood flooring refinishers near me can be tricky, because you just don’t know for sure what kind of work you will get and if the contractors will be licensed, qualified or experienced. HomeQuote handles those questions for you. Best of all, the service is free. That’s right- you can get matched to verified flooring installers near you without paying anything.

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What to Know about Hiring a Professional for Hardwood Floors Refinishing Near Me

Don’t look for contractors blindly. If you know what to look for and you know what mistakes to avoid, then you can feel confident about your choice and waste less time in your search. Here are a few things you need to know about locating floor refinishers near me.

What Qualifications Should Hardwood Floor Refinishers Near Me Have?

The qualifications will differ based on the kind of contractor we are discussing. A general contractor will probably not have the same expertise as a flooring contractor. The difference is in the names, but there is more to it than that.

General contractors may be able to do the flooring work you need, but that isn’t their specialty. They are trained to do all sorts of contract work, like plumbing, roofing, flooring, and more. General contractors may not be experts in any of these areas, but they have their uses. They are great at performing inspections, since they can catch problems in all areas of your home rather than focusing on just one part. That way, you can get a decent inspection done with a single visit from a single contractor. They have extensive knowledge in a number of areas, so don’t discount them for some aspects of your flooring jobs when you are searching for someone to refinish hardwood floors near me.

Flooring contractors are specialized in flooring alone, as you might suspect. This is who you should have installing the flooring or doing floor refinishing. These are the flooring specialists, and if they are properly certified, then you can feel confident having them repair, install, or replace flooring of any kind.

Knowing the different kinds of contractors will help you determine what kind of qualifications you should look for. Here are the credentials contractors doing hardwood flooring refinishing near me should have.

Start by ensuring that you are hiring someone who is a professional. Your flooring contractor ought to be certified or licensed. What the requirements are for licensing will vary from one state to the next. In the state of Georgia, for example, all general contractors will only be licensed by going through the state licensing board.

That's for general contractors, and for subcontractors, the requirements may be a little bit different. They may need to go through the Construction Industry Licensing Board or whatever the counterpart is to that in their state. Be sure that they are licensed for the state that you live in and not simply showing up in results for someone who can refinish hardwood floors near me.

The licensing requirements can be different from one state to the next, and the standards they have to adhere to may be different as well. This is why you want to use a reputable search tool to find wood floor refinishers near me. Make sure that they have a valid license that has not expired. Contractors are not allowed to do professional jobs if their license has been revoked or has expired. Of course, they're not permitted to do professional jobs if they've never obtained a license.

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What Services to Expect with Wood Floor Refinishing Near Me?

Contractors who offer wood floor refinishing service should be able to provide a number of different services. Here are some of the services you can expect from them.

Flooring Removal

If you need old or damaged flooring taken out, your flooring expert should be able to do that for you. They will have to remove that flooring before they install new flooring, and most contractors will do both services for you.

Can you place new flooring on top of old flooring? Yes, you could, but it isn’t advisable, as anyone who does refinish hardwood floors near me can tell you. The old flooring’s structural issues can affect the new flooring in unpredictable ways. It’s better to take out the old and put in the new, even though this will take longer and cost you more. No matter what kind of flooring you have in your home, your contractor should be able to get rid of the older flooring and put the new flooring in its place.

Flooring Repair

It’s not always necessary to have hardwood floor refinishing near me come and remove the old floor completely. It may be possible to fix the existing floor, saving you money and making the job go much quicker. Brand new floors are not your only option, and having minor damage repaired or the floor simply refinished can be enough to make the floors look like new.

Flooring contractors who do floor refinishing near me should be able to refinish and repair the floors for you, and this can be the way to go if you are happy with how your floor looks and you would like to save some money. Repairs can make a huge difference in your flooring and make it safer to walk on and much more attractive. Quality repair work from a contractor who knows what they are doing makes all the difference, and you may not be able to tell that the floors were damaged in the first place.

Whether or not the hardwood floor refinishers near me can do a good job of repairing the floor without having to make major changes will depend on how good they are at their job, how severe the damage is to the floor, and whether the contractor can find the right materials.

For flooring repair experts, use HomeQuote to locate wood floor refinishing near me. We assist you so that you can get quotes from highly-rated flooring contractors.

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Flooring Installation

You may want floor refinishers near me to install a new floor for you, either by taking out the old one first or putting a floor into an unfinished structure. This is the kind of job you need a professional for. Start searching for floor refinishing near me. The flooring needs to be installed properly and in such a way that it won’t come apart after some minor wear. Properly installed flooring will not warp and buckle when other parts of the house are installed around it. Don’t leave this task for someone who is inexperienced and who isn’t confident about working with the kind of flooring material you want.

This service involves the flooring expert taking out the old floors and putting new ones in. How long that takes will depend on the size of the floors, whether the contractor is working alone or with a team, and the kind of materials being used.

To cut down on how much the work will cost you, it’s worth looking into taking out the old flooring on your own. If all the job requires is some manual labor and not much technical skill, then why not? Once you have the old flooring out, you can always look for wood floor refinishers near me and find a contractor who can finish the job. They won’t have to spend as much time working on your floor if you have the old floor removed by the time they get there.  

What to Ask Hardwood Floor Refinishers Near Me

There are some questions you should ask your hardwood floor refinisher before you decide to hire them. These questions will help you determine if they are right for you and will help you to feel better about the work they are about to do.

  •   What do you charge for your work? What pricing factors do you consider?
  •   Are you charging based on linear footage or square footage?
  •   What flooring types are your specialty?
  •   Do you offer hardwood floor refinishing near me?
  •   Do your estimates include the price of materials for the work?
  •   Will I need to clear the space ahead of time or do you move furniture and other items yourself?

Always ask for pricing information up front. While they may not be able to give you the full cost of the project and stick to it all the way through, you should find the cost of flooring refinishing and installation for your home before moving forward. Don’t just stop with one quote from one floor refinisher. If you do, you won’t know what the average price is and if you are being taken advantage of. You can get good prices on hardwood flooring refinishing near me if you source multiple quotes. Contact a few floor refinishers to see what they are charging.

Be careful about going for the cheapest option, though. It is worth it to look for several quotes for floor refinishing near me and consider more than just the price. You should also consider their qualifications and customer approval.

HomeQuote uses only reliable, vetted professionals so that you can easily do a search for hardwood flooring refinishers near me. They offer the best help available for locating local experts in home flooring.

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Ask about their guarantees for any work they do as well. Do they guarantee satisfaction for every job or are they a bit iffy in that area? Are they going to refund you or fix the problem if you aren’t happy with their work? If they cannot offer some kind of guarantee for their work, then you should keep on looking for more wood floor refinishers near me who will.

You can ask them for referrals from previous clients as well. Don’t feel bashful in requesting this kind of information. If they have a good reputation, the flooring contractor will not hesitate to connect you with people they have done work for. Wood floor refinishing near me is the kind of work that people feel strongly about when it is done. They will have something to say whether they were delighted with the work or they hated it. Always check for references with services for hardwood floors refinishing near me.

Ask about their process as well. You will want to know how they work so you know what to expect. Some installers work messily, and you may need to clean up after them or block off part of the house is that dust and debris don’t scatter throughout the rest of the house. When you are searching for hardwood floor refinishing near me, feel free to ask about parts of their process and whether you should move the furniture ahead of time or do anything to the floor to prepare it for them. These kinds of details can make things go smoother and speed up the process of refinishing wood floors.

The final thing to ask about is their insurance coverage. Not every contractor who shows up for search results for wood floor refinishing near me is going to be insured, but this is an important part of your protection as a consumer and their protection as a contractor. The insurance will help cover medical costs and liability costs in the event that there is an accident on the job site.

Don’t just ask if they have insurance, though. You need to know more about any contractor or hardwood flooring refinishers near me that you have found. Ask them what kind of insurance they have and whether it protects them and you. Some of them may only have one kind of insurance, which can be unsafe.

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Tips for Picking the Best Hardwood Floor Refinishers Near Me

You don’t want to end up with a hardwood floor refinisher who does a shoddy job. You may not even know that they did poor work until weeks later when your flooring starts to have trouble. Here are our best tips for ensuring that when you look for floor refinishers near me, you get someone reliable.

Look at Their Recommendations

Who are their references and recommendations? Are they willing to put you in touch with past customers so that you can find out how the work went? If not, that should be a red flag to you, and you may want to look elsewhere to get your floor refinishing service. If you want to take this from a different angle, then you can talk to past contractors who have done work for you in other disciplines, like your plumber, construction contractor or other professional. They may know the flooring contractor you are considering and could be able to tell you a bit about them and the quality of work they have done.

You may not even have to talk to someone who worked for you before. Just call up local contractors in other disciplines and see if they can provide you with some details on the contractor you are considering who showed up in search results for wood floor refinishing near me.

If you do get in touch with former customers for that floor refinishing service, then ask them how well they liked the work that was done for them. Was the contractor easy to work with? Did they show up on time? Were their rates reasonable? Were they happy with everything about the job?

Another place to look is at the local hardware store. They may be able to put you in touch with hardwood floors refinishing near me or point you to their former clients. They may also tell you firsthand some details about the work those contractors do and whether they are worth hiring. This can help you to eliminate some poor choices from your lineup of available contractors who appear in search results for floor refinishing near me.

HomeQuote give you options for hardwood flooring refinishing near me. With their help, you can easily learn how much to get new flooring installed in your home.

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Finding the Best Floor Refinishers Near Me FAQs

You might still have some questions about choosing the right flooring refinisher, and that’s okay. We have some more information for you, and we hope this section provides the answers you need.

How much will it cost for floor refinishing near me?

The cost of a new floor will depend on a number of factors. There isn’t one price point that we can point to and tell you that is what you will have to pay for the work. You would have to factor in the size of the room, first of all, as well as the kind of materials you want to use, and whether the old floor needs to be removed or not. On top of all that, keep in mind that all hardwood floor refinishers will charge their own rates for the work.  

You can use HomeQuote to get an accurate estimate, including price quotations, from local pros. Start there to find out the cost ahead of time. That way, you can compare flooring offers to make an informed decision. Don’t rush into choosing a contractor for floor refinishing near me. Instead, we advise taking your time to look at different quotes. You can get a good deal and get good quality flooring work done, if you carefully compare all of your options.

Is it necessary to hire hardwood floor refinishers near me?

You could do the work yourself, at least partially, if the job is fairly simple. Some people opt to take out their own floors and then look for hardwood flooring refinishing near me when it is time to put in the new floor. You may also consider hiring a general contractor for the work, especially if that contractor is cheaper than floor refinishers would be. Choose a floor refinisher based on the factors that matter, like their qualifications and experience. If you only base your choice on who is cheapest, then you will probably get cheap work. Of course, if you compare prices for floor refinishing near me, you will probably find someone who can do the work well and who fits your budget.

When to call for hardwood flooring refinishers near me?

How do you know that the job is too big or too complex for you and it would be best to look for someone to help refinish hardwood floors near me? That would be when the job requires more than just removing the current flooring and you don’t have any experience or expertise in refinishing wood floors. What happens if you try to do the project yourself is that you could make things worse for yourself and increase your expenses. On top of that, you could get hurt, as the work can be demanding and even a little dangerous. It’s best to call the experts, if you are in doubt.

The best time to call a pro about the project and start looking for someone who can do hardwood floor refinishing near me is when you know that the project needs to be done. That’s when you could benefit from some advice and get help deciding on the kind of flooring to use and scheduling a timetable for the work to be done. Start looking for hardwood floors refinishing near me sooner instead of later.

What do I need to know about the differences between vinyl and hardwood?

Vinyl is a synthetic material that looks like wood but is a cheap alternative. It’s popular because it costs less than traditional wood, so if you are hoping to save some money on wood floor refinishing service, you might be tempted to go with vinyl. Don’t let that be your only deciding factor, though. Consider which one will be the better long-term investment and which one will hold up to the wear and tear your floor is likely to experience.

Hardwood floors last much longer than vinyl, but they cost more, so you will want to weigh these options carefully. Talk to wood floor refinishers near me to get some advice about this topic and see what the experts have to say. They can advise you what will work best with your budget and your flooring needs.

HomeQuote can connect you with experts who provide hardwood flooring refinishing near me. No matter what kind of flooring you are using, they can assist you to get customized flooring installation quotes from trusted professionals.

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Can hardwood be installed right away?

You may have heard the hardwood needs time to sit before you can install it, and that’s true. This is because hardwood expands and shrinks with temperature changes. It needs time to acclimate to the temperature of your home before it is installed, and that process takes about five days. When searching for floor refinishers near me, be sure to talk to them about hardwood acclimation. When you ask them how long it will take for the flooring project to be complete, ask them if that includes the time needed for the hardwood to acclimate. Some of them may assume you know that there will be additional time, and some will simply not tell you so that they can give you a low estimate.

Can I still use my home when floor refinishing is being done?

You may be able to stay at home and move through much of your home while the work is going on. How accessible your home is during this kind of job will depend mostly on which room is having its floors refinished and where that room is located in relation to the rest of the house. If it is a side room, then you can simply avoid it, but if it is one of the main rooms in your house that connects to several other rooms, you may need to go outside to go around the room or simply not use large parts of your home during the project. 

Talk to hardwood flooring refinishers near me before the project starts to have them do an at-home visit first. They can give you an estimate for how long the work will take and how much access you will have to the rest of your home while it is going on. This will allow you to figure out the right timing for floor refinishing. Of course, you will not be able to use the room where the floor is being refinished, but if only minor repairs are happening, it may be somewhat accessible.

Final Thoughts

While it shouldn’t be difficult to do a search for hardwood floor refinishing near me and get good results, it often is. When you do a search like this on a major search engine, you will probably get some results that are not relevant to you. Some of them may even serve a different area from yours or may not be qualified to work in your area.

It is frustrating to see results like these when you are simply searching for floor refinishing near me or something similar. HomeQuote takes the frustration out of the search and saves you a lot of time. We connect you with industry professionals for any kind of home improvement job, including floor refinishing. You can use this site to easily find out the average cost of a new flooring installation and stop wasting time. In no time at all, you will successfully locate experts in hardwood floor refinishing near me.