Can You Smoke Kratom? Is It Safe to Do So?

Can You Smoke Kratom?

The use of kratom is steadily on the rise as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of this natural supplement. While most users opt for a more conventional way of taking kratom including kratom powder and capsules, some users are interested in smoking kratom. Not much is known or shared online regarding the experience of smoking kratom, but is it possible?

How Does Smoking Kratom Work?

In southeast Asia where kratom originates, the locals commonly take kratom by chewing on fresh leaves or brewing the leaves to make a tea. Although rare, they do smoke kratom as well. This method of taking kratom is just as rare in the United States. Since most kratom in the Western World is sold as powder or capsules, these forms of kratom products are obviously intended for oral ingestion.

Currently, there are some discussions about smoking dried kratom leaves or kratom powder. Theoretically, smoking kratom can result in similar benefits as consuming it since the substances are absorbed through the mucous membranes. The respiratory system consists of the windpipe, airways, and air sacs. These air sacs are adjacent to blood capillaries that are responsible for the exchange of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases in the body. Since these gases are crucial for our organs such as our heart and brain, they are connected to the central nervous system (CNS) in the body.

By smoking kratom, the substances are absorbed and delivered directly to the CNS. It is believed that some users prefer to smoke kratom as this allows it to cross the blood brain barrier, bypassing the digestive system, and entering the bloodstream.

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Advantages to Smoking Kratom

Since the absorption of the substances in kratom are much more efficient through smoking, this means that the effects of kratom are felt quickly (almost instantaneous) and at a more intense level. Compared to smoking cigarettes, some experts (not all) believe that smoking kratom could potentially have more benefits as it provides several benefits including elevating mood, improving productivity rates, and offering pain relief. Smoking kratom could also help with weight loss, an advantage for those who are overweight or obese. However, users should remember that there is still much that is unknown when it comes to smoking kratom.

Disadvantages to Smoking Kratom

While smoking kratom may allow its users to feel the effects much more quickly and at a more intense level, there are several reasons why it may not be the best choice.


There is no clear evidence but the excessive heat from smoking kratom could result in the degradation of the alkaloids responsible for the effects and benefits of kratom. For example, brewed into tea, the kratom leaves are subjected to a temperature around 212°F or 100°C.

ith smoking, the temperature kratom is exposed to is around 1652°F or 900°C. At these temperatures, it is thought that the active components in kratom would be destroyed. This means that to achieve the same effects, a larger dose of kratom is required when smoking compared to ingesting.

More Harm

Just like smoking any substance, smoking kratom increases the risk of lung disease and cancer. Kratom leaves have been reported to have high levels of tar. When smoked, these chemicals will affect the lungs. While it may not cause any issues short term, smoking kratom long term can lead to more physical harm when compared to oral consumption.

Since the air sacs are highly efficient due to it being so thin and highly permeable, it is also extremely vulnerable to damage. The smoke from kratom can release harmful carcinogens that affect the air sacs. Additionally, the carcinogens are absorbed by the body and travel to the brain as well.

Mixing Different Substances

When it comes to smoking kratom powder, it can be difficult as the powder is too fine making the substance difficult to burn. For this reason, many users like to add other substances such as tobacco or cannabis. While smoking each substance on its own has minimal side effects, some experts have said it could lead to serious issues.

For example, since both cannabis and kratom affect the central nervous system, mixing these two substances and using it concurrently can be too much for the body to handle. Nicotine in tobacco can also has a negative impact on the liver. When used with kratom, it can increase the damage to the liver.


Since smoking kratom is not the norm, it can be difficult to determine how much kratom to smoke. This often leads to users taking larger amounts than originally intended. There is also the issue where the substances in alkaloid can affect the user in different ways compared to when it is ingested.

Other disadvantages of smoking kratom include weight loss and the common side effects seen in smokers such as darker lips, poor complexion, and stained teeth.

Better Ways to Take Kratom

Instead of smoking kratom, there are better ways to take kratom. These methods are safer, more effective, and cost effective. Some of these methods include:

  • Toss and wash – Best for experienced users, the kratom powder is tossed onto the tongue and washed down with any beverage quickly. Effects kick in quickly. The only disadvantage is the bitterness of the kratom powder that tends to remain on the tongue. This can be avoided by washing it down with a sweet or strong drink.
  • Kratom tea – Preferred by many kratom users as it reduces the bitterness of kratom. Additional flavors can be added to improve palatability. Effects kick in quickly.
  • Kratom capsules – Convenient as dose measurement is not required. Great for users who dislike the taste or smell of kratom. Effects take longer to kick in as the body has to break down the capsule first.

Where to Buy Kratom

As kratom becomes increasingly popular, the number of kratom vendors are on the rise as well to keep up with the demand of the market. However, not all these vendors are good sources of kratom products. Since kratom is unregulated, some vendors attempt to pass off low quality products that may not be pure or safe. When buying kratom, it is important to purchase from reputable kratom vendors as these companies regularly test their kratom products at third-party labs for purity and contaminants such as heavy metals. This guarantees the best kratom experience along with user safety.

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Conclusion: Can You Smoke Kratom?

To answer the main question, yes, you can smoke kratom. However, there are no real advantages to smoking kratom. Besides potentially having the effects kick in a little faster and with more intensity, smoking kratom comes with many disadvantages such as the need to use a much larger dose of kratom to achieve the same effect when ingesting a small dose of kratom. Besides being not very cost effective, it comes with other harmful physical effects due to the smoke, possibility of overdosing, and mixing of different substances.  Instead of smoking kratom, there are better ways to take kratom by ingesting high quality kratom powder or kratom capsules from reputable kratom vendors such as Nova Kratom.