Kratom and Hair Loss – Does Kratom Lead To Hair Loss?

Kratom and Hair Loss

Kratom is an organic product that packs a sleuth of benefits. As it is with other botanical products, Kratom also has a set of side effects. In recent days, some experienced users have reported that Kratom causes hair loss.

The relationship between Kratom and hair loss has risen to heated debates on various online platforms. Some users claim that only adulterated Kratom causes hair loss while others report that when the product is consumed in huge amounts it leads to this effect.

Can Kratom cause hair loss? Well, there is no easier way to say this but YES! Kratom can cause hair loss. While researchers are continuing to investigate the relationship between Kratom and hair loss, most websites have presented user proof proving that Kratom does cause hair loss.

However, there are counter-arguments to this assertion that may be valid, as well as measures to reduce the chances of suffering this adverse effect. This article aims to help you understand the relationship between Kratom and hair loss as well as different ways of how to avoid this side effect.

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Does Kratom cause hair loss?

Unfortunately, yes! In terms of health, Kratom is among the most beneficial organic substances. However, this natural product is an immunostimulant made up of exacerbates that excite and strengthen the immune system.

As a result, a user who overdoses on Kratom consumes this combination in huge amounts. Unfortunately, the combination triggers an overactive framework response.

This causes the body attacks the hair follicle, which in turn affects the scalp leading to limited blood circulation to the hair follicle. Assuming the huge Kratom intake continues for quite a while, male pattern baldness will unavoidably develop.

How to take Kratom without losing hair

The best way to consume Kratom without worrying about losing hair is by maintaining a low to moderate dosage. Most experienced Kratom users who claim that Kratom causes hair loss admit taking the organic product in large amounts for an extended period.

Some users take higher doses hoping to get the full potential of the product. Anything above the moderate dose risks not only hair loss but also other adverse effects.

Why does Kratom cause hair loss?

As mentioned earlier, Kratom is a potent immunostimulant that contains exacerbates, which strengthens the immune system. Taking large doses of Kratom equates to consuming this combination in huge amounts. This triggers an overactive framework response, leading to the body attacking the hair follicle. As a result, this affects the scalp leading to inflammations that hinder blood circulation to the hair follicle. If that continues for an extended period, you may end up experiencing hair loss.

Kratom hair loss recovery

The best way to achieve hair loss recovery is by noting exactly what is causing the condition and learn the steps to take. Kratom overdose is the main cause of hair loss among users. It is therefore best to avoid taking the product in huge amounts to avoid making the condition even worse.

Below, are some of the best Kratom hair loss recovery tips:

Use Kratom with caution

As you already know, Kratom overdose risks hair loss among other side effects. Most users of Kratom take higher doses for more adventurous effects. However, you can enjoy the full potential of your Kratom by potentiating your favorite strain or taking the product on an empty stomach. Using potentiators, a small dose of your preferred strain can help you reach the full potential of the product.

Try a Hair Re-growth Treatment Shampoo

The cosmetic industry is a burgeoning sector with a market capitalization of billions of dollars. Most irresponsible entrepreneurs who sell poor or phony hair treatments reap the benefits of the sector’s development. While most of these treatments claim to help you re-grow your hair, the reality is that they cause more hair loss. Fortunately, you can find several shampoo products on the market that might help you reclaim your hair. Users can purchase one to begin the process of regrowing their hair. It’s only a matter of looking for a reliable product from a reputable vendor.

Take high quality Kratom products

Apart from cosmetics, Kratom is yet another lucrative sector that is very profitable. Because most individuals all over the world use the substance, the amount of money invested in the industry is considerable. Every prosperous sector draws unscrupulous vendors, and the Kratom industry is no exception, with poor and counterfeit items aplenty.

Aside from the standard Kratom components, several of them contain hazardous additives. Some fillers have been linked to hair loss in the past. Focus on purchasing only genuine and high-quality Kratom. Understanding how to tell the difference between real Kratom and phony Kratom might save you a lot of money.

Make an effort to eat a healthy hair-regrowth diet.

If you’re already experiencing hair loss, adopting a good hair re-growth diet will help a lot. For your hair to grow and thrive, it needs specific nutrients, including Iron, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, Zinc, as well as proteins.

Your hair will grow and thrive again if you eat a diet high in these nutrients. Fruits, vegetables, and meats have the high levels of nutrients listed above. Even if you prefer different foods like cereal, ensure you include the foods listed above in your diet.

Limit some causes of hair loss

Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors other than Kratom. Heredity, particular haircuts, and treatments, certain health issues, and treatments, stress, among many others. Although not all of them are avoidable, the majority of them are.

Some hairstyles

Some hairstyles such as tightly tied dreadlocks can accelerate hair loss. Excessive hair care weakens the roots of your hair, causing it to fall out. Avoid putting your hair up too tightly and giving it too much attention.

Otherwise, you may quickly lose your hair. There are numerous methods for avoiding stress, such as involving a therapist, sharing with trusted friends, among many others.

When you realize that your hair is falling off as a result of consuming Kratom, the right thing to do is to either quit taking the product or try one of the aforementioned solutions to reduce hair loss. In either case, your hair should stop falling out or begin to grow again, healthy and robust.

Cosmetic Surgeries for Hair Re-growth

If you’ve tried everything to re-grow your hair, including monitoring your Kratom intake, beginning a hair diet, avoiding hair loss reasons, using a decent hair shampoo, as well as insisting on quality and authentic Kratom, but nothing has worked, it’s time to consider surgery.

Hair loss can be treated with a variety of less intrusive procedures that heal in a matter of days. You can select one based on your physician’s recommendations. Surgery will succeed where all other approaches have failed.

Symptoms of Kratom Hair Loss

Hair loss caused by Kratom is very slow, and it might take several months before you notice it. However, the sooner you take action, the higher the odds of achieving the greatest possible results in re-growing lost hair.

When you wait until you have lost a significant amount of hair to take any action, it can be quite difficult to re-grow the hair. Below are some signs to keep an eye out for:

  • Substantial weakening of your hair around the scalp or particular parts of the head, including the crown that precedes the creation of baldness.
  • A noticeable difference in your hairline that looks to be receding
  • The scalp is usually itching all of the time.
  • Hair falls out in large clumps while washing or combing.
  • Hair loss that is severe while sleeping

When you see these signs, especially if you’ve been consuming Kratom in huge amounts, then it’s time to take the necessary action. The great news is that when taking action early, chances are high that you may restore your hair with no need for surgery.

Monitoring your Kratom dosage, adopting a proper hair diet, and using a great hair restoration shampoo can all help with hair re-growth. Avoiding factors that cause hair loss and evaluating the health of your hair are also important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kratom cause hair loss?

Yes! Consumption of Kratom in higher dosages can gradually lead to hair loss. It is not yet scientifically proven but according to most users who have been taking Kratom for an extended period and at high doses have reported a relationship between Kratom and hair loss.

How much Kratom can lead to hair loss?

Kratom dosage varies from one user to the other. However, anything above the moderate dose increases your chances of Kratom hair loss.

How can I prevent Kratom hair loss?

You can use various ways to prevent Kratom hair loss including:

  • Monitoring your dosage
  • Avoid stress
  • Eat healthily
  • Buy high quality Kratom

How can I re-grow hair lost due to Kratom?

The most important step is to minimize the amount of Kratom you consume. You can take a small dose and potentiate it with orange juice to enjoy the full potential of your strain. Also, using reliable re-growth shampoo and eating a good hair re-growth diet is among the best ways to get your hair back. If none of them seems to work, consider re-growth surgical procedures.

Final Thoughts: Does Kratom Cause Hair loss

It is now evident that Kratom and hair loss are inextricably linked. However, you can easily reverse the condition especially if you act fast.

You only need to supply your hair with sufficient nutrients, take a low dosage of Kratom, start a hair restoration diet among many others.

Also, consuming quality Kratom from a reliable vendor who is GMP-certified like Nova Kratom, lowers your chances of hair loss. We not only offer quality Kratom to our customers but also the information you require about Kratom and hair loss.

We have a team of friendly customer support who are always willing to answer your Kratom-related questions in detail.