Kratom Extract vs. Powder: Which One is Best to Use?

Kratom Extract Vs Powder

Kratom is not a new product in the botanical world, but its popularity is rising at a high rate especially in the West. If you have just stumbled across this amazing product, it originates from Southeast Asia, in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. The evergreen Kratom tree is in the coffee family.

Natives of the Southeast Asian region have used Kratom for hundreds of years by chewing its leaves to unwind a long day or grounding its dry leaves to make Kratom powder that they’d use to brew Kratom tea. The ancients kept the secret of Kratom’s benefits until the 21st century when the product was introduced across the world.

Due to Kratom’s wide range of benefits, more people are using the product to fulfill various desires. Some users consume the product in liquid form (popularly known as Kratom extract) while others prefer Kratom powder.

The two forms of Kratom can be confusing for new users as well as seasoned consumers who are looking to enjoy the full potential of their favorite Kratom strain. In this article, we have detailed more about Kratom powder vs. extract to help you make an informed decision.

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What Is Kratom Powder?

Kratom powders the most common form of Kratom. The powder form of Kratom is a result of finely grinding the dry mature leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa. Depending on the strain color of Kratom, farmers hang the leaves indoors or outdoors for effective drying.

After achieving the recommended drying requirements, farmers pack the leaves in airtight bags and send them to manufacturers who finely ground them into fine Kratom powder. Before making the product available for consumption, GMP-certified and reliable Kratom vendors like Nova Kratom send the samples of the product to a state-approved laboratory for various lab tests.

Kratom distributors can encapsulate the Kratom powder or turn it into an extract for easy consumption. Most experienced users prefer brewing Kratom tea or including the powder in their meals for fast and easy ingestion. In order to guarantee top-quality products, it's wise to choose from the best kratom suppliers on the market.

What About Kratom Extract?

Also known as an extracted tincture, this is a highly concentrated form of Kratom powder. Manufacturers of this Kratom form crush high quality Kratom leaves or powder and boil them to pull out the product’s alkaloids. After boiling for an extended period, the manufacturers strain the tea-like solution to separate the solids from the liquid.

The processors simmer down the liquid for evaporation to take place leaving the alkaloids in less moisture. After the evaporation is complete, a dark paste highly concentrated with various alkaloids is left behind. Kratom processors dry the paste into clumps or brittle sheets before finely grinding it into powder. Depending on the distributor’s market, the purified form of Kratom can be processed further into Kratom tea, oil, or extract.

How to Identify Kratom Powder Vs Extract

Identifying the two forms of Kratom can be a challenge especially for new users shopping for the product at a walk-in store or a website. Kratom powder vs extract look similar and if you do not source your dose of Kratom from a reliable source, chances are you will end up with a different product with unclear branding.

Get your dose of Kratom from a trusted dealer who guarantees quality. A reputable vendor always has clear labeling and a friendly support team that answers customers’ questions in detail and within a brief period.

Kratom Powder vs Extract: Which Is The Best To Use?

Different Kratom users have different needs. By taking a closer look at the characteristics of Kratom powder and extracts, you will end up with an idea of the best form for your needs.


Kratom extract is fifteen times more potent compared to Kratom powder. This is because extracts fully withdraw all the alkaloids present. If you prefer taking Kratom powder, it is vital to note that you will keep increasing your dose to achieve your desired effects. That can be a challenge since it means you have to buy more products.

However, for the super potent Kratom extracts, you only require a small dose to achieve your Kratom needs. With the extract, you consume all the alkaloids behind your desired effects. However, the effects of this Kratom form are more elevated compared to Kratom powder. If you are new to Kratom, it is vital to begin with Kratom powder at a low dosage.


When you consume Kratom in liquid extract form, your body digests the product fast and its effects begin to show immediately. If you are an experienced Kratom user and you want to enjoy the immediate effects of Kratom, the liquid extract is what you need. Kratom powder may take time for the effects to show since the body has to break down the fine particles for easy absorption.


The safety profile of Kratom powder and extract shows little difference. The active compounds of the product are present in two different forms. If you are not used to taking Kratom, accidental overdose can be a threat. As mentioned earlier, extracts are more potent with some extracts being 100 times more powerful compared to the powder form. If you are new to Kratom extract ensure to tread with care.


Kratom powder is cheaper and easily accessible. Most Kratom vendors pack Kratom powder in various doses to make sure everyone including those on a budget enjoy the product. Whether you prefer Kratom powder or extract, ensure to source the product from a reputable online vendor to get a quality product.

Liquid extract on the other hand is expensive but offers quick and expected results after consuming a small dose. As mentioned earlier, one has to take Kratom powder in large doses for positive results. Consuming Kratom powder for an extended period can be more expensive compared to extract.

Kratom Powder Vs Extract Ratio

Kratom processors often list Kratom liquid extract with a ratio like 2X or 2:1. The ratio simply means that the liquid extract is twice concentrated or contains double the active ingredients than the powder form. That is why you only require a small dose to achieve the effects you desire.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved nor evaluated Kratom. However, the FDA guidelines state that the product should only be sold for research and educational purposes only. The guidelines also state that only a responsible adult should handle the product and at their own risk.

When taking any form of Kratom product, ensure the product has standardized ingredients for effective results. If you prefer Kratom in powder form, it is vital to note that the extra bulk of powder without alkaloids has shown undesirable effects. In addition, extracting the extra plant material also rids the product’s ingredients. The excess plant matter in the base particles, on the other hand, has a stabilizing impact on the active components. Your research may have to influence your selection.

At the end of the day, evaluating Kratom powder vs extract goes down to personal preference as well as what you feel will work best for you. When evaluating Kratom powder vs extract, it is vital you use the same Kratom strain, brand, and supplier. With that, you are sure of getting a product that was processed with a similar level of experience and one that exhibits the same properties. Pick a Kratom vendor that sources their Kratom direct from farmers and handles the product with professionalism to prevent contamination.

How to Consume Kratom Liquid Extracts

Liquid extracts of Kratom are available as oils, coffee, teas, Kratom shots, and tinctures. Taking liquid Kratom extracts is similar to consuming syrups that doctors prescribe to patients to treat illnesses.

However, for syrups, one has to use a tablespoon or teaspoon depending on the prescribed dose, but for liquid Kratom, you only need to fill your dropper with the right dose of oil or tincture and drip the product into your mouth.

How to Take Kratom Powder Extract

You can take your dose of Kratom powder using various methods including adding it to your non-carbonated drink, sprinkling your dose in your food, or brewing Kratom tea. Most experienced users prefer adding the product to honey, protein shakes, oatmeal, soups, and yogurt. Some prefer to encapsulate the Kratom powder in vitamin pills and consume it as Kratom capsules.

Adventurous users prefer brewing Kratom tea without using milk. They add natural sweeteners and flavorings to alter the bitter taste of Kratom powder.

How to Store Kratom Extracts

It is vital to store your Kratom extracts whether powder or liquid extracts using special care to avoid contamination. When Kratom is exposed to direct sunlight, moisture, and air its alkaloid concentration may drop significantly. In addition, Kratom exposure to such conditions can cause undesirable effects.

You can store your Kratom in various ways including:

Store your Kratom extracts in airtight bottles and jars. If you prefer keeping the jar with your Kratom extract in the refrigerator, ensure it is air-tight to keep off moisture.

Keep your Kratom in cool and dry places such as cupboards and cabinets. If you prefer buying Kratom in huge amounts, store the product away from UV light.

Final Thoughts

If you are new to Kratom, experts recommend starting with a small dose of Kratom powder. That will help your body to accept the product and provide you with mild effects. Liquid Kratom extracts are highly concentrated with selective alkaloids that work immediately.

That may cause discomfort to users who do not know exactly what to expect. As you get familiar with the effects of Kratom powder, you can try liquid Kratom. Due to its high potency levels, it is vital to begin with the smallest dose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kratom extract safe?

Kratom experts claim that the product has more than 40 alkaloids but only two (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) are the most active. Kratom has been in use for centuries and its popularity is still rising gradually due to its wide range of benefits. That is a good indicator that the product is safe. However, high dose consumption may lead to severe complications.

Are two different Kratom extracts similar?

Kratom powder and extract both come from Mitragyna Speciosa. The two forms of Kratom produce similar effects. The only difference is their potency levels.

Which one is better between Kratom powder and extract?

The two forms of Kratom are safe and offer similar effects. However, you only need a small dose of Kratom extract to achieve your desired effects unlike Kratom powder, in which you have to consume a huge dose. In addition, the effects of Kratom extract begin to show almost immediately after consumption.

Which form of Kratom is more potent between extract powder and liquid powder?

Kratom extract is more potent than Kratom powder. This is because 90 percent of liquid Kratom is comprised of alkaloids while Kratom powder contains plant matter in large amounts.