Groundbreaking Features Streamline Earnings Distribution

News Direct has disrupted the traditional earnings distribution workflow with its industry-first feature, SimpliFi™. Now, busy IROs can save valuable time—and likely thousands of dollars—while maintaining total control and protecting pre-market data with the highest security protocols in the industry.

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Meaningful Advantages for Today's
IR Professional


Unsurpassed efficiency

SimpliFi™ enables IR professionals like you to copy and paste your earnings content—both text and tabular data—directly into the News Direct Content Studio with virtually no loss of fidelity to the source document, thereby eliminating the time-consuming and tedious work of repeatedly proofreading newswire output and subsequent changes to ensure total accuracy.


The News Direct platform eliminates the need for, and potential risk of, legacy newswire editors having access to price-sensitive information prior to market disclosure. We've built in advanced security measures, including cloud isolation technology, two-factor authentication, permissioned sharing, and more.

Seamless Collaboration

Stakeholders can interact and comment on the draft document in real time within the secure environment of the content studio, complete with full version control and stored version history for easy reference and organization.

Precision Targeting

Disclosure outlets can easily find your market-moving news when you choose our optional, targeted distribution to Disclosure Media only.


Say goodbye to those exorbitant fees legacy wire services charge. The News Direct flat-rate pricing model is cost-efficient, totally transparent, and frees the issuer from ever-escalating word count upcharges.

Complete Control

You have complete control over the timing of your release to the public and investment community from start to finish—a process that now takes minutes, rather than hours.

"SimpliFi puts an end to the tedious workflow that has long defined the process...We are finally bringing the disclosure process into the 21st century, taking advantage of proprietary technology to ease the major pain points that have plagued investor relations professionals."

       Gregg Castano
       CEO and Founder of News Direct


About News Direct

Founded by former Business Wire president, Gregg Castano, News Direct was purpose-built to address the vulnerabilities and opportunities in today's newswire industry. Castano created a powerful team of industry veterans in all aspects of the news distribution process, from sales to media relations and technology. The team developed this technology-first platform to meet the demands faced by IR professionals in today's modern media environment.