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The Journey of News Direct

From vision to vanguard

News Direct’s genesis lies in the fusion of deep industry experience with cutting-edge tech. We’re redefining news distribution for the digital era.

Innovative and interactive platform

Experience a revolution in communication

Our platform offers a unique blend of technology and customization. Dive into a world of  intuitive design, featuring compelling visuals, interactive elements, and seamless navigation.

Services tailored for Impact

Advanced capabilities at your command

Efficiency and support, reimagined. Access 24/7 expert support and exclusive features like SimpliFi™ for quick and secure earnings releases.

Collaborative content studio

Control and creativity at your fingertips. Enjoy unmatched flexibility and security. Our studio supports seamless logo, image, and video integration, backed by robust version control.

Multimedia mastery

Stand out with Digital Asset Direct™. Distribute engaging multimedia content directly. Break through the clutter with captivating formats and straightforward uploading.

Uncompromised security for your peace of mind

The Journey of News Direct

Your content’s security is paramount. Rely on our two-factor authentication and cloud isolation technology for ultimate protection.

Global reach targeted precision

Worldwide impact, local relevance

Expand your influence with our extensive media network. Benefit from customizable geographic targeting and premium site postings.

Analytics for informed decisions

Data-driven success

Track and measure your impact with our advanced analytics. 
Gain actionable insights to refine your strategy and maximize reach.

Synergistic PR solutions

Comprehensive coverage and connectivity

From broadcast media partnerships to robust media databases, amplify your narrative with our suite of synergistic services.

Mobile-first design

Optimized for every device

Enjoy a seamless experience across all devices. Our mobile-responsive design ensures your content is always accessible and engaging.

Transform your media strategy

Success stories that inspire

Read how brands like Treliant and Kilter achieved remarkable media presence with our targeted approach.