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A Powerful News Distribution Platform to Drive Success


Collaborative Content Studio

A self-directed platform that empowers PR & IR pros

Completely reimagined workflow with total internal control, flexibility, security and efficiency.

Format retention capabilities enable seamless addition of logos, images, videos and tables.

No more version confusion—automatic version and document control tracks every change and comment.

Secure sharing and collaboration with key stakeholders.

screenshot of content studio in news direct platform

Advanced Capabilities

Ensuring an efficient, intuitive and flexible experience.

Live Support

Skilled customer success support is available 24/7. When you need help, we're here.

Multi-tenant Account Management

Agencies can seamlessly manage multiple client accounts by switching between each distinct client environment..



SimpliFi™ enables IROs to seamlessly and securely create, collaborate and publish full-text earnings releases—including tables—in mere minutes.


Standalone Multimedia Distribution

Distribute multimedia content as independent assets with Digital Asset Direct™.

Distribute infographics, video and images directly to the media as independent, standalone assets—without embedding them into a news release.

Break through newsfeed clutter with the most compelling content in the most sought-after formats.

Simply upload your content, create a headline and a caption or description.

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86% of journalists find standalone multimedia appealing*
Infographics and video are the most desired multimedia by journalists and bloggers*
*News Direct Market Assessment study, June 2019

Industry-Leading Security

Mitigate third-party risk with cutting-edge content security technology.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security, while permission-only access ensures your content and data stay protected.

Cloud Isolation Technology

State-of-the-art cloud isolation technology keeps individual customer account data in separate secure environments in the cloud.

Secure Sharing Capabilities

Our Collaborative Content Studio is invite-only, ensuring only trusted stakeholders have access to your information.


Unsurpassed Global Reach

A worldwide distribution network reaching the most relevant media outlets and websites.

Global Distribution

Distribute to a worldwide network of media agencies, news outlets, and trade press. More customizable geographic options than any other wire service and human translations—all included in the flat rate fee.

Premium Postings

Engage top-tier sites including Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Dow Jones, Factiva and more!

Hyper-relevant Targeting

Choose from an exclusive offering of highly-targeted media and influencers including ESG, Hispanic media and entertainment/pop culture.


Actionable Analytics

Track and measure your results in our analytics portal.

Industry-first metrics across the most relevant categories in easily shared formats.

Traditional, digital and social media audience intelligence that demonstrates real impact and ROI.

screenshot of data analytics in news direct platform
screenshot of traffic sources in news direct platform

Beyond news release posting—exclusive earned media reporting, screenshots, and detailed visibility and engagement metrics.

Goal-oriented analytics with a user-friendly, shareable report powered by AI.


Synergistic PR Solutions

Amplify the impact of your media outreach with powerful companion services.

Turnkey Broadcast Video Solution

Supercharge your campaign with nationwide broadcast media coverage. Reach thousands of newspapers, radio and television stations, news agencies and websites with professionally produced content. We partner with industry leader D S Simon Media for effortless campaign integration.

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DB Direct™ — Boost Your Media Outreach Efforts

Further amplify your story with DB Direct media database. Enjoy seamless, in-platform access to a robust media database powered by Agility PR Solutions. Increase your earned media potential with custom contact lists targeting precisely the journalists and influencers you want to reach.

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Bring your news distribution into the 21st century.

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