Game Changing: Transparency

magnifying glass on top of transparent and predictable pricing text

For most leading wire services, pricing is a taboo subject. It’s rare to find a price list on a traditional wire's website, let alone a simple starting price. And when you request more information, cost is likely the last thing representatives will discuss. If they do bring it up, they’re often vague until you’re ready to commit to their services. Only then will you receive a detailed quote.

Finding out pricing information shouldn’t be a game of back and forth between a client and representative. Nor should the wire service tack on hidden fees when they send the bill. 

Unfortunately, this is the norm in the full-service wire industry. 

That’s why News Direct is changing the game. We’re the first full-service wire with global reach that's unafraid to share our prices up front. In our efforts to be straightforward and transparent, we’ve outlined our costs directly on our pricing page. News Direct utilizes an affordable, asset-based, flat-rate model that’s simple, clear, and free of hidden fees. There are no word count or geographic limitations. 

Each piece of domestic content is charged a flat-rate asset fee. The primary content, whether a news release or standalone multimedia, costs one asset, or $500. Additional content added to the order such as an image, infographic or video is priced at half an asset, or $250. Assets are itemized and easily viewable before submitting the order, so every client knows exactly how much they’re spending. 

For international distribution, the same flat-rate pricing model is utilized, however, the fees vary based on region or country. Plus, News Direct is the only global wire service that provides human translations at no additional cost—it's included in our flat fee. 

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