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Dreamland Organics

Dreamland Organics is an online platform that helps consumers to fight premium organic hemp flowers to enjoy the benefits of using CBD. Users have many options available to them, allowing users to choose from flowers, concentrates, and more.

What is Dreamland Organics?

For the last few years since the 2018 Farm Bill, companies all over the world have sought to get a piece of the profit. The rise in popularity for CBD has made it possible for both legitimate businesses and shady ones to break into the market with the promises of high-quality remedies. While it has been difficult for some consumers to determine which one is the best option for them, brands like Dreamland Organics make the choice easy.

Anyone who wants to try premium grade organic hemp flour and CBD products needs to look no further than Dreamland Organics. This high-quality brand focuses all of its attention on creating helpful remedies, showing consumers how they can use something that grows in nature to heal their body. The only sources that the creators use are organic, which is part of the reason that the quality is so incredible.

The website offers an extensive list of ways to use CBD and hemp, even in clothing. Consumers who want to see what their life would be like if they integrated hemp have come to the right place.

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History of Dreamland Organics

This brand was originally launched over a decade ago in New York. The creators originally began their dream with the intention of moving west to establish a cannabis brand legally. California was one of the first states to legalize cannabis, giving them the perfect opportunity to expand. Eventually, the creators decided to settle in Oregon as they liquidated their assets to fly that way.

Upon arriving in Oregon, the creators were met with a major problem – the application process was halted in 2017. Even with many different applicants, local authorities did not have the staff that they needed to go through all of these applications for approvals. Though the creators initially were discouraged, they spoke with a local dispensary owner who told them to get a license to grow hemp, and he would buy it.

With this agreement, the creators of Dreamland Organics got the license they needed and became the first craft hemp flower farm in the country. They began their effort to become one of the top companies for CBD flower online today. At the time that they initially began this agreement, CBD oil was all the rage, and industrial hemp farms began growing substantially more so they could develop extracts. Other companies are missing out on a big opportunity to make CBD smokable as well, but Dreamland Organics did not give up the opportunity.

Within just a few years, hundreds of hemp flower farms were established, but none of them could take away the starting place that Dreamland Organics held. With a major advantage over the newer companies, the creators focus on delivering top shelf flowers for CBD. This project isn't meant to be a way for them to earn money quickly and run off. Instead, they prioritize their customers with the best quality they can offer.

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Organic Hemp Flower from Dreamland Organics

The reason that this brand is so well known is because they are one of the only brands to provide consumers with CBD flowers. Most of the time, consumers can only get flour if they are purchasing marijuana, which means that they only can have a psychoactive effect. By providing consumers with CBD flower instead, they can get all soothing effects that cannabis can bring with a method of consumption that they are comfortable with and no psychoactive benefits.

Currently, consumers can choose between options like:

  • Cannoli ($22.99+)
  • Immortal ($22.99+)
  • Dream Fuel ($24.99+)
  • Green Dream ($19.99+)
  • Blue Diamond ($21.99+)
  • Tropical Dream ($22.22+)

This flower offers one of the easiest ways that consumers can get the benefits of full spectrum CBD. The full spectrum flower provides consumers with an entourage effect that is influenced by the other cannabinoids and terpenes in the strain. All of the hemp buds follow organic standards while growing, using farmers that have been in business for over 20 years of harvesting. Everything is organic, and everything is tested by a third-party lab for efficacy and purity.

CBD Salves and Oils from Dreamland Organics

As helpful as the CBD flower can be, the creators at Dreamland Organics also wanted to provide consumers with options that don't require any smoking at all. The CBD MCT oil and the organic CBD infused salve use full spectrum CBD as well. All of the hemp flower used to make smokable CBD is used to make these formulas as well.

The CBD MCT oil starts at $34.99. With the proprietary blend, consumers get a total of 500mg of CBD in every bottle. Combining it with MCT oil helps with the digestive process and promotes the benefits of both. Consumers often use this oil as a remedy for anxiety and inflammation. Consumers will have their choice of three different flavors, and they can add it to any beverage to ingest the benefits of CBD. One full dropper contains 18mg of CBD.

The organic CBD infused salve is $14.99. Instead of using CBD internally, this salve provides full spectrum CBD with coconut oil and safflower oil to help with muscle pain. The soothing texture of this salve is ideal for the head, face, or body, and it is much more effective than the topical pain relief remedies That also tried to deal with muscle pain. Every jar contains 130mg of CBD.

Dreamland Organics Products

CBD Vape Cartridges by Dreamland Organics

CBD vape cartridges are an alternative for consumers who don't necessarily want to handle hemp flour or apply a thick salve. Many consumers are familiar with the concept of vaping, and the CBD vape cartridge is no different. It plugs directly into a 510 battery, and this is available for $39.99. By using this version of CBD, it is substantially easier to stay mobile, but it is also more compact and easily accessible.

Users can also purchase a compatible battery on the website for $19.99.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dreamland Organics

What is premium smokable hemp flower?

This flower is a type of cannabis that is easy to smoke in the same way that consumers usually enjoy marijuana. It is low in THC, which means that consumers will not endure the psychoactive effects that are typically associated with THC. Consumers instead get a similar reaction to CBD oil; except they are smoking instead. This option is incredibly helpful for people who no longer want to use marijuana and want to transition to a non-psychoactive option.

Consumers are able to order the smokable hemp flower as a pre-roll, but they also have the option to choose their own buds to use as they wish at home in a bong, pipe, or vaporizer.

How do consumers use hemp flowers?

Hemp flowers have many different uses, but the majority of people who use them for the medicinal benefits use a vaporizer, bong, or roll it into a joint. Consumers who are more kitchen friendly might include it in recipes for homemade CBD edibles, though it can be prepared as a tea as well. The possibilities are endless when consumers have access to the original state of CBD.

What is legal industrial hemp?

Legal hemp must have less than 0.3% THC concentrated in their products. The 2018 farm bill federally legalized hemp and hemp byproducts.

If the federal law only allows trace amounts of THC below 0.3%, why does Dreamland Organics contain more than that, according to their COA?

Presently, the only compound that has to remain below 0.3% concentration is delta-9 THC, which is not detectable in the lab report. However, the total THC considers other forms of THC as well, which is why the percentage is higher.

Is Dreamland Organics certified organic?

While these products are not certified, they are organic. The creators add that their organic status has yet to be verified by a third party.

Can Dreamland Organics ship internationally?

Yes. However, it is important that the buyer checks their local laws to ensure that these formulas fall in line what's the current regulations. If the order is seized by customs as a result of shipping to an area that has yet to legalize it, the creators at Dreamland Organics are not responsible.

If there is no psychoactive effect, why is the artisan smokable hemp flower priced as though it is marijuana in a dispensary?

This flower is craft cannabis, but it does not contain D9 THC. All of the methods for growing it are the same as what cannabis farmers use. Plus, the quality of these products far surpasses what any other company in the market can do. The prices reflect the value of the purchase they receive, which is also grown with organic methods and are carefully handled from the moment they are harvested.

What gives Dreamland Organics the advantage over other hemp products?

The quality of the Dreamland Organics products is the main reason for the higher price, even though some consumers might still want to focus on cheaper products. The higher cost is easily attributed to the higher quality that consumers get when they shop. All of the organic hemp flower produced goes through temperature and humidity-controlled rooms, and they are subsequently placed in glass jars that properly preserve them during the curing process.

What is full spectrum?

This term indicates that consumers are getting the flower without any of the cannabinoids or terpenes removed. By leaving these components in, consumers can benefit from the entourage effect. This phenomenon occurs when other cannabinoids add supportive health benefits for the user, even though they are not the main ingredients.

Will using CBD make the individual feel high?

No. CBD is meant to be a therapeutic and relaxing cannabinoid, and it does not have any psychoactive properties. Unlike other cannabis plants, hemp is painstakingly low in delta 9 THC, so the CBD that is sourced from it will follow the same pattern.

Are wholesale purchases an option?

Yes. The creators offer wholesale prices, allowing consumers to purchase it by the pound. All of the products are made with top shelf CBD flour, which cannot be said for other companies.

Is it possible that CBD will trigger a positive drug result on the test?

Not necessarily. However, the trace amounts of THC might trigger a positive result if enough accumulates in the user’s body.

Are there buds on the hemp plant?

Yes. In fact, they look much like the nugs that consumers can get from the marijuana plant, though the effects are much different.

What is a hemp flower?

This type of flower and say dried specimen from the hemp plant?

Why doesn’t Dreamland Organics sell Delta-8 products?

Delta-8 THC is completely artificial, and it uses carcinogenic acid to extract it. The organic CBD that consumers get in these formulas is easy to use and is available failure in many different formats.

How long does it take to ship products from Dreamland Organics?

Most orders take about 2 days to prepare to ship. They are subsequently processed by USPS, and consumers will receive a tracking number. Generally, orders take about 5-7 days to arrive after.

What if the user isn’t happy with the results of using a Dreamland Organics formula?

The creators offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to cover any purchase that the user is not completely satisfied with.

The customer service team is available for any other questions or concerns via email at order@dreamlandorganics.com.


Dreamland Organics provides consumers with a method to try out CBD for their own needs in a form that is more familiar to many. This brand provides multiple ways to use CBD, including through salves, oils, and tinctures. This brand puts their products through rigorous tests to ensure reliability and potency, and nearly every remedy allows users to take advantage of other cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant.

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