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AX Labs Era Vaporizers

PAX Labs is a leading company in the vaporizer industry, known for its innovative and high-quality products. Founded in 2007 by James Monsees and Adam Bowen, PAX Labs has revolutionized how people consume dry herbs and concentrates.

One of the most popular products from PAX Labs is the PAX vaporizer, which offers a sleek and discreet design with advanced heating technology.

PAX Labs has gained widespread recognition and acclaim for its products. The PAX vaporizer has received numerous awards for its design and performance, cementing its status as one of the best vaporizers on the market. The company has also garnered a loyal community of users who appreciate the quality and reliability of PAX Labs' products.

Having received so many positive PAX Labs reviews, we decided to review the brand finally, so let's get started:

  • Name: PAX Labs
  • Category: Vaporizers
  • Inception: 2007
  • Founders: James Monsees and Adam Bowen
  • Products Offered:
    • Vaporizers
    • Cannabis
    • Hemp
    • Accessories
    • Apparels
  • Pros:
    • PAX Labs is a reputable and well-known brand in the vaporizer industry
    • PAX Labs offers high-quality and durable products
    • It provides excellent customer support and warranty services
    • Products are known for their sleek and stylish designs
    • PAX Labs provides a wide range of products and accessories for customization
  • Cons:
    • PAX Labs products can be relatively expensive compared to other vaporizers on the market
    • Some users may find the learning curve for PAX Labs products to be steeper compared to simpler devices
    • PAX Labs products may require regular maintenance and cleaning for optimal performance
    • PAX Labs devices may have limited compatibility with certain types of concentrates or materials
    • Replacement parts and accessories for PAX Labs products can be pricey.
  • Return Policy: 14-day return window for unused products.

What Are The Different Offerings of PAX Labs?

What Are The Different Offerings of PAX Labs


Pax Labs is a renowned name in the world of vaporizers, offering a range of products that cater to the needs of both dry herb enthusiasts and concentrate lovers. With their innovative technology and sleek designs, Pax Labs vaporizers have become increasingly popular among vape enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer the convenience of oil extract pods or the versatility of dry herb and concentrates vaporizers, Pax Labs has you covered.

Dry Herb + Concentrates

The PAX Labs Pax Vaporizers have revolutionized how people enjoy dry herbs and concentrates. With over a decade of innovation, these vaporizers are designed to provide the best possible experience with patented temperature control that ensures heating without burning.

Choosing The Right PAX Vaporizer

There are two options to choose from when it comes to PAX vaporizers: the PAX Mini and the PAX Plus. The PAX Mini is perfect for quick, solo flower sessions. On the other hand, the PAX Plus offers more flexibility with the ability to use dry herbs and concentrates. It also comes with Experience Modes and a longer limited warranty.

Using the PAX Mini and PAX Plus vaporizers is a breeze. Grind your cannabis to a medium-coarse consistency and pack it tightly into the oven. Activate the sensational vaporizer experience with a single touch of the mouthpiece! Wait for the X to turn green, then draw and enjoy.

To use concentrates with the PAX Plus, put it in the center circle of the Concentrate Insert, close the lid, and insert it into the oven—set Experience Mode to Boost for more vapor.

What Are The Built-In Modes In PAX Plus?

PAX Plus stands out because of its four built-in Experience Modes. These modes are automatically activated when you bring the vaporizer to your lips.

Discover a world of endless possibilities as each mode tantalizes your taste buds with a unique blend of flavors and mesmerizes your senses with billowing clouds of vapor. Customize your vaping experience like never before!

Experience the power of STEALTH mode as it effortlessly conceals vapor while dazzling LEDs and vibration settings create an alluring aura of discretion. The EFFICIENCY mode is designed to maximize vapor production and extend the duration of a session by conserving flowers.

Finally, the FLAVOR mode enhances your flower's taste with instant vapor.

Oil Extract Pods

If you're a cannabis enthusiast looking for a high-quality vape pen, look no further than the PAX Labs Era Vaporizers. These innovative devices have overtaken the market with their patented temperature control, durable construction, and exceptional performance.

One of the standout features of the PAX Labs Era Vaporizers is their patented temperature control system. Unlike other vape pens that burn the oil, the Era Vaporizers heat it to the perfect temperature, resulting in smooth and flavorful vapor.

Another great aspect of the PAX Labs Era Vaporizers is their pods are made of food-grade materials. These pods are designed to be leak-proof and do not leach any harmful substances into the oil.

This ensures you get a clean and pure vaping experience every time.

Choosing The Right Era Vaporizer

When choosing the right PAX Labs Era Vaporizer, you have two options: the Era and the Era Pro. The Era is perfect for those who want bigger hits and an anti-clog design.

On the other hand, the Era Pro offers longer battery life and intuitive feedback, making it ideal for those who vape on the go. You can trust that you'll get a top-notch vaping experience, whichever model you choose.

Using the PAX Labs Era Vaporizers is incredibly easy. Insert a certified oil pod into a charged Era device and draw gently to produce the vapor.

The cartridge, filled with oil, will heat up and release a vapor containing concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes. This allows you to enjoy the full flavor and effects.

Do All Era Vape Pens Use The Same Pod?

One common question is whether all Era vape pens use the same pods. The answer is yes. Certified oil pods for PAX Era are compatible with Era, Era Classic, Era Life, and Era Pro vape pens.

What Are The Different Offerings of PAX Labs Products


Here are the cannabis derivatives offered by PAX Labs that make them the perfect choice for their vape pens:

Infused Flower Pucks

Infused Flower Pucks are freshly ground local flowers pressed into a puck. These go well with the PAX Dry Herb + Concentrates Vaporizes. Once ground, the flowers are infused with full-melt water hash before they are pressed.

The best part about PAX Labs Infused Flower Pucks is that they offer an all-natural and 100% enjoyable cannabis experience.

PAX Labs offers a package of eight PAX Pucks in a crush-proof tin can, allowing you to choose your preferred strain and flavor. You do not have to prepare the pucks, so a mess is less likely.

If you haven't invested in a PAX device, these pucks also work well with bongs, joints, and pipes.

The Pax Pucks come in various flavors such as Icecream Cake, Gelato, Chemdog, Lemon Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, OG Kush, etc.

Live Rosin Rods

PAX Labs Live Resin Rods are made by freezing the flower at the peak of harvest and fresh-pressing it to preserve its cannabinoid and terpene profile. Each rod is completely organic, natural, and free from impurities like solvents and additives.

Moreover, each pod contains 100% cannabis. The oil extracts are best suited for ERA Vapes and are specially designed to get consistent flavors, aromas, and potency without the oil being burnt in the device.

Diamond Pods

Offering the most concentrated form of THC (Delta 8), i.e., 95 to 96% depending on the strain, Diamond Pods are a one-of-a-kind concentrate experience that you can relish with the PAX Era Pods.

These pods are purified from local flowers and free from non-cannabis additives. Moreover, PAX Labs takes pride in claiming that each cultivar boasts a unique and potent experience.

The cultivars are available in Sunset Sherbet, OG Kush, Watermelon Z, Grandaddy Purple, etc.

High-Purity THC Pods

Yet another pod made of PAX Era devices, the High-Purity THC Pods come with 85% THC and offer various options in terms of strains such as GMO Cookies, Limoncello Haze, London Pound Cake, Strawberry Cream, Berry Gelato, Forbidden Fruit, etc.

The pods are sourced for purity and then enhanced with a terpene blend. Doing this gives them various aroma profiles as well as flavors.

Hemp – Delta-8 High Purity THC

Hemp – Delta-8 High Purity THC

Designed exclusively for the Oil Extract Pods or the PAX Era, Hemp – Delta-8 High Purity THC remains unmatched in quality. Made with 88% total active cannabinoids and 6-fruit forward strains, this product aims to deliver pure potency and relief results using 86% Delta-8 and less than 0.3% Delta-9.

Every batch marketed to the users is tested on various parameters, and a CoA is also available on the official website.

The options available are Strawberry Fields, Forbidden Fruits, Chemdog, Blueberry Gelato, etc.

Accessories and Apparel

There are various accessories offered by PAX Labs to help enhance your experience with their vape pens, both PAX and Era ones.

You can make your purchase of these accessories on the official website.

Interestingly, PAX Labs also offers a variety of PAX merchandise and apparel to those absolutely in love with the brand. From shoes to jackets, they offer it all for a very reasonable rate.

Everything About PAX Shipping, Refund, and Delivery

Here's everything you need to know about what goes after you place your order with PAX Labs:

How Soon Can You Get Your Order?

Once you place your order, you will receive a tracking link and a confirmation email—all orders with PAX Collection products ship via USPS. Although PAX Labs does not mention an estimated delivery date for all its products, your order can be delivered within 14-21 days.

Is The PAX Packaging Discreet?

Yes, PAX Labs always ships its products discreetly to its customers. Although there has been a recent rise in the awareness of cannabis worldwide, people can always judge.

Thus, PAX sends out all its orders in a small and discreet box with no large or visible logos indicating anything about anything!

Does PAX Labs Offer A Refund Policy?

Yes, PAX Labs offers a 14-day return policy. However, it would be unwise to confuse it with a money-back guarantee – because the two are wildly different.

PAX Labs allows returns of devices that are new and unused within 14 days from the date of delivery. If the tamper-proof seal the device comes with is broken or damaged, the return and refund can not be honored.

Moreover, if you have bought the PAX device from an authorized PAX retailer, the device can not be refunded by PAX Labs. Thus, the best choice is to order from the official website.

Regarding apparel items, PAX Labs allows the return of unused items within 14 days of delivery.

Be it devices or apparel; you must contact customer support for a return authorization and shipping instructions to claim your refund.

How To Clean Your PAX Vaporizer Device?

PAX recommends cleaning the vaporizer after every few uses to ensure optimal performance.

Every PAX vaporizer has a Maintenance Kit containing every item you'd require to cleanse your favorite PAX device. You can also use the wire brush for heavier cleaning and the pipe cleaners for light cleaning.

So, how do you get started?

  • First, remove the mouthpiece and oven lid to prepare your PAX device.
  • In the next step, if you opt for a lighter cleaning process, use the pipe cleaner and the wire brush for a deep cleanse. Having chosen your item, dip it in isopropyl alcohol and squeeze off the excess fluid.
  • Insert the cleaner into the vapor pathway to pop out the oven screen.
  • Use back-and-forth (Floss) motions through the vapor path to remove buildup.
  • Dip a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol to clean any accumulated gunk in the oven and on top of the device.
  • To clean the silicone mouthpiece, you can dip it in a cup of isopropyl alcohol.

Note: Never dip the Oven Lid in any liquid. This can damage the device. It is also strictly mentioned by the official website to refrain from submerging the Half Pack Oven Lid in any fluid.

FAQs About Pax

Q: How To Take Out A Stuck Concentrate Insert From Your PAX Vaporizer?

A: Having a stuck insert in your vaporizer can be annoying. However, it is pretty simple to get it out. To start, heat the device for no more than 3 seconds. Once heated, turn off the vaporizer and try to wiggle out the concentrate using heat-safe and resistant items. For instance, you can use a wooden chopstick.

Try to avoid using anything metallic. If the stuck concentrate still does not come out, heat the PAX device for 3-5 more seconds. After heating, turn the device off and try to wiggle out the concentrate again.

It is important to note that the concentrate insert may be hot to handle; therefore, exercise caution while cleaning.

Q: How To Charge PAX Mini & PAX Plus?

A: You'll require a USB charger to recharge PAX Mini and PAX Plus. To start charging, plug the charger into a wall adapter or a laptop if you are on the go.

Next, align the charger pins with the device contacts. Once you place the PAX on the charger, it usually takes less than or equal to 2.5 hours for your PAX device to be fully charged.

This is applicable if your PAX device contains less than 25% charging.

When the PAX device is 100% charged, the petals in the logo will glow in sync.

Note: It is important to exercise caution when charging PAX devices since they contain lithium batteries, and refrain from charging the device below 32°F (0°C) or above 95°F (35°C).

Final Verdict on Pax Labs Reviews

To conclude PAX Labs reviews, we can say it is a pioneering vaporizer company known for its innovative and high-quality products. With its focus on quality, innovation, and user experience, PAX Labs continues to push the boundaries of vaping technology and provide users with exceptional vaping experiences.

PAX Labs offers a variety of products for both casual and experienced users, tailored to their preferences.

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