Premium Magic CBD Reviews - Quality Delta-8 THC Gummies & CBD Supplements?

Premium Magic CBD

Premium Magic CBD is a brand that offers high-quality CBD and Delta-8 formulas using delicious recipes and user-friendly products. The website offers free shipping for $60+ orders, and all cannabinoids are sourced organically.

What is Premium Magic CBD?

Premium Magic CBD started back in 2020, which was two years after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. While many false or dishonest companies jumped on the chance to make a profit, Premium Magic CBD is one of the few online options that offer high-quality products with authentic CBD. From the production of hemp to packaging the final product, the creators of Premium Magic CBD are heavily involved in crafting products that consumers can easily rely on.

As they follow the strict safety standards the federal government sets, consumers can feel confident in the formulas they get. All ingredients are natural, pure, and organic, so consumers won't have to worry about exposure to harmful chemicals. Instead of buying the cheapest options available, Premium Magic CBD seeks out raw hemp materials from the farmers that grow it, only using farms with organic growing methods.

Initially established in Colorado, Premium Magic CBD was formed as the CBD market grew after the Farm Bill passed. The Colorado Hemp Farmers' Union made it possible to allocate funds towards this brand and others, helping the creators to work to create a vegan option for CBD. Their work has made it possible to offer the best CBD in the country, using technology and processes that no other brand does. With over 14,000 loyal customers and over 74,000 shipments, consumers can consistently rely on how well they work.

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Types of Products from Premium Magic CBD

Premium Magic CBD offers both Delta-8 and CBD products, giving users different ways to vape, eat, and swallow these compounds. Consumers who want to get the most value for their purchase have several bundles available, allowing them to try an assortment of remedies from Premium Magic CBD. Take a look below to get a clearer look at the different formulas offered. Read on below to learn about the different products that consumers can find with Premium Magic CBD.

CBD Products

All of the CBD remedies primarily use this ingredient as the active ingredient. While they might have a trace amount of other cannabinoids, the creators prioritize the therapeutic benefits over other compounds.


The CBD gummies available with Premium Magic CBD start at 25mg per dose, taking up to two hours to kick in for people with a slow metabolism. However, the average metabolism of a moderate user should notice a significant change in their state within about 30-60 minutes. As they kick in, users can relax and ease their anxiety. These gummies are available in multiple flavors, creating a complex taste with every moment of stress relief.

All the gummies offered are available in a 1000mg jar, costing $31.99. Users can choose between Silver Fruity Mix, Silver Paradise Mix, and more.


CBD oil is the product that most consumers are familiar with when they want to order CBD from other companies. This version relieves anxiety, stress, and pain, but one of CBD oil's most significant advantages is its support for the immune system. While other formulas and cannabinoids continue to offer unique ways to improve relaxation and pain relief, this immune system priority helps consumers protect themselves from disease.

To get the proper dosage, users can measure a few drops into their coffee or other drink in the morning for a relaxing start to the day. Consumers can ingest it directly or apply it to the skin topically for sore muscles. It is safe to use daily for support, just like all of the other formulas from Premium Magic CBD.

The total cost of the CBD oil chosen depends on the concentration. The 1000mg bottles cost $65.99, while the 1400mg bottles are $96.55.

Skin Cream

The CBD skin cream is unique because it is the only type of formula without a Delta-8 counterpart from Premium Magic CBD. This cream isn't meant to target muscle relief like other brands might prioritize. Instead, the cream focuses on the therapeutic benefits that CBD has for the skin. With CBD, the skin holds onto hydration better than most other remedies, protecting the pores from being impacted by environmental issues. It soothes irritation in the complexion and helps with anti-aging benefits as skin cells regenerate more efficiently.

This cream is meant for daily use, though it is so delicate that it can be applied after sun exposure to restore hydration. Though it can be used for pain relief, it also can be gently used as a lip balm.

Users have their choice of the 1000mg CBD Cream Silver ($42.99), the 3000mg CBD Cream Gold ($115.99), and the CBD Cream Platinum ($168.99).

CBD Vape Cartridge

The CBD vape cartridge helps users combine a fruity flavor with the benefits of CBD. Consumers who are used to using THC for its psychoactive benefits while vaping will find this product to be the most familiar way to enjoy cannabinoids. Users can control their dosage and experience in real-time, rather than waiting up to two hours to see if they need another dose. This cartridge promotes better mental clarity and focus but still alleviates stress and anxiety.

The 1000mg vape cartridge starts at $30.99, though the higher doses will cost more. Users have their choice of the Silver or Gold Tropical or Fruity Mix.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes bring all of the benefits that users get from vaping CBD without purchasing another battery. Users can easily purchase whatever flavors and concentrations without switching out their cartridges between users, giving them the most CBD oil possible in every dosage. Users can still manage how much they use at once, like the regular vape cartridges, but users can just toss it out when they are done.

The disposable version costs $43.99, featuring all of the same flavors that users get with the standard cartridge.

Delta-8 is another compound in the hemp plant, and it is a psychoactive substance. It can be found in many of the same CBD products consumers buy from this website. It offers a similar feeling to THC but isn't quite as potent.

Delta-8 Gummies

The Delta-8 Gummies provide users with delicious flavors to complement the use of Delta-8. In the same way that this formula makes the cannabinoid palatable, gummies mask the original taste of Delta-8 to ensure that users can get the benefits without the flavor. These gummies offer a dose of at least 25mg of Delta-8 in each serving, allowing users to get relief from pain, anxiety, and an overactive appetite. Consumers can also use this gummy to help them focus better.

Users will need to start with one gummy, potentially waiting at least 2 hours before adding to the dose to avoid unwanted effects. To get a jar of the Delta-8 gummies, consumers will have their choice of Paradise, Tropical, or Fruity flavors, starting at $32.99.

Delta-8 Oil

Though Delta-8 oil is typically found in capsules or cartridges, this website provides users with the oil directly to help with stress, anxiety, and pain relief. Consumers often use the oil to maintain their calm mood while alleviating inflammation that might cause pain. Users can fall asleep faster than they ordinarily can and maintain deep sleep.

For one bottle of Delta-8 oil, the total concentration is about 1000mg, and the prices start at $65.99.

Vape Cartridges

The Delta-8 vape cartridges provide users with various flavors that help them improve stress relief and relaxation. The powerful relaxation of the vape only takes about 30 minutes to feel with a few puffs, and they are especially beneficial to consumers to want to use vape cartridges at bedtime.

These vape cartridges again match the cost of the CBD, starting at $30.99 for 1000mg.

Delta-8 Disposable Vapes

Like the CBD Disposable Vapes, the Delta-8 Disposable Vapes allow consumers to enjoy the vaping benefits of using this cannabinoid. It uses high-quality Delta-8 oil, helping consumers who want a little more flexibility in how they use their devices. While the vape cartridges help consumers who already have a battery, the disposable version can simply be thrown away when it is empty. There are no complications with loading a cartridge, and it offers all the same soothing benefits that Delta-8 vape cartridges do.

The disposable vapes can take 2-3 puffs to see a difference, but the creators recommend waiting about 30 minutes before using it again. The effects can last for about 3 hours.

The disposable vape price depends on the potency, starting at 1000mg for $43.99.

Premium Magic CBD Pricing

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Health Benefits of Using Delta-8 Gummies by Premium Magic CBD

While many people use Premium Magic CBD products to feel a psychoactive effect, they also have many health benefits. Chemically, the impact of Delta-8 THC is relatively close to the experience that users have with Delta-9, bringing impressive relaxation and euphoria. This relaxation helps consumers to combat issues like anxiety and depression because the stimulation of CB1 and CB2 receptors promotes dopamine production.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that the human body already makes. The nervous system uses it to create and transmit messages between different nerve cells, calming the body. It is one of several hormones the body produces to “feel good,” but it also soothes the user's ability to move comfortably, promotes better memory retention, and more. The soothing effect that Delta-8 creates through dopamine stimulation is enough to calm both mind and body effortlessly.

The pain relief that Delta-8 offers correlates to how it improves dopamine production, but the attachment to the CB1 receptors sends relief to the brain. The brain interprets this signal by blocking the pain signal instead. The effect on pain is so well-documented and accurate that the National Cancer Institute recommends it for relieving pain, even when only sourced from hemp.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Premium Magic CBD

Q: How will users feel when they take the Delta-8 Gummies?

A: Among the many ingredients in these gummies is THC, which provides a psychoactive effect that cannabis is primarily known for. It clings to the CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the endocannabinoid system, giving the user a relaxed feeling. Some people feel euphoric when using the Premium Magic gummies, but it drastically differs from the high user's experience with just THC.

Q: How long does it take to feel the effects of Delta-8 gummies?

A: While the body's ability to metabolize Delta-8 will determine precisely how long each person takes to feel the difference, most people wait about an hour for the effect to settle in. Some people make the mistake of taking another gummy when they don't feel the effects early enough, accumulating a dosage far more than they initially thought. The creators recommend waiting at least 90 minutes before increasing the dosage to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the effects.

Q: Are there any adverse side effects of Delta-8 Gummies that consumers should know?

A: Most companies use a process involving isomerization, creating a substance that isn't like CBD at all. Delta-8 can help consumers potentially eliminate pain and soothe the body, but it is prone to psychedelic reactions. Some potential risks of misusing these gummies include nausea, headaches, hallucinations, and paranoia.

Q: Are the Mystic Labs Delta 8 gummies safe for daily use?

A: Yes. These formulas are all tested with third-party labs. Consumers are encouraged to follow the directions for use closely to reduce and eliminate the risk of a bad reaction.

Q: Is Delta-8 banned or illegal?

A: In some states, Delta-8 is illegal. The states that currently have bans against this compound include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Monta, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Washington.

Q: Will Delta-8 gummies trigger a positive result during a drug test?

A: Potentially, yes. The active compounds from these gummies can stay in the body for quite a while, so consumers might not want to take a drug test in the following days. Users with long-term use of the gummies will have to stop their use for longer to pass the drug test.

Q: Can consumers alleviate pain with Delta-8 Gummies?

A: Yes. Scientific evidence backs up the use of Delta-8 as a pain reliever, and the National Cancer Institute even recommends it to provide a soothing and analgesic effect on discomfort.

Q: Will the Delta-8 gummies need to be refrigerated?

A: No. While the gummies shouldn't be kept in warm environments, they can last up to 2 years in a cool and dry place. Refrigeration might prolong the shelf life, but it is not a requirement to keep them safe and effective.

Q: Will 50mg be enough Delta-8 to make a difference?

A: The tolerance level of the user will determine the proper dosage. With a 50mg dose, moderate users should see a significant change since most edibles aren't more than 30mg. Beginners might find these gummies to initially be overwhelming until they build up a tolerance, and those users should only have half a gummy while their body acclimates.

Q: Are there any harmful chemicals used in the Delta-8 gummies?

A: While consumers might be at risk of a few side effects when they don't appropriately use Delta-8, there are no chemicals in these formulas that will cause users to experience any adverse reaction.

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Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: While shipping fees are calculated at checkout, consumers who want free shipping within two days need to submit an order of $60 or more.

Q: What if the user isn't happy with the experience of Premium Magic products?

A: All orders are covered by a 30-day return policy for customer satisfaction. The customer service team can be reached by emailing or calling 1-737-710-1722.

Premium Magic CBD Benefits


Premium Magic CBD allows consumers to choose from different ways to use CBD and Delta-8. While the legality of some states might restrict the ability to purchase some of these products, each one offers health benefits and are safe to travel with under the right conditions. Consumers have a month-long return policy if the remedy isn't suitable for their needs, but every order goes out within 48 hours.

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