BeenVerified Reviews: Should You Use Background Check Service? [2024 Update]


BeenVerified, found online at, is an information search website for people, vehicle, property, and contact info.

You can enter someone’s name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or vehicle information into the online form at to learn more information.

Is BeenVerified legit? Can you really use BeenVerified to lookup someone? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about BeenVerified today in our review.

What is BeenVerified?

BeenVerified is an online search service with a proven track record across millions of searches.

As a 7-in-1 search service, BeenVerified lets you search for people, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, usernames, unclaimed money, and vehicles, among other information – all through a single online form.

Maybe you want to know more about a neighbor or coworker. Maybe you’re curious about a vehicle that drove past your home. Or, you could be investigating a new home, searching for unclaimed money in your name, or trying to find the true identity behind someone’s username. With BeenVerified, you can easily do it all.

BeenVerified provides basic search information for free. For more detailed information, you need to sign up for a subscription, which costs around $27 per month.

BeenVerified is a 7-in-1 Search Service

BeenVerified lets you search for more information than you would on a conventional search service. It’s a 7-in-1 platform offering all of the following searches:

  • People search
  • Reverse phone lookup
  • Email lookup
  • Address lookup
  • Username search
  • Unclaimed money search
  • Vehicle lookup

How Does BeenVerified Work?

BeenVerified works similar to other online search services. The company behind BeenVerified has paid to access public databases across the United States, including court records at the county, state, and federal level.

When you subscribe to BeenVerified, you can immediately access this data. You type in a name, contact information, or address, then get a complete report about someone.

Your BeenVerified subscription includes 100 reports per month. You can lookup 100 people, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, physical addresses, or other information, allowing you to create reports about many people in your life from a single, convenient online form.

You can get started with BeenVerified by:

  • Entering a last name or first name into the online form
  • Typing in a phone number or email address
  • Entering a physical address
  • Typing in someone’s username
  • Entering vehicle information, like a VIN

After entering any of this information into the BeenVerified online form, the website will build a report about that individual, phone number, or address. The report includes everything you need to know about an individual at-a-glance.

All searches performed on BeenVerified are anonymous, and the person you’re searching for will not receive any type of alert.

What Can You Find with BeenVerified?

BeenVerified offers a range of data, from contact information to criminal and court records to caller ID.

Here’s all of the information you can find with BeenVerified:

Contact Info: BeenVerified offers personal and professional emails, phone numbers, and addresses, among other contact information. You can enter someone’s name, then view available contact information about that person.

Criminal & Court Records: Criminal and court records are accessible to the public. However, you need to contact each court and pay processing fees to access this information. With BeenVerified, you can skip this process and immediately access criminal and court records. Just enter someone’s name to view arrests, criminal records, traffic citations, and bankruptcies, among other criminal and court records.

Vehicle Records: BeenVerified lets you lookup a vehicle to find the owner. You can enter a vehicle identification number (VIN), for example, to view the owner attached to that vehicle. BeenVerified also maintains accident and salvage records, values, specs, recalls, and owner info.

Caller Identification: BeenVerified offers caller identification, making it easy to see who called or texted. You can quickly lookup a phone number in BeenVerified to view public information behind that number. Your caller identification report may include names, locations, spam scores, and helpful comments about that number left by other BeenVerified users. If a number has a history of spam, then you can immediately see that via your report. Or, if the number is legitimately attached to a specific individual, then you may be able view that information, carrier information, and more.

Property Records: BeenVerified offers property records, including public data attached to a property that you would not normally be able to find through Google or other search engines. Property records are public data, although you may need to request specific files. BeenVerified has organized all of this information and made it easily searchable. You can discover deeds, property details, professional property valuations, owner information, and assessments – just by entering an address.

Personal Details: Your BeenVerified report can include public records, photos, ages, relatives, associates, assets, jobs, and education history about a specific individual. Just enter a name, then get a comprehensive report about someone.

Get the full picture about anyone with BeenVerified – Try it now!

Reasons to Use BeenVerified

Per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you cannot use BeenVerified for purposes of employment, education, or housing. You cannot screen employees or tenants using BeenVerified, for example. However, you’re permitted to use BeenVerified for many personal reasons – from reconnecting with loved ones to lookup up a new partner.

Here are some of the reasons BeenVerified recommends using their service:

Reconnect with Loved Ones: You can find and contact old friends, family members, and classmates with BeenVerified, reconnecting with loved ones or people you used to know. If you’ve lost contact with someone and want to know their current location, for example, then you can do that with BeenVerified.

Improve Customer Data: BeenVerified lets you use the service to connect with customers and clients. You can generate leads, contact customers, and create a list of potential connections with BeenVerified.

Search Yourself: Many people use BeenVerified and other search services to lookup themselves. If you’re applying for jobs or housing, for example, then you can run a BeenVerified check to see what others see about you. You can monitor public records, check your online reputation, and ensure there are no erroneous entries about yourself.

Build Stronger Relationships: Curious about a new person you met online? Interested in the real name behind the number that’s texting you? BeenVerified let’s you build stronger relationships by looking up partners, dates, new connections, and more.

Make Smarter Decisions: You can use BeenVerified to lookup Facebook Marketplace matches, people trying to buy your car, and other private sellers or buyers. You can make smarter decisions about potentially avoid dangerous situations.

Check Neighbors & Coworkers: You’re allowed to lookup neighbors and coworkers on BeenVerified in most situations. You can see if a coworker has any bankruptcies or divorces on her public record, for example. Or, you can see if a new neighbor has a criminal record.

You are not permitted to use BeenVerified for employment screening, the hiring of household workers, the hiring of professional services (like tutors or personal trainers), the check of educational qualifications, or certain other purposes violating the FCRA. For a full list of permissible searches, visit the official BeenVerified website.

What Makes BeenVerified Unique?

There are many public records search services available online today. Why pick BeenVerified? What makes unique? Here are some of the things that differentiate BeenVerified from other search services:

7-in-1 Search Service: You can find people search services online, and you can find address search services. However, BeenVerified offers seven searches in total. Instead of subscribing to multiple search services, you can get all of the answers you need from a single service.

Unclaimed Money Search: BeenVerified is one of the few major search services offering an unclaimed money search tool. You can lookup any unclaimed money attached to you or loved ones.

Founded in 2007: BeenVerified has facilitated millions of searches over the years, and the company has a proven track record of providing reliable search services since 2007.

Vehicle Lookup: Not all search services allow vehicle lookup. Although license plate records aren’t public record, VIN databases often are. BeenVerified lets you lookup a VIN to see any attached owner or driver information.

Affordable, All-in-One Subscription Fee: Some search services have confusing subscriptions, add-ons, and different monthly charges for different types of reports. BeenVerified offers a single, hassle-free subscription that includes everything you need.

100 Reports Per Month: Some search platforms restrict you to a certain limited number of reports per month, while others have an unlimited number. BeenVerified limits you to 100 reports per month, which is higher than many search services but lower than unlimited services.

Easy-to-Use: BeenVerified has a proven track record for being easy to use and accessible. As long as you can click your left mouse button, you can easily use BeenVerified.

Mobile Apps: BeenVerified is one of the few major people search services offering mobile apps. The company offers top-rated mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Legal, Publicly Accessible Information Collected from Databases: BeenVerified aggregates public record information from multiple sources, then organizes it in a one-stop place. Instead of individually checking county, state, and federal records for information about someone (and waiting days or paying fees for information), you can view public information easily and instantly.

100,000+ Subscribers: According to BeenVerified, the company has over 100,000+ subscribers, making it one of the most-subscribed online search services available today.

BeenVerified Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

BeenVerified has similar reviews to other public record search services online. Most customer are happy with how the service works, although some are disappointed with the subscription-based pricing model.

Here are some of the BeenVerified reviews from app users, verified purchasers, and customers online:

BeenVerified has a 4.6 star rating on the iOS app store with 13,800+ reviews and a 3.8 star rating on the Android app store with 17,300+ reviews. Both apps have over 1 million downloads, making BeenVerified one of the most popular people search mobile apps available today.

BeenVerified has an average rating of 2.89 stars with 310+ reviews on SiteJabber, which aggregates reviews from hundreds of users. Some SiteJabber users praise BeenVerified for its strong search service, while others are disappointed with the cost of the subscription.

ConsumerAffairs reviewers have given BeenVerified an average score of 4.2 out of 5 with 70+ reviews, with the majority of customers giving it a 5-star rating. Customers praise BeenVerified for offering a large number of public records searches with clear use guidelines and an easy-to-us interface.

BeenVerified has a C rating from the Better Business Bureau, with an average rating of 1.72 stars out of 5. However, the business responds to 100% of reviews posted to the BBB page. And, most customers only leave reviews if they’re unsatisfied with a business’s services, which tends to drag down overall ratings.

BeenVerified has a 1.5 star out of 5 rating from Trustpilot with 470+ reviews. Customers were unhappy with the amount of information they received about certain people. Some customers also expressed confusion about the $1 free trial. If you don’t cancel the free trial within 7 days, then you may be charged for a full subscription.

Overall, most BeenVerified customers who understand the subscription terms are happy with the results. Although some are disappointed to not find more information about the individuals they’re searching for, most are happy with how BeenVerified works and they value they got from the service.

BeenVerified Pricing

BeenVerified offers 1-month and 3-month memberships. You can either pay month-to-month or every 3 months. Both subscriptions come with 100 reports per month and the same features, tools, and information.

Here’s how’s pricing works:

  • 1 Month Membership: $26.89 per month
  • 3 Month Membership: $52.44 every 3 months ($17.48 per month)

BeenVerified also offers a 7-day trial for $1. If you don’t cancel your subscription by the end of the trial, then you’re automatically subscribed to the month-to-month BeenVerified subscription.

BeenVerified Refund Policy

BeenVerified handles refund requests on a case-by-case basis. If you’re unsatisfied with your BeenVerified subscription for any reason, then contact or 1-866-885-6480 to speak with a customer service representative.

If your refund process is approved, then BeenVerified will process the request immediately.

About BeenVerified

BeenVerified was founded in 2007 in New York City. The company was founded with the goal of providing people with simple, affordable access to public information.

Before the launch of BeenVerified, this information was only available to those with large budgets. Thanks to BeenVerified, the company has brought public personal information to the masses.

You can contact BeenVerified, LLC and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-866-885-6480
  • Email:
  • Registered Address: 48 W 38th St, Fl 8, New York, NY 10018-0043

Final Word

BeenVerified is a public records search platform featuring people search, phone number lookups, email address lookups, physical address lookups, vehicle searches, and more.

Just enter basic information into the online form at to get started. Then, instantly build a report about a person, address, or piece of property.

To learn more about BeenVerified or to conduct a search today, visit the official website.


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