Operation Blackout Reviews: How to Survive 365 Days of Darkness! Legit Operational Survival Program?

Operation Blackout

Former cop and soldier Teddy Daniels has published a survival guide called Operation Blackout: How to Survive 365 Days of Darkness.

Teddy believes the United States will soon experience a catastrophe where it experiences “365 days of darkness.” During that catastrophe, “90% of Americans could die through starvation and societal collapse.”

By buying Operation Blackout online today, you can discover how to survive the crisis and protect your family.

Is Operation Blackout the right choice for you? What will you learn in Operation Blackout? Is America really on the verge of experiencing 365 days of darkness? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Operational Blackout today in our review.

What is Operation Blackout?

Operation Blackout is a survival eBook available exclusively online through LastBlackout.com

Priced at a one-time fee of $67, Operation Blackout teaches you how to survive 365 days of darkness.

Why would you need to learn how to survive 365 days of darkness?

According to Teddy Daniels, the author of Operational Blackout, Russia and China are plotting to attack the United States with an “electronic nuclear weapon.” That weapon could cause a “protracted nationwide blackout” that kills up to 90% of Americans.

With Putin’s back against the wall and China looking for an opportunity to attack, the two superpowers could team up to attack America’s electrical grid with a unique weapon – and that damage could take one year to repair.

By buying Operation Blackout today, you can discover how to survive 365 days without power. The book is filled with survival tips, tricks, and strategies you can implement today to protect you and your family.

Operation Blackout Benefits

Some of the benefits of Operation Blackout include:

  • Step-by-step guide to protecting your home and family during an extended blackout
  • Specific tips on creating your own power generator, protecting your electronics, and safeguarding your home
  • Backed by 60 day moneyback guarantee
  • Bundled with two bonus eBooks
  • Written by former cop and United States Army infantryman
  • Accessible to anyone, regardless of your experience or handiness

Operation Blackout: Get the benefits you've been looking for!

What is a HEMP Attack? How Do Hemp Attacks Work?

Operation Blackout teaches you how to stay protected against a high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack.

Teddy describes it as a type of “electronic nuclear weapon.” Russia and China could attack the United States with a HEMP, plunging the country into chaos.

Here’s what could happen the first day of a HEMP attack:

HEMP attacks work by silently emitting enhanced gamma rays strong enough to shut down America’s power grid and fry all electronics.

With a single strike that could occur at any time, Russia and China could black out the entire United States electrical grid, plunging the entire country into darkness 365 days of the year.

The moment the bomb is detonated, you’ll lose cell phone, radio, TV, and internet connectivity. You’ll have no way to connect to the outside world. You can’t call 911, contact your family, or interact with anyone.

You’ll have no AC, no heating, and no refrigerators. Banks will shut down. ATMs and credit cards will stop working. You won’t be able to access your own money.

You won’t even be able to buy your car or truck during the nationwide blackout. “They’ll stop working instantly,” according to Teddy, as will all other transportation relying on electricity.

Any planes in the air will “instantly fall from the sky” after the detonation of the blast, causing 500,000 Americans to immediately die.

All of these consequences will occur on the first day of the attack. In the following days and weeks, however, things will get even worse.

The long-term consequences of the electric weapon attack will include:

Generators may provide energy for a few days, allowing you to keep your food safe and hospitals to continue running.

Generators aren’t designed to replicate the electrical grid long-term.

Once people realize electricity isn’t coming back, the looting will begin. Shelves will be bare. Foods and medications will be impossible to find.

Within a few days, America will be “turned back to the 18th century,” according to Teddy. After a few more days, America will “descend into total, lawless chaos.” Mobs will kill people for food and water.

Although some see an attack like this as unlikely, Teddy cites evidence proving the United States is preparing for such an attack. If you fail to take action to protect yourself today, you could die within the first few days of the attack.

Ensure your family's safety, learn more today!

Who is Teddy Daniels?

Teddy Daniels is a former investigator with the Baltimore Police Department. He also served as an infantryman with the United States Army in Afghanistan in 2011 and 2012.

Teddy describes himself as a “good friend” of former President Trump and a devout Christian.

Teddy made a name for himself after being involved in a firefight in Afghanistan in April 25, 2012. Teddy heroically attracted enemy fire to himself, helping his comrades escape. He was struck by an AK-47 bullet and nearly lost his leg. He captured the entire incident on his bodycam, and the footage went viral.

Ten years later, Teddy is worried with the direction the country is going. He’s concerned about the growing threat of China – and the ever-present threat of Russia. He has published a series of products and guides online – including the Famine Fighter emergency food supply and guides and the Operation Blackout guide.

What Will You Learn in Operation Blackout?

Operation Blackout features step-by-step guides, tips, tools, and more you can implement in the days following an attack on the United States.

Some of the topics covered in Operational Blackout include:

The one thing you and your family must do in the first hour after the attack to increase your family’s chances of survival by 99% – especially if you live in a big city.

How to have unlimited electricity without needing to buy overpriced solar panels or backup generators, and why generators will be useless in the days following the attack.

How to shield electronics, your cell phone, and even your car from the electronic nuclear attack

Irrefutable evidence from United States intelligence sources proving Russia and China are preparing to attack the United States using an electronic nuclear attack, and why that attack would plunge America into a 365-day blackout.

Exactly what to do when the blackout begins – even when everyone around you has no idea what’s happening or why their power is out.

How to ensure your family has enough resources to survive the blackout no matter how long the blackout lasts.

Proof that the United States military is not prepared for such an attack. Although Teddy is a proud veteran of the United States military, he believes today’s military doesn’t have a chance against the upcoming strike by Russia and China. Despite having the most powerful military in the world, the United States is defenseless against this type of strike, according to Teddy’s research.

Why such an attack – and such a crazy level of social unrest – can easily happen in the United States and is not some crazy conspiracy theory: it’s a real situation that the United States government is preparing for.

Why you might have fewer than 24 hours to prepare, and why Russia and China could strike against the United States as soon as tomorrow. As the war in Ukraine accelerates, and China becomes increasingly powerful on the world stage, the two countries could conduct an electronic nuclear weapon strike on the United States at any time.

How to create an HEMP-proof source of unlimited energy that you can store in your pocket.

A 5-inch device you can install on your breaker box that turns your entire home into an HEMP shield – and how you can easily install it in less than 10 minutes even with no electrical experience.

An Air Force One secret that can protect your computers and cell phone from this attack, allowing you to maintain critical communication in the days following the HEMP attack. Teddy claims this information was “recently declassified” and that anyone can do it with a few materials in minutes, allowing anyone to use it regardless of their experience. Air Force One is the only airplane that uses this technology, which is why it will be the only airplane able to fly in the days following the attack.

Why you should ignore your friends, family, and neighbors who make fun of you for preparing for the attack – because these people will be the first ones knocking on your door after the attack when they see you’re the only house with electricity.

How to get a “super phone” that uses NASA technology outside of the bounds of America’s major carriers (like AT&T and Verizon), allowing you to communicate even when all lines of communication are down.

The broken battery tweak that will instantly protect your car, and how you can use this tweak to protect your vehicle and continue to use your car even after the attack has destroyed all other cars.

The safest place in your house to store electronics (it’s a 30-inch area of your kitchen that may be the only place for electronics to survive the attack).

9 essential items you must have if you want to survive the attack. Without #1 on the list, in fact, you and your loved ones “are guaranteed to die,” warns Teddy.

An infinite hydration secret that allows you to continue drinking safe, potable water in the days following the attack. This secret lets you drink water even from the most polluted sources, using it to safely drink and cook.

The new “blackout currency” that will replace the US Dollar in the days following the blackout (it’s not gold, silver, or bitcoin). When credit cards are down and stores shut down, you won’t be able to use your funds or even spend cash. Instead, you’ll need to use this blackout currency.

100 food items that will last one year during a blackout, allowing you to ride out the crisis.

The best way to protect your family against the mob (and it’s not a handgun or AR-15).

How much bottled water to store and where to keep it.

The lifesaving maneuver you must learn to do with your car if the attack occurs while driving.

A checklist with 12 key preparations you must take if you want to survive the attack.

Why Operation Blackout is the only source of information today about defending yourself from an HEMP attack. Teddy has a background in military intelligence, and he claims to have access to special sources that the ordinary public does not, and he’s sharing this information with the public in a declassified report.

Why the information in Operation Blackout is accessible to anyone – regardless of your age, experience, or handiness. Teddy explains everything in a step-by-step way, making it easy for anyone to learn exactly what they need to do in the days following this blackout.

Why traditional generators “will become useless” in the upcoming 365 days of darkness.

Why waiting until the attack begins could be too late. Remember: as soon as Russia and Chian attack the United States with their secret electronic nuclear weapon, all communications will go down, and chaos will emerge.

Overall, Operation Blackout is a comprehensive document explaining how to protect yourself and your family from the upcoming event. It gives you all of the information you need to survive the extended blackout.

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How Does Teddy Know About Operation Blackout?

Teddy claims to have recently “got his hands” on a US government report called Operation Blackout. He named his book, Operation Blackout, after this report.

That report explains how Russia and China are secretly plotting to attack the United States with an electronic nuclear weapon. That weapon would destroy the United States electrical grid immediately, plunging the entire nation into 365 days of darkness with a single strike.

In fact, Russia has been testing such missiles since the 1960s. Today, the country has hypersonic missiles “that cannot be stopped” by the United States existing defenses.

Despite being a proud military veteran, Teddy is not confident the country’s armed forces could defend an attack from countries with inferior military power – like China and Russia. He believes the military “can no longer protect us.”

Citing information in Operation Blackout, Teddy believes it’s up to Americans to defend themselves from the upcoming attack. With the United States military powerless against hypersonic missiles, you’ll need to learn how to defend yourself.

Operation Blackout Books

After the Nord Stream Pipeline Attack, Putin Has a Reason to Attack US Infrastructure

On September 26, 2022, Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline in the Baltic Sea blew up. The pipeline was about to become operational, allowing Russia to easily export gas to Europe.

Most have blamed Russia for the attack. However, many are skeptical Russia would blow up its own pipeline to Europe.

Some have blamed Ukraine for the attack, while others have blamed the United States – or a group of covert operatives. Russia has accused the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although most seem to believe Russia or Ukraine were behind the attack, Teddy Daniels blames Joe Biden and the United States government. He cites an inside source at the United States government who claims Joe Biden was planning the attack for nine months before eventually pulling the trigger.

Regardless of who attacked the Nord Stream pipeline, the outcome is the same: Russia is struggling to export its gas to Europe and other major markets.

An attack on Russia seems like a good thing for enemies of Russia, but Teddy sees it as a bad thing: it gives Putin a reason to attack United States infrastructure. As Putin’s back is increasingly against the wall, he believes Putin will do something drastic: like launch an HEMP against the United States.

Operation Blackout – your key to survival!

We Could Experience an “HEMP Pearl Harbor” at Any Time

Operation Blackout isn’t designed for some obscure, unlikely event in the future; instead, it’s designed to protect you from an “HEMP Pearl Harbor” event that could happen within 24 hours.

That’s why Teddy recommends reading his Operation Blackout book as soon as possible and implementing the lessons within. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can get peace of mind.

Why could an HEMP attack happen so soon? Putin is becoming increasingly desperate, and the west continues to antagonize him. With his back to the wall, Putin could get desperate – and do something drastic like launch an electric nuclear weapon against the United States.

Because of how soon the attack could occur, it’s critical you get Operation Blackout as soon as possible and begin to prepare today. Once the attack occurs, it’s already too late.

Operation Blackout Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

The official Operation Blackout website is filled with reviews from readers who are satisfied with Operation Blackout and the lessons inside. Some even claim to have used the tips inside already – say, to survive hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers on the official website:

One couple left a review after using Operation Blackout tips during Hurricane Ian in Florida. The tips within the book allowed them to stay safe, happy, and secure during uncertain times.

One customer claims he “absolutely love[s]” Operation Blackout for giving him the peace of mind that he’s covered no matter what happens.

Some reviewers bought Operation Blackout because they’re specifically concerned about an HEMP attack. With the United States defenseless against such an attack, some Americans are taking matters into their own hands and educating themselves on HEMP attacks, how they work, and how to survive the attacks.

Many customers like the generous refund policy and competitive price tag. You can read the entire book from start to finish, read the two bonus eBooks, and request a refund within 60 days if you’re unsatisfied for any reason.

Overall, reviewers seem happy with Operation Blackout and how it works, claiming they learned valuable lessons, got valuable peace of mind, and discovered things about survival they never knew thanks to Operation Blackout.

Learn from the experiences of other users >>>

Operation Blackout Pricing

Operation Blackout is priced at a one-time fee of $67. You pay today, then get immediate access to Operational Blackout and two additional bonus guides.

Operation Blackout Pricing

Here’s how pricing works:

Operation Blackout + 2 Free Bonus Guides: $67 + Free Shipping

You receive immediate access to Operation Blackout and the two bonus eBooks immediately after your purchase is confirmed.

Bonuses Included with Operation Blackout

As part of a 2023 promotion, all Operation Blackout purchases come with two bonus eBooks. The two bonus guides included in Operation Blackout include:

The Invisible Survival Garden: How to Safely Grow Your Food During a Blackout

Free Bonus eBook #1: The Invisible Survival Garden: How to Safely Grow Your Food During a Blackout: Knowing how to grow your own food during a blackout could be the difference between life and death. In this report, you can discover how to grow your own food and secure an unlimited source of vegetables, potatoes, fruits, and legumes for your family. More importantly, Teddy teaches you how to make this garden “invisible” to potential looters. If Teddy is right about America’s upcoming 365 days of darkness, then looters will roam the streets looking for any source of food – including your garden. By making your garden invisible, you can avoid potential looters and protect your family. Plus, the guide teaches you everything you need to know about gardening – even if you have zero gardening experience.

How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress

Free Bonus eBook #2: How to Turn Your Home Into an Impenetrable Fortress: During the 365 day blackout, America will descent into complete chaos. According to Teddy, the United States military and government aren’t powerful enough to control the country and protect it from social unrest. Instead, it will be up to you to protect yourself. In this book, you can discover how to setup defensive fortifications around your home, arm yourself and your family effectively, and make your home an impossible target for looters. Some topics covered in the eBook include:

How to make your windows indestructible

How to use an obscure, 10-inch object behind your doors to prevent them from being broken (and why it’s better than any heavy-duty deadbolt)

Why you should stake this four-word sign outside your door to deter looters

How survivors of Hurricane Katrina used a specific method to protect their properties from looting in the days after the disaster

Both bonus eBooks are normally priced at $59 apiece. They’re both digital downloads bundled automatically with your Operational Blackout purchase.

Get Operation Blackout for the best price today!

Operational Blackout Refund Policy

Operation Blackout has a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked. In fact, you can even keep the digital eBooks, and there’s no need to return anything to receive a refund.

About Survival Secrets, LLC

Operation Blackout was published by Survival Secrets, LLC, a company led by former cop and US Army infantryman Teddy Daniels.

You can contact Teddy Daniels and the Survival Secrets customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-888-689-6034
  • Email: support@lastblackout.com
  • Mailing Address: 4023 Kennett Pike, Ste 50405, Wilmington, DE 19807

Final Word

Operation Blackout is a survival book created by former cop and soldier Teddy Daniels, who wants to help Americans avoid the devastating consequences of an upcoming high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) attack.

According to Teddy, who cites inside sources with the United States military and government, Russia and China could attack the United States in the very near future with an HEMP bomb. That bomb would silently destroy the US electrical grid, plunging the nation into 365 days of darkness.

In Operation Blackout, you can discover how to survive the blackout and keep your family safe during 365 days of darkness. The book is filled with tips, tricks, step-by-step tutorials, and other guides on how to stay safe.

To learn more about the upcoming HEMP attack or to buy Operation Blackout: How to Survive 365 Days of Darkness online today, visit the official website.

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