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disclaimer.-1The discovery of the best silver IRA rollover changed the lives of many people who felt that way. Investors have been buying gold and silver for centuries, so there's no reason to hesitate to start a silver IRA. To get started, roll over the money from your traditional IRA. This Silver IRA Company Rollover Guide is meant to help you along the way.

Top 5 Silver IRA Rollover Companies of 2023 At A Glance

  1. 1. Goldco: Editor's Choice - Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)

    2. American Hartford Gold: Runner up - Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

    3. Augusta Precious Metals: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

    4. Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

    5. Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.2/5)

#1 Goldco: Editor's Choice - Best and Most Trusted Gold IRA Company Overall (4.9/5)

Goldco banner

Goldco is among the most respected names in the investment world regarding silver IRAs. The company's expertise lies in streamlining otherwise convoluted processes, which you can use to safeguard your precious metals holdings.

If you're trying to diversify your portfolio with precious metals, Goldco is a good option. The company facilitates a rollover from a traditional IRA to a silver IRA. Goldco's staff is dedicated to removing any obstacles you may encounter, despite the belief that this is a complex undertaking.

If you intend to invest significantly, you should get the advice of a financial expert. Experts in handling consumer finances are among the professionals Goldco seeks to employ. They teach you how to invest wisely, ensuring a comfortable retirement.

Goldco assists in selecting a reliable and trustworthy caretaker. The firm helps you set up a silver IRA once you decide on a reliable custodian. Once an account is set up with Goldco, all precious metal transactions are facilitated while the IRS requirements are completed.

If you are still getting familiar with investing in Silver IRAs, you will benefit from additional explanation. Goldman provides an in-depth primer on IRAs and their advantages for newcomers. The company has achieved unprecedented success by teaching its customers, setting it apart from its rivals.

The firm is among the most sought-after on our list because its costs are among the lowest in the industry. Trustpilot and other unbiased review sites also give it high marks.


  • Linked up with the safest depositories

  • Reasonable because clients can get deals, such as fee-waivers

  • Every order comes with protection and ships quickly to the warehouse.


  • The high amount of money needed

  • Only a few precious metals to choose from; platinum and palladium are not offered.

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#2 American Hartford Gold: Runner up - Best Price for Bullion (4.8/5)

AHG banner

American Hartford Gold is a privately held investment firm founded in 2015. The company's principal focus is on assisting clients in amassing diversified portfolios. Silver, platinum, and gold are among the precious metals they provide.

American Hartford will insure gold and silver in a retirement account. Your investment capital will increase tax-free when you work with this company.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) allow account holders to invest their money while taking advantage of tax benefits. You can take advantage of tax breaks, including delayed payments.

Thanks to Social Security, you won't have enough money to live comfortably when you finally retire. The company allows investors to diversify their holdings, reducing overall portfolio risk. American Hartford offers a wide selection of precious metals from Canada and South Africa.

Among these companies, American Hartford is the least well-known. However, its offerings set it out as the most noteworthy option. The company's brokers would do their best to ensure a smooth rollover to a silver IRA from any current IRA.

Customers need not fret over the safety of their possessions. All purchases are covered by insurance, and the company provides expedited transportation of metals. American Hartford offers individualized services at a range of price points. Sometimes, they may even forego payment altogether.

The company has diligently tried to keep its A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. There are five stars across many platforms, including Trustpilot and Google.


  • There is insurance for all orders.

  • When you send your silver to a vault, it will be free shipping

  • AHG may not charge some clients.


  • There are only two types of precious metals: gold and silver coins.

  • It needs to show how much its services cost online.

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#3 Augusta Precious Metals: Great Buyback Program (4.6/5)

APM Banner
Established in 2012, Augusta Precious Metals quickly became a leading provider of precious metals IRAs. The high quality of the company's offerings has led to widespread customer satisfaction.

Augusta's advantages are easy to overlook. Augusta Precious Metals ranks highly because of its reliability and availability to customers at all hours. This firm gives clients more agency over their financial destiny as it assists them in creating diversified investment portfolios.

Despite working with many companies, many were shocked to learn how many kinds of tangible precious metals Augusta dealt with. Silver bullion is just one of many gold and silver options available. In addition, they sell silver coins that are ideal for a silver IRA.

Customers of Augusta Precious Metal value the honesty of the company. The company does not add on any hidden fees and clearly states the price of each service. Customers are typically pleasantly surprised by the company's honesty in light of the widespread prevalence of poor business practices in the field.

Augusta Precious Metals values its clients and works hard to maintain long-term connections. Augusta's services are proven by the positive feedback they have received. Many investors were grateful to the organization for giving them the information they needed to feel secure in their purchases.

Any company customer can open a silver IRA, switching from a gold or silver IRA. If you're starting, this can help you find suitable precious metal IRA investments. Major economic competitors have backed Augusta Precious Metals, which has a large clientele.


  • There is a lot you can read to learn more about silver IRAs.

    Customer service is 24/7

    Zero complaints.


#4 Birch Gold Corporation: Great Staff Overall (4.5/5)

Birch Gold Banner
If you're looking for a stable company to put your money into, Birch Gold Group should be at the top of your list. The company has more investment experience than any other IRA provider on this list, clocking in over 15 years. The firm's advisors have the expertise to guide you toward your financial objectives.

New investors will appreciate how easy it is to open a Silver IRA with Birch Gold. The firm's brokers make initiating a rollover from an existing precious metal IRA easy. They improve their rapport with their customers by making specific recommendations.

They have the market's most cost-effective palladium, silver, and gold prices. In addition, Birch Gold offers a buyback guarantee on all sales if you want to sell your precious metals.

The company makes sure its experts are available around the clock. With a company like this, you won't have many issues.

Unsurprisingly, the company has received numerous online recommendations after providing services of this kind. Even Trustpilot reviewers were at a loss for criticism, giving them an average rating of nearly five stars.

Birch Gold may be the best alternative if you're looking for an established investment firm to lead you to successful investments.


  • You can learn about IRAs from the educational tools on their website.

  • It's easy to start a silver IRA rollover because they are accommodating.

  • 24/7 customer service, they are willing to help anytime. 


  • Traditional IRAs are not supported.

  • They don’t ship out outside the US.

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#5 Red Rock Secured: Best at Home Gold IRA (4.2/5)

Red Rock Secured Banner
There have been 13 years of success for Red Rock Secured. This company is the most established business of its kind that we've come across. Despite this, they have received almost no negative comments, which is quite unusual in this industry and something we'll discuss in greater depth below.

Sean Kelly, CEO of Red Rock, has what looks to be a lengthy history in the financial sector. He claims that the 2008 financial crisis prompted him to launch a business that assists retirees in investing in physical precious metals. This option isn't open to everyone because of how most 401(k) portfolios are constructed.

We have yet to find any celebrity endorsements, which may explain why they aren't as well-known as some other gold IRA companies, but there are several positive references. They have received much positive attention from media outlets like Inc. 500 and Fortune magazine.


  • Several news sites have given great reviews.

    A wide range of goods.

    Some especially appealing deals, like the price protection plan


Benefits of Silver IRAs

Investors in standard IRAs and 401(k) plans often ask if they should investigate silver IRAs. People who need to grasp the core investment concept often need clarification on its integrity. Precious metals' market volatility is higher than most commodities, and it is nevertheless significant.

Silver is unique among metals in that it has low premiums when bought. Silver is a popular choice among investors seeking a precious metal because of its low price and high demand.

The price of silver has been relatively stable recently, with no significant increases or decreases. This sort of asset is priceless in times of economic instability. When confidence in paper currency dwindles, people look to silver as an alternative. Here are more benefits of a silver IRA:

A Plus For Investment Diversification

It's a great store of value because its worth stays relatively high. But you shouldn't put all your hens in one basket. Portfolio diversification is highly recommended. 

A portion can be a foundation for the whole portfolio, while the balance can be put into assets with higher potential returns. That way, if ever, your portfolio will be able to withstand a few hits.

The Need For Silver Is Still There High

Silver has several practical applications in addition to its value as an investment. It plays a vital role in numerous technologies, including solar panels, water purification systems, electric vehicles, etc.

The need for this material will grow much greater as technology develops. There isn't enough silver in the world to go around. Supply and demand might not balance. If that occurs, silver's price will skyrocket.

It's an Outstanding Inflation-protection Tool

Your retirement savings may be safe in a silver IRA. Your savings are protected from inflation, and your purchasing power is maintained. Furthermore, silver's value will never be zero, even in the worst economic forecasts. Silver's value will never completely disappear.

Maintaining Command Amid Uncertainty

For this reason, you must exercise some management over your investing capital. Mutual funds, treasury notes, and publicly traded stocks and bonds are the only investment options for a traditional retirement plan.

Control your asset allocation with a silver IRA you direct yourself. You'll have greater leeway in deciding how much to risk or gain. With such an account, you may plot out your long-term approach.

Why Invest in Silver IRAs?

Do you have questions regarding Silver IRAs and why you might consider opening one? Here, we'll explain why taking these steps is a good idea.

Strong Industrial Demand

Silver's popularity extends far beyond the stock market. This metal was greatly sought after by industries.

Silver is in high demand worldwide and is used in various sectors. It plays a critical role in generating power in generators and solar panels.

Water purification plants use the metal to clean water for urban areas.

The substance is also utilized in semiconductors and batteries, which are currently experiencing shortages. This is in part because silver is so uncommon.

Silver prices are expected to rise as a result of the shortfall. Therefore, this is a great moment to buy gold, silver, and other precious metals. Open a silver IRA with a financial institution of your choosing.

Demand Around the World

There was a 19% increase in the demand for silver worldwide last 2021. A staggering 1.05 billion ounces of this metal were required in 2021. Nonetheless, expansion has persisted.

By 2022’s end, silver’s demand will have skyrocketed. According to experts, the globe is expected to use 1.112 billion ounces of this precious metal.

Many people also need silver for non-industrial use. When most people think of jewelry, silver is one of the few metals that comes to mind. The metal may be easily shaped into complex forms and requires little maintenance.

Bullion and bars made of silver are in high demand as well. Silver was widely used in the monetary systems of many nations. Silver coins and bars are popular silver investments among modern investors. In 2021, demand for these products surged by 36%.

Silver is also often used in silverware and silver decorations. Decorative silver products are utilized in households all around the world. Silver's use in a wide variety of commercial applications has also skyrocketed.

Safeguard Against Losses

Paper currency may become less valuable over time. Silver can be used as a protectionary measure in times of economic uncertainty. Due to the pandemic, the value of the dollar has dropped while the value of precious metals has reached all-time highs.

It may surprise you that silver is inversely correlated to the US currency. Its worth increases over time, unlike the value of money. Investing in silver is a smart long-term move that can help ensure a comfortable retirement.

Currency exchange rates back silver's worth, and as one currency weakens, the demand for silver surges, driving up the price. That's because a weakening dollar encourages speculative buying of silver.

What is a Silver IRA Rollover?

Once you've established a self-directed silver IRA account, you can begin investing by transferring money. To acquire silver, you must deposit funds from another retirement plan or savings source into your account.

You must roll the funds into a silver IRA. This method is all about transferring money from one IRA to another. Could you send a request to your IRA custodian to initiate the rollover? You could be fined if you take possession of the asset. Your IRA service provider will handle the rollover paperwork and processing efficiently.

Understanding What a Silver IRA Rollover Entails

Silver and gold IRAs are often cited as an excellent inflation hedge, but you may need to be more careful with this. Do you need help understanding silver IRA terminology? This helpful tutorial breaks down the steps to roll over your silver IRA.

There are two ways your IRA custodian can carry out a rollover of silver. One option is a direct wire transfer. Your IRA silver provider will need a check from your custodian. Since your IRA provider and the custodian will communicate directly, you can avoid potential legal issues.

An indirect rollover is an alternative to a silver IRA. You must deposit the custodian-issued check into your silver IRA within 60 days. The IRS will assess a penalty for early money withdrawal if you withdraw them before the sixty-day grace period.

Accounts that can be Rolled Over to a Silver IRA

When deciding where to move your money, you should know which accounts are eligible for a silver IRA rollover. A rollover is a terrific strategy to diversify your investment portfolio by shifting the value of your investment from one account to another.

You can transfer the following to a silver Individual Retirement Account:

  • Traditional IRA

    Roth IRA


    Simple IRA



    457 Deferred Compensation Plan


    Thrift Saving Plan


    Non-prototype IRA

    Beneficiary IRA

The "Hassle-Free" Way to Rollover Your Silver IRA

To begin purchasing silver, money must be transferred to your silver IRA. You shouldn't worry even if the procedure looks cumbersome. If you deal with the correct IRA service, rolling over your silver IRA will be quick and easy, and you can get right to investing.

Silver and other metals can be easily purchased with a self-directed IRA. You can choose between the two rollover strategies we talked about before. A direct rollover should be executed. 

To guarantee adequate retirement money, a silver IRA rollover might be considered if your former investing account is underperforming. Transferring money from your old retirement plan into your new silver IRA can be done with a simple phone call to your custodian.

Final Thoughts - Best Silver IRA Rollover

Adding silver to your retirement account is a smart financial move. The metal is an excellent inflation-hedging long-term investment.

American Hartford Gold is your best option if you still need to settle on a silver IRA provider. They are one of the most seasoned IRA service providers and can expertly facilitate silver IRA rollovers for its customers.

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The company's reputation for honesty and helpfulness has earned the respect of its clientele. Those new to Silver IRAs will find the company's training materials helpful. The knowledgeable service they provide will also exceed your expectations.

Do your homework before opening an Individual Retirement Account to invest in precious metals ira. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of silver investment before committing. Selecting the finest provider will speed up rolling over to a silver IRA.