Architects in Miami: The Best Architecture Firms in Miami, FL

Miami is home to some of the top architecture firms, each bringing a unique blend of style and functionality to their designs.

You'll find architects here that specialize in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and more. They're pushing boundaries with innovative aesthetics while keeping sustainability front and center.

So whether you're interested in architecture or simply love exploring the diverse design scene, let's uncover what makes these the best architecture firms in Miami.

Current Miami Architecture Firms

Architecture is a broad field of business - there’s landscape architects, commercial, residential, interior, sustainable architecture, enterprise, and other niche areas to tailor to the need of the client and the specialty of the firm.

Below we detail the best architecture firms in Miami and what they specialize in. 

#1. Tewes Design Group Miami Architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior design
Types of Built Projects: Commercial, Office, Retail, Residential, Hospitality, Interior, Healthcare, Transportation
Locations of Built Projects: Miami, Jacksonville, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale
Style of work: Modern, Aesthetic

Phone number: 305-647-6776

Tewes Design Group has over 20 years of experience working with large corporations including Starbucks, Royal Caribbean, The DEA, FBI, MAC Cosmetics, Resorts World, and much more. 

While most of their work is in commercial and office spaces, they also offer residential architecture services too. They have long term relationships with building departments in the area, which helps when it comes to permit approval and speeding up the project completion. 

So if you're seeking a firm known for delivering exceptional design quality coupled with professional service, Tewes Design Group Miami Architects is a great option. 

#2 A. Masow Architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Interior design
Types of Built Projects: Residential, Retail
Locations of Built Projects: Miami
Style of work: Modern

Stepping into a space by A. Masow Architects, you notice the blend of contemporary design and functionality in their retail, residential, and hospitality projects.

They effortlessly blend aesthetics with practicality, merging form with function in the most appealing ways. Their designs aren't just about looking good; they're about creating spaces that are livable and inviting.

Whether it's a sleek retail store or a cozy home, each project is handled with meticulous attention to detail. Their innovative approach to design has made them one architect Miami needs. It's no wonder why clients across Florida turn to A. Masow Architects for architectural solutions that are as beautiful as they are practical.

#3. Archbop

Scope of services:  Architecture, Planning
Types of Built Projects: Retail, Residential, Hospitality, commercial
Locations of Built Projects: Florida
Style of work: Modern

When it comes to delivering top-notch architecture, planning, and interior design services, Archbop is the go-to firm in South Florida.

This architect Miami-based firm boasts a team of dedicated professionals who bring your vision to life with innovative designs and unparalleled attention to detail. Whether you're looking for a sleek commercial space or a luxurious residential home, Archbop's architects have the expertise to exceed your expectations.

They blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring every project they undertake reflects their commitment to excellence. So if you're keen on transforming an idea into a reality that mirrors your unique style while considering local context and climate, Archbop is definitely worth considering.

With their diverse portfolio and years of experience, they've made an indelible mark on Miami's architectural landscape.

#4. BEA Architects

Scope of services: Architecture, Master Planning
Types of Built Projects:  Residential, Healthcare, Religious
Locations of Built Projects: Florida
Style of work:  Contemporary and Traditional design

Whether you're looking to design a corporate office, revitalize an urban district, or create a luxury resort, BEA Architects is your go-to firm in South Florida. With their expertise in architecture, interior design, and master planning services for various projects, they'll bring your vision to life while ensuring it's both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Notable Architectural Styles

Feast your eyes on the iconic Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, and Miami Modern styles that make up the city's stunning skyline. Each style is a testament to Miami's rich architectural history, contributing significantly to its unique aesthetic appeal.

  • Art Deco: The epitome of glamour and sophistication in architecture. You'll find this style prominent in South Beach with its vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and ornate details.

  • Mediterranean Revival: This style echoes the romance of coastal Italian villas and Spanish haciendas. It offers rustic charm combined with elegance.

  • Miami Modern (MiMo): A post-war architectural style that's uniquely Floridian. Think sweeping lines, futuristic elements, and whimsical touches.

These styles are a visual narrative of Miami's cultural evolution, making it an architect's paradise.

Copy of miami architects

Miami's Architectural Landscape

You'll find Miami's architectural landscape to be a vibrant mix of contemporary, modern, and traditional styles, reflecting the city's rich history and cosmopolitan spirit.

Iconic buildings dot the skyline, showcasing innovative designs by renowned architects.

Walk down any street and you're likely to encounter a blend of Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, and Miami Modern styles.

It's not just the variety that'll catch your eye but also the functionality and innovation these structures embody.

Whether it's residential homes with fresh tropical aesthetics or commercial spaces that weave in elements of nature into their design - Miami's architects know how to create harmony while pushing boundaries.

This is why architecture enthusiasts consider Miami a must-visit destination – there's always something new and exciting happening here!

zaha hadid

Famous Contributing Architects

It's impossible to overlook the impact that renowned architect Miami designers like Herzog de Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, and Frank Gehry have had on Miami's stunning skyline - their masterpieces are a testament to the city's vibrant architectural scene.

Known for their innovative designs and creative vision, these architects have left an indelible mark on Miami. They've worked with top architecture firms here to create iconic structures that blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

You'll find a mix of contemporary, modern, and traditional styles in their works. Whether it's retail spaces or residential abodes, they've shown expertise across various project types.

Their creations not only contribute to Miami's urban scape but also resonate globally due to their design excellence and sustainable practices.

Residential and Commercial Architects

Brimming with creativity and innovation, the top residential and commercial architects in Miami are transforming the city's skyline into a stunning mosaic of diverse architectural styles.

With their expertise in tropical modern, Art Deco, Mediterranean Revival, or Miami Modern styles, they're creating structures that are not only visually striking but also functional and sustainable.

Whether it's designing an upscale condo with breathtaking ocean views or planning a state-of-the-art office space downtown, these architects blend aesthetics with practicality seamlessly. They understand how to make the most of Miami's warm climate and vibrant culture to create spaces that enhance people's lives.

So next time you're admiring a building in Miami, remember there's a good chance it was designed by one of its leading architecture firms!

Cultural and Commercial Architecture

Moving on from Miami's residential and commercial architects, let's delve into the vibrant world of cultural and commercial architecture in the city. This city is a thriving hub where creativity meets functionality, creating an urban landscape that's nothing short of a visual treat.

  1. Cultural Architecture: Miami's architects have made significant contributions to designing iconic cultural landmarks. These designs not only inspire but also resonate with the city's rich cultural heritage.

  2. Commercial Architecture: In the business district, you'll find buildings that reflect modern design aesthetics while prioritizing functionality. From high-rise office buildings to trendy retail stores, each structure tells a story of innovation.

  3. Hospitality Industry: With its strong presence in this sector, Miami architects create captivating designs for hotels and restaurants, ensuring they stand out amidst global competition.

Experience how Miami's architectural scene beautifully blends culture with commerce!

Architectural Services and Styles

It's not just the skyline that's diverse in Miami, but also the range of services and styles offered by its vibrant architectural scene. From modern tropical designs to Mediterranean Revival, Miami architects master various styles flawlessly.

They've made significant contributions worldwide, working on projects in cities like New York and Los Angeles as well as abroad. These top firms offer a broad spectrum of services including architecture, interior design, landscape design, urban planning, and even lighting design. They cater to both residential and commercial sectors with special expertise in retail and hospitality industries.

So whether you're looking for an iconic commercial building or a luxurious residential project - these architects have got you covered! It's this versatility that sets Miami's architecture scene apart.

Architect Miami Global Reach

Don't be fooled, the influence of Miami's architects extends far beyond the city's borders. They've made a mark not only in their home state but also across the United States and even internationally.

Many Miami architects have been commissioned for projects in cities such as New York and Los Angeles, reflecting their national reach.

Their footprint extends overseas with numerous firms offering services for projects in Europe and the Middle East.

Some iconic buildings worldwide are designed by these Miami-based firms, demonstrating their global influence.

This international exposure enriches their design perspective and contributes to the diversity of architectural styles seen within Miami itself. So remember, when you admire a building anywhere around the globe, it could just be a piece of Miami!

Architectural Diversity in Miami

Having journeyed through the architectural landscapes that Miami's experts have created all around the globe, it's time to turn our gaze inward. Yes, right here in your own backyard.

Miami isn't just a global influencer; it's a vibrant melting pot of architectural diversity. The cityscape is an eclectic mix of contemporary skyscrapers, traditional Mediterranean Revival homes, and Art Deco masterpieces. This fusion doesn't happen by accident – it's skillfully crafted by some of the best architecture firms in Miami who understand the local context and climate intimately.

These firms weave together different styles and influences to create harmonious designs that are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. You'll find no better testament to their creativity than right here at home, in Miami's diverse architectural tapestry.

Architectural Expertise Areas

You'll be amazed by the diverse expertise areas that these architects master, ranging from residential and commercial spaces to hospitality and retail projects. They have a knack for marrying functionality with aesthetics, creating harmonious designs that reflect modern sensibilities.

Whether you're looking for an architect who specializes in luxury homes or one who can bring your retail space to life, Miami's architecture firms offer unparalleled skills. These architects also shine in their ability to design interior and landscape elements, ensuring cohesive beauty throughout every project.

Furthermore, many of them have worked on international projects across Europe and the Middle East. So whether it's a small local project or a grand international venture, Miami's architectural firms are more than capable of meeting your needs.

Miami Architecture Scene

It's no surprise that the city's architectural scene is as vibrant and diverse as its culture, with a mix of modern, contemporary, and traditional styles adorning the skyline. Miami architects have made significant contributions to this eclectic landscape, bringing innovation and creativity to each project they undertake.

Here are some key highlights about Miami's architectural scene:

  • The city boasts 50 top architecture firms offering services ranging from master planning to urban design.

  • These firms specialize in various sectors including retail, residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

  • Miami architects often work on global projects beyond Florida or even the United States.

  • They create designs that harmonize with the local context while showcasing modern aesthetics.

  • Sustainability is a growing focus among Miami architects - balancing beautiful architecture with environmental responsibility.

Influential Landmarks and Buildings

If you're an architecture enthusiast, you'll be blown away by the iconic landmarks and buildings that dot Miami's picturesque skyline.

From the sleek modernity of Herzog de Meuron's 1111 Lincoln Road to the Art Deco elegance of Miami Beach Architectural District, there's no shortage of awe-inspiring sights here.

Don't miss Zaha Hadid's futuristic One Thousand Museum or Frank Gehry's New World Center - they're testament to Miami architects' knack for harmonious and contemporary designs.

And let's not forget about Arquitectonica's Atlantis Condominium – its unique cube design is a prominent feature in the cityscape.

Clearly, these architectural wonders aren't just beautiful; they embody functionality, innovation, and a deep understanding of local context – all hallmarks of Miami's top architecture firms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some notable architectural projects that Miami firms have completed in the past decade?

In the past decade, Miami firms have completed numerous notable architectural projects. You might know Herzog de Meuron's Perez Art Museum, Zaha Hadid's One Thousand Museum, and Frank Gehry's New World Center.

Brillhart Architecture's Brillhart House is another example of innovative residential design.

Borges Architects + Associates worked on the iconic Miami Tower.

These projects showcase the creativity and expertise of Miami's best architecture firms in creating breathtaking structures that shape the cityscape.

How do Miami architecture firms incorporate sustainability into their designs?

Miami architecture firms are proactive in integrating sustainability into their designs. They incorporate energy-efficient materials and utilize natural light to reduce electricity use. They often include green spaces for better air quality. Moreover, they aim for LEED certification, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. They also consider the local climate to optimize building performance and energy use. It's all about striking a balance between stunning aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

What are some of the challenges that architects in Miami face due to the city's climate and geography?

As an architect in Miami, you face unique challenges due to the city's climate and geography. The tropical weather demands designs that can withstand heat, humidity, and hurricanes. So, choosing materials that resist corrosion from salt air is essential.

Additionally, the city's sea level location means architects must consider flood risks and regulations in their designs. Moreover, incorporating sustainable features to combat climate change adds another layer of complexity to your work.

Miami architects have significantly shaped global architectural trends and styles. They've introduced a blend of modern, contemporary, and traditional influences that reflect Miami's cultural diversity. Their innovative designs in hospitality, residential, and commercial architecture are recognized worldwide.

Also, their expertise in creating sustainable designs suitable for tropical climates has influenced architectural practices globally. Notably, the iconic Miami Modern style is an inspiration to architects around the globe.

How do Miami architecture firms balance preserving the city's architectural history with creating innovative and modern designs?

Miami architecture firms skillfully strike a balance between preserving the city's rich architectural history and creating innovative, modern designs. They draw inspiration from iconic styles like Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival while incorporating cutting-edge trends.

These architects understand Miami's unique climate and cultural context, using this knowledge to design sustainable buildings that blend seamlessly with the existing urban landscape. It's their passion for innovation that keeps Miami's skyline evolving without losing its distinctive charm.

South Florida Architects Frequently Asked Questions

You're likely to see a lot of Art Deco and Mediterranean Revival styles when looking at architecture in South Florida. These styles are immensely popular due to their historical roots and the region's climate.

However, modern design is also gaining traction, with architects blending traditional elements with contemporary aesthetics. It's a melting pot of architectural influences, reflecting the diverse culture and tropical scenery of South Florida.

Do these architects have any ongoing projects in other parts of the United States?

Yes, many architects based in South Florida have ongoing projects throughout the United States. They aren't limited to one region and often work on a variety of projects across the country.

From designing luxurious residences in California to innovative commercial spaces in New York, these architects bring their unique design aesthetics wherever they go.

Their diverse portfolio is a testament to their versatility and adaptability within the field of architecture.

How has South Florida's climate and environment influenced these architects' design approach?

South Florida's tropical climate greatly influences your design approach. You incorporate elements like natural ventilation, sun shading, and water-resistant materials to combat the heat, humidity, and heavy rainfall.

The lush landscape inspires you to blend indoor-outdoor spaces seamlessly, enhancing the connection with nature.

Moreover, rising sea levels urge you to prioritize sustainable and resilient design solutions that not only suit the environment but also address climate change issues.

What are some unique challenges that these architects have faced while working on projects in South Florida?

Designing in South Florida, you'd face unique challenges like extreme weather conditions and high humidity.

You'd have to consider hurricane-proof materials and designs, as well as flood-resistant structures due to frequent storms and rising sea levels.

Additionally, adhering to local building codes and regulations can be tough.

The diverse cultural influences may also require a versatile design approach.

It's not just about beauty; it's about sustainability and resilience too.

What kind of sustainability practices do these architects incorporate in their designs?

You'd see these architects embed sustainability into their designs by using energy-efficient materials and renewable resources. They'll incorporate green roofs, rainwater harvesting systems, and solar panels. They're keen on natural light maximization to reduce artificial lighting needs.

You might also notice the use of local materials to cut down on transportation emissions. Furthermore, they aim for resilient designs that can withstand extreme weather conditions – a critical feature in regions like South Florida.

Diving into the latest trends in the architectural world, you'll notice a fascinating shift towards sustainability and innovation. This is particularly true in commercial architecture where you'll see:

  1. Green Architecture: You're now seeing more buildings with eco-friendly designs, materials, and energy-efficient systems. Green roofs and solar panels are also becoming mainstream.

  2. Smart Buildings: Technology integration is no longer optional. It's now common to find buildings equipped with smart technologies for better energy management, security, and convenience.

  3. Flexible Spaces: The need for adaptability has led to the rise of multipurpose spaces that can transform as needed.

These trends reflect not just creativity but a deeper understanding of our evolving needs in a fast-paced world. They're shaping our cities' landscapes while pushing the boundaries of what's possible in architecture.

Common Commercial Architecture Building Questions

What are the costs associated with hiring a commercial building architect?

Hiring a commercial building architect can involve various costs. You'll likely have to pay an hourly rate or a percentage of the total project cost, which typically ranges between 5% to 20%.

Additionally, expenses may include costs for site plans, blueprints, permit applications, and any required structural engineering. Bear in mind that these prices can vary widely based on the architect's experience level and your specific project needs.

Can commercial building architects also do residential projects?

Absolutely, commercial building architects can also handle residential projects. They're typically trained in all areas of design and construction, which includes both commercial and residential buildings.

It's important to note though that each project is unique, so it's best to discuss your specific needs with the architect. Their expertise should match your project requirements for the most successful outcome.

So yes, they can switch gears between commercial and residential designs when needed.

What is the timeline for a commercial building project from planning to completion?

The timeline for a commercial building project varies greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. It generally takes anywhere from a few months to several years.

You'll start with pre-design and planning, which can take weeks or months. Designing and drafting plans might take another few months.

Construction typically lasts between six months to two years or more. Lastly, post-construction work like inspections could add more weeks onto the timeline.

How flexible are commercial building architects in incorporating client's ideas or changes during the project?

You'll find that most architects are quite flexible and open to incorporating your ideas or changes during the project. They understand it's your vision they're bringing to life, so they're typically willing to adjust the plans as needed.

However, keep in mind that significant changes can impact timelines and budgets. It's best to communicate all of your wants and needs upfront, but don't hesitate to express new ideas along the way.

How does sustainability factor into the work of commercial building architects?

As an architect specializing in commercial buildings, sustainability is a key factor in your work. You're constantly integrating green design principles into your projects to minimize environmental impact. This could involve selecting eco-friendly materials, incorporating energy-efficient systems, or designing spaces that maximize natural light and ventilation.

Your designs not only meet clients' needs but also contribute positively towards addressing climate change issues. It's about creating structures that are efficient, resilient, and future-proofed.


You've explored Miami's rich architectural scene and encountered famous architects and their unique styles. From residential to commercial projects, these firms truly showcase Miami's diversity and creativity. Whether you're fascinated by modern innovation or drawn to traditional designs, there's something here for everyone.

Remember, this city is a testament to the power of architecture in shaping our environment and experiences. So next time you're in Miami, take a moment to appreciate its stunning skyline.