How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed (The Inside Scoop!)

Dont get scammed selling feet pics

Safety and security are always concerns when starting any online venture. Cyber attacks occur once every 39 seconds. Protecting yourself online has never been more critical. This is one reason why if you plan to sell foot pics or videos as a side hustle, you need to know a few tricks of the trade. 

From quickly identifying and avoiding scammers to protecting your identity and sensitive information, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for tips, tricks, and tactics for selling feet pics successfully without compromising your safety.

sell feet pics safely


Online Safety and Security Tips

The first step to protecting yourself against scammers is to adopt routine safety and security checks and procedures. While there’s no full-proof way of preventing a dishonest buyer from sliding into your DMs, these security tips can help protect your money, identity, and self-interest when selling feet pics online.


Only Use Legitimate Websites with Verified Users

In the same way, you wouldn’t buy a product or service from an unreliable website with bad reviews, you shouldn’t sell your feet pics on an unverified marketplace that offers little to no security or protection. 

A quick Google search will generate some of the top-performing foot pic marketplaces including Fun with Feet, FeetFinder and others like them. Well-established foot pic websites take all the necessary precautions to keep you safe and offer you a secure platform for your foot pic business. After all, it’s their reputation on the line if something goes wrong. 

Choose a website that verifies the identity of its buyers (and sellers), offers support for disputes, and provides a secure payment system. 

You can also read online reviews to see what both buyers and sellers have to say about their experience using specific platforms. While reviews shouldn’t be the only deciding factor, they can be helpful when choosing the safest and most reliable website for selling feet pics. 

Select a Safe and Secure Payment Method

Safe feet payments

Not all foot pic websites have their own payment system in place. For example, websites like Feetify simply act as a platform for foot content creators and buyers to connect and negotiate a deal. Arranging the payment is left up to you and the buyer. Choose a payment system you’re comfortable with and familiar with. Some popular choices include Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

It’s important to note, though, that some of these apps penalize you for selling adult content and other taboo items, including feet pics. Be mindful of the notes you add to your invoices. Keep things as generic as possible to avoid your account being banned and your money disappearing along with it! Some buyers may offer to pay you using gift cards, wire transfers, money orders, or checks. Avoid these at all costs! If the buyer isn’t willing to pay using your preferred method, consider it a sign that they may be up to no good and terminate the sale.

Collect Payment in Advance

Both foot pic sellers and buyers are at potential risk of getting scammed out of their money, however, it’s more likely that someone will receive foot content and never make the payment than the other way around.

For that reason, sellers should never release the final version of their foot content until they’ve either received the payment or confirmed payment. Request payment upfront. If the buyer isn’t willing to do this, you may want to forfeit the sale. Most legitimate buyers understand that they need to pay upfront before the photos or video will be released. 

You can also accept a partial payment or deposit, with the final amount being paid in full after the content is received. 

Protect Your Devices and Internet Connection

It’s important that both your internet connection and the devices you use to sell and market your feet pics are secure and protected. Start by establishing a secure internet connection that’s protected using a strong password. Avoid using public networks like the ones at your local library or coffee shop. 

Logging into your accounts using a public network puts your information at risk. A secure internet connection prevents unwanted scammers from accessing your data or tapping into your devices.

Adding a strong, secure password and pin to your laptop, tablet, phone, and other digital devices is another quick and easy way to protect yourself. Another way to protect your devices and valuable information and content is to perform regular software updates. 

These updates ensure that your devices are protected using the latest security programs and features. 

Anytime your digital device offers an update, do it as soon as possible to prevent a lapse in protection. This includes anti-malware and anti-virus software that protects hackers from accessing your feet' pics, account information, and other personal data. 

Use a VPN

You may have heard of a VPN but do you really know what it is? Short for virtual private networks, VPNs are an efficient way to protect your privacy when conducting business online – including selling feet pics. 

A VPN encrypts your internet connection, routing it through a private and secure network. This prevents hackers and scammers from accessing the data and information you share, including personal and financial details.

Choosing a VPN shouldn’t be complicated. A quick Google search will generate a list of reputable providers. Read the company's reviews and choose one that’s known for its privacy and security features. In the business world, you get what you pay for. While there are free VPNs available, these don’t usually offer the level of protection you want or need for running a safe and efficient foot pic business. Invest in a quality VPN, even if it costs you money upfront. Not only is this expense a tax right-off but it’s a worthwhile investment now so you can continue to earn money selling your foot pics and videos with confidence. 

sell feet pics safely

Protecting Yourself and Your Content 

Once you’ve covered the basics of protecting your sensitive data and devices, you can take the necessary steps to protect your valuable content and your identity (if you so choose). All of the foot pics and videos you take are yours – until you agree to sell them for a set price. Like any good artist, it’s your job to protect these images and video clips from scammers looking to steal and use them for their own benefit. 

Here are a few pro tips for protecting your foot content and concealing your identity. 

Add Watermarks to Your Content

The easiest way to stake claim to your foot content is by adding watermarks to your images. Watermarks are identifying text, images, or logos superimposed on top of an image file or document as a form of copyright protection. Watermarks are usually light in color or shaded and placed in such a way that they don’t take away from, blur, or block any part of the image itself. 

For example, you don’t want to add large, thick text to your feet pics that cover your toes, and ankles, or act as a distraction from the beauty of your feet. Instead, choose small, thin text that’s either barely visible over or behind the image or placed in a corner, giving viewers an unobstructed view of your feet. Once a customer purchases the image, these watermarks will disappear so they can enjoy your foot pics in all their glory. 

Check Other Platforms for Duplicate Content

Although watermarks help prevent scammers from stealing and reselling your foot content as their own, they aren’t always foolproof. The best way to make sure no one is duplicating your content for sale is to check other websites and platforms for your work. Look for your content on stock photo websites, social media, and other foot pic platforms. 

If you see your photos being used and passed off as someone else’s (by someone who didn’t pay for them), report it to the website’s admins or customer support team immediately. While there may not be legal repercussions, in most cases, the website will terminate the person’s account and force them to take down any content they don’t own the rights to – including yours!

Use an Alias or Sell Feet Pics Anonymously 

Are you intrigued by making money online using platforms like OnlyFans or becoming a webcam model? If the only thing stopping you is the fear that your boss, family, or friends might find out your dirty little secret, you’re in luck! 

Selling feet pics is one of the easiest ways to make money online without ever revealing your true identity.

For starters, your clientele is interested in one thing and one thing only – your sexy feet! And while you may need to show off a little leg from time to time, you don’t need to ever reveal your face, show your body, or use your real name. 

Plenty of online sellers use an alias or screen name instead of their legal name. Not only does this keep your identity under wraps from people you know, but it makes it increasingly difficult for hackers and scammers to access your personal information. 

While some websites like FeetFinder require you to enter your legal name as part of the registration process, this information isn’t shared on your profile or sales page. Most platforms let you create a different display name in an effort to protect your identity. 

Create Separate Social Media Accounts

With billions of users worldwide, social media is one of your greatest assets when selling feet pics online. 

But if you’re trying to keep your foot pic business a secret, you probably don’t want to market your content using your personal social media accounts. If you do, it won’t take long for your friends and family to connect the dots and realize that you and HotMilf69 on Fun with Feet are the same person!

Instead, create all new social media profiles that are used strictly for your foot pic business. Use the same alias or name you chose for your sales pages on your social media accounts to create consistency across multiple platforms. 

Now, you can safely market yourself on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and send traffic to your foot pic content without sacrificing your anonymity. Just be sure to only open a few social media accounts at a time. This helps keep your marketing efforts at a manageable level since the key to succeeding on social media is posting consistently, engaging with followers, and promptly responding to comments and DMs. This can quickly become unmanageable if you try juggling too much at once. 

Open a Business Account


Whether or not you realize it, selling feet pics online works like any other online business. It takes time, effort, consistency, and an entrepreneurial attitude. If you’ve already set up separate social media accounts and emails for your “business”, it’s time to create a business account to manage your finances as well. 

This keeps all of your foot content earnings separate from your personal income and finances, which not only helps you stay more organized but also makes things easier come tax time. It also helps you maintain a professional image, attracting more serious and legitimate buyers.

When scammers see you’re using a personal account, instead, they may be tempted to try and reverse the payment or dispute the transaction after they receive their content. Business accounts come with an added layer of protection and peace of mind. 

There are several options to choose from like opening a business bank account or a business account on payment systems like PayPal. Be sure to do your research before deciding which type of business account is the right fit and has all the tools and features you need. 

Once you’ve established your business account, it’s important to keep detailed records of every sale or transaction. Take note of important information like your gross annual income, overhead expenses, and any taxes or fees you incur. You can also create a spreadsheet or download accounting software to help keep your finances organized. When you take your foot pic business seriously and treat it as such, so will your customers, helping attract more upscale and professional buyers. 

Create Clear Terms and Conditions

When it comes to safely selling feet pics online, the less confusion the better. Providing a positive customer experience not only creates loyal, repeat customers but prevents them from filing disputes, trying to reverse their payment, or causing you trouble in other ways. To avoid any confusion, set clear terms and conditions about the transaction from the start. 

Doing so also helps you spot a scammer. Most honest buyers will respect your terms but scammers tend to push the envelope, ask for acceptions, and change the rules of the game.

Be clear about your pricing, how, when, and in what form you plan to deliver the foot content, the types of payment methods you accept, and all other details about the final transaction. 

Start by creating a clear pricing structure that includes different tiers of service, package prices, and individual image prices. Keep this pricing list up-to-date and relevant as your business grows. If you’re selling packages, be upfront and clear about exactly what’s included like the number of images, and the topic (i.e. foot bondage, foot worship, etc.).

The payment information should include the type of payment you’ll accept, when it’s due, and how long after you receive payment you’ll deliver the foot content. It’s always better to provide more information than less, just remember to always keep your private details private. You should also outline what happens if there’s an issue with the payment or in the event of a late payment. 

Set Boundaries and Expectations 

Remember, this is your foot pic business and you’re allowed (and encouraged) to set certain boundaries and expectations about how things go. You’re essentially in control of your own destiny. 

The only limits are your creativity and the community guidelines of whatever platform you’re using. Outside of your payment structure and transaction method, you also need to establish personal boundaries. 

For example, it’s okay to say no to a customer’s request, block or report them to the website’s admins, or refuse a sale. Some buyers will make outlandish requests that make you uncomfortable or go against your core values and beliefs. It’s best to politely decline their offer and move on. If they continue to pursue or harass you, take the necessary steps to protect yourself. 

You can avoid these negative interactions by setting clear limits from the start. Be transparent about what you are and aren’t willing to do and what types of services you offer. For example, not all sellers offer videos, want to engage in conversation with customers, or show their face. Setting these hard limits from the start helps prevent customers from getting their hopes up or asking for things you already explained you don’t offer. 

Expectations also go both ways. Buyers should know what to expect from you in terms of cost, delivery method and timeframe, and the quality of your foot content. You should also outline your expectations for payment. 

Be clear and consistent with your boundaries and don’t waver. This can confuse your customers and cause disagreements later on. 

Include these expectations in your profile, bio, or during your private exchanges with your buyers. If you have a personal website, you can create a FAQ or “Important Policies” page that answers all of these questions and lets customers know exactly what they can expect from doing business with you. 

While some sellers may feel bad about setting hard limitations, it’s the best business approach in the long run. It helps you create a professional and respectful persona that guarantees both parties’ safety and comfort. 

Develop a Trusted Brand 

When it comes to selling feet pics online, you are your brand. In most cases, you’ll be responsible for most of your own marketing and advertising. For this reason, you need to create and build a brand you can be proud of and show potential buyers that you’re an experienced professional who will deliver high-quality content in a timely fashion. 

Your online presence matters. The stronger it is, the more serious people will take you and the less of a target you are for scammers and hackers looking for naive and inexperienced sellers. 

Building a strong online presence includes everything from having active social media accounts to building an attractive personal website. While running your own website takes an investment of time and money, it’s well worth it when trying to sell foot pics online safely. 

Now, you can organize all of your foot content in one place, using the payment system of your choice. You can also clearly detail your guidelines and expectations. You’re not under the guise of anyone else’s procedures and, therefore, there’s limited confusion over the transaction process. The more legitimate your foot pic business is, the more high-paying, reliable clients you’ll attract.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that reputable foot pic platforms offer some level of protection and recourse from scammers. They may be able to reverse a transaction, suspend the fraudsters’ accounts, or mediate. When you sell your foot pics using your own website,  the hassle of handling disputes or scammers falls squarely on your shoulders. 

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Expert Advice to Keep You Safe from Scammers

Dr. Melissa Cook, a highly qualified and experienced sex therapist shares her take on safely and securely selling feet pics online. 

“Now more than ever, remaining safe and anonymous while conducting business online is a critical and difficult balancing act,” Dr Cook said. “And this includes selling feet pics.” Dr. Cook explains that the best way to remain safe against scammers looking to steal your money or your identity is to implement all the necessary safety measures before launching your business. 

“Start by securing your internet connection and devices. Then, create an online persona that’s attractive to buyers but also keeps your identity safe.” Dr. Cook says, “When you carry yourself as a professional entrepreneur, you’ll be taken more seriously and attract that same level of clientele. 

Some people overlook this, but creating a positive online presence as a reliable and trusted foot content creator is a key step in protecting yourself against scammers and those looking to do harm.” 


Recognize the Warnings Signs of a Scammer

In life, the best defense is often a strong offense. For this reason, recognizing the warning signs of a scammer is an important step in protecting your foot content, identity, and personal details while actively selling foot pics online. 

Offering to Overpay 

This is a common tactic used by scammers that you should recognize as a major red flag. While we’re sure that your foot content is gorgeous and worth every penny that you’re charging if a buyer is overly eager and offers to pay you more than your asking rate, be wary. Sometimes, buyers will claim they accidentally overpaid you and then ask for you to refund them the excess amount.

So, how does this scam work? In most cases, the scammer uses a fake payment method for the initial transaction, like a stolen credit card or a fake bank account. They then ask you to refund them the extra money using a different payment method like a wire transfer or money order. This makes it more difficult to trace the money and uncover the scammer’s true identity. By the time you realize the initial payment was fraudulent, you’ll be out of the money you sent back.

Protect yourself against this scam by never accepting overpayments. If you notice that a buyer overpaid for your foot pics, alert them to their error right away and ask them to correct it. Don’t send any money back until the initial payment has cleared and you can determine that the buyer is legitimate. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Asking for Your Personal Information 

Most people buying foot pics understand the basic protocol. One of which is to never ask for personal data or information. If the customer is getting a little too personal, end the conversation abruptly. You can do this without being rude and shouldn’t feel bad about it. You need to protect your identity and best interests. 

A legitimate buyer won’t ask for things like your banking information, legal name, phone number, or location. If they do, kindly decline to answer and redirect the conversation back to the transaction. If their questions persist, end the conversation and report them to the website’s admins (if applicable).

Customers Spam Messaging You

Most foot pic platforms have easy-to-use messaging features that let you chat directly with buyers. This is the most convenient way to negotiate prices, accept custom orders, and build a working relationship with repeat customers. However, if a buyer is constantly messaging you or not respecting your boundaries, it could be a sign that they’re up to no good. 

Chatting with customers is all part of successfully selling feet pics online but you also need to draw the line somewhere. 

After all, you’re not being paid as a chat service. The conversation should be light, casual, and focused primarily on the transaction at hand. Someone that constantly messages you with no intent to make a purchase or messages you asking for images or services that you deemed “off limits” in your FAQs could be a scammer trying to wear you down. 

Pressure to Complete the Transaction 

Another sign of a buyer that may have ill intentions is extreme pressure to complete the transaction. 

If the buyer is trying to rush the process, pressure you to deliver the images or videos sooner than agreed upon, or is overly eager to pay, it could be a warning sign that you’re dealing with a scammer. The faster the deal is done, the less likely you are to realize that you’re getting scammed. 

Don’t be distracted by a high offer or your desire to make a few bucks. If you’ve detailed your payment process and structure on your sales page and the customer is still pushing and pressuring you to complete the transaction faster or sooner, have your guard up. Explain your timeline one more time and if they’re still applying pressure, it may be time to end the deal. 


Protect Your Identity, Your Content, and Your Best Interests While Selling Feel Pics Online 

When done right, selling feet pics online can be a lucrative and rewarding experience. But as with any online business, you’re at risk of getting scammed or hacked. In order to conduct your foot pic business safely and offer uninterrupted service, it’s important to put all of the proper safety measures in place.

From choosing a secure payment method to protecting your true identity and creating a professional online presence, you can successfully and safely make money selling foot pics online.

sell feet pics safely