The Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics

Should you sell feet pics

There are pros and cons to everything in life. Weighing out your options is an important step in deciding if something is right for you. This includes everything from who you date or marry to the career path you choose or even what you eat for dinner! If the pros outweigh the cons, it may be worth the risk.

On the other hand, if there are more drawbacks than benefits, you may want to move along.

What about when it comes to selling feet pics online? This seems like such a convenient way to make extra money from the comfort of home. But is it really as easy as snapping a few photos of your feet and posting them on social media? 

Not so fast. Before you jump feet first into the foot pic industry (pun intended), keep reading. We’ve listed the many pros and cons of this unique online business venture so you can make an informed decision about your financial future. So grab your socks or stilettos and let’s see if selling feet pics is worth the hustle or simply a hassle. 

Get money from feet pics

Why Do People Buy and Sell Feet Pics?


Before we get into the pros and cons of selling feet pics, let’s briefly discuss the “why”. You (among many others) may be wondering why anyone would be interested in buying foot pics and what kinds of people actually produce and sell them. 

There’s no cut-and-dry answer to either of these questions, however, foot fetishes are becoming increasingly popular and more widely accepted in all walks of life (another good pun). As people become more open-minded, the potential for earning money online also increases. One in seven people admit to being sexually aroused by feet. From high arches and perfectly pedicured toes to ankle tattoos, jewelry, and more, people can’t seem to get enough of beautiful, artistic, and creative foot pics and videos.

But it’s not just kinksters and fetishists that are buying foot content. Plenty of professionals, advertising companies, and brand ambassadors are also in the market for foot pics. From basic, candid shots to more elaborate, erotic, and engaging photos, there’s a vast pool of buyers all searching for high-quality foot content.

As a seller, not only are you making money in this industry but you may have a foot fetish yourself or simply enjoy being ogled over, complemented, and desired. Selling feet pics is also a great way to supplement your income, meet new people, and tap into your creative side. 


The Pros of Selling Feet Pics


Let’s start with the positives. With plenty of people succeeding in the foot pic industry, there have to be plenty of perks that make it worth your while. Here are some of the most popular benefits of selling feet pics online as reported by real sellers across various platforms.


Make Easy Money from Home

This is what started it all. Selling feet pics online was always a thing but it didn’t take hold until after the Covid-19 pandemic rocked the world and global economy, forcing people into their homes and out of the workforce. While some jobs easily transitioned from the office to the house, others didn’t – leaving thousands of people searching for new and innovative ways to make money. (Fun fact: This is also when the subscription-based platform OnlyFans really took off.)

With billions of people using social media and over 8.5 billion Google searches per day, the Internet has quickly grown into the most versatile and vast market for finding, buying, and selling just about anything. Combine this with the fact that more people are opening up about their fetishes and kinks, and the world of selling feet pics was born. It’s also a business that anyone with a smartphone, basic editing skills, and a stable Wi-fi connection can capitalize on. 


It’s Empowering

While some people may view selling feet pics as demeaning, we say, they’re viewing it the wrong way. Selling sexy and beautiful pictures of your feet is actually empowering! Not only are you acting as an aspiring entrepreneur, but you get to be your own boss, set your own hours and rates, and control most aspects of your sales. These include the listing price of your feet pics, the payment method, and what types of foot pics and videos you create. Of course, some of these factors are determined by the website, but others are left to the seller’s discretion. 

Selling feet pics is also empowering for women (and some men) who want to take control of their bodies and choices. Set your own terms, conditions, and boundaries. You determine what custom orders and requests you accept and which ones you decline. This alone gives you a feeling of control and a strong sense of self. In some situations, selling feet pics is a stepping stone on the road to financial security and self-empowerment. 


The Foot Pic Industry is Exploding

If you were ever considering breaking into the foot pic industry, now is the time. It’s never been hotter, easier, or more lucrative to sell foot pics, videos, and other foot content online. With countless websites dedicated specifically to this niche, you can promote your work on multiple outlets – increasing your money-making opportunities. 

These platforms are also great for beginners because they walk you through the entire process from signing up to posting content to interacting with buyers and completing the sale. Some of the most reputable websites like FunwithFeet let sellers keep 100% of their earnings. Keep your eye on sites that charge hefty monthly fees plus take a cut of your money. For example, FeetFinder takes a 20% commission on all sales, similar to OnlyFans. While this isn’t exorbitant, it’s enough to negatively impact your bottom line. 


Low Overhead Costs

Speaking of your bottom line, one of the biggest expenses when launching any new business is the initial investment. Low overhead costs make selling foot pics especially appealing. You don’t need any supplies or equipment to start selling foot content. All you need is a smartphone, some space, and a little creativity.

A quick search online and you’ll discover the various types of foot pics being sold from feet outdoors (i.e. in the sand on the beach, in boots on a city street), to classic bare feet (i.e. placed delicately on top of one another, showing off high arches), and even foot pics that also include the seller’s legs, body, or face. 

Although it’s recommended you incorporate some props and accessories into your photos at some point, you can start out in the foot pic industry with just your cell phone and your body. If you want to upgrade later on, the cost of a ring light, digital camera, and a few props is fairly affordable compared to the fees associated with other start-ups. Be sure to consider these costs when setting your foot pic prices so that you can recoup your investment. 


Fun and Exciting Business Venture

Are you ready to ditch your boring 9 to 5 and do something more exciting with your life? Selling feet pics online is anything but boring. Each day, interaction, and sale is a new and exciting experience. It’s fun and refreshing to brainstorm ideas for your next foot pic photoshoot. If you accept and fill custom orders (which we highly recommend you do), every day will be a new adventure. 

You also get the opportunity to tap into your creative and playful side. Practice different poses, positions, and settings for your feet pics. Get up, out from behind a desk, and into the world where you can meet new people and discover more about yourself. 


Open Doors to Other Opportunities

For some people, selling feet pics is just the beginning. This expansive industry may be a stepping stone (pun intended) to bigger and better things down the road. Foot models are highly coveted in the advertising world and in creative art circles. Universities and artists are always looking for models and plenty of companies need foot models for their ad campaigns from podiatrists and shoe brands to footcare products and even jewelry companies.

Some sellers expand their horizons beyond foot pics and start selling videos, live stream cam sessions, and other explicit services that help generate even more money. Don’t view selling foot pics as your final calling but, instead, one step in a longer journey toward financial freedom. 


You Can Sell Anonymously

One concern many people have about selling feet pics online is that their kids, spouse, parents, employer, or the moms on the PTO board will find out about their sexy side hustle. Never fear! You can sell feet pics anonymously on most platforms. Of all the online businesses, selling feet pics is the easiest one to do without showing your face. After all, the main focus of your content is far south of your beautiful mug. Not only can you safely conceal your identity but you can even create a sexy persona or alter ego to accompany your foot content. Tap into your dark side and become a sexy dominatrix. Play up your age and be a MILF or cougar with a foot fetish. 

Most foot pic websites also support anonymity by protecting your legal name, banking information, and other identifiable features. You can create a username and password and only post photos of your feet and lower body. While some platforms encourage sellers to show their faces for increased visibility and sales opportunities, this isn’t a requirement. 


Good Excuse to Pamper Yourself (and Your Feet)

No more feeling guilty about indulging in that pedicure or that new pair of Jimmy Choos. When you sell feet pics online, investing in these necessities is all part of your business and acts as an investment in your future success. 

Footcare is an important part of selling foot content. Most people want to see beautiful, well-maintained, and manicured feet and toes. This involves keeping your feet healthy, clean and moisturized. Getting regular pedicures doesn’t hurt either! Once you’re ready to elevate your content and start adding props and accessories, you can splurge on shoes, socks, stockings, jewelry, and tattoos – real or fake! In some situations, these may even be considered tax write-offs. 


Build Your Brand 

When it comes to selling feet pics, you are your brand. This business gives you a unique opportunity to build a brand that’s yours. Unfortunately, you may need to reveal more about your identity than you’d like. But, if you’re not dead-set on selling foot content anonymously, you can connect and network with other sellers and buyers to create a steady fanbase and loyal following. By creating a unique brand, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field or niche and set yourself apart from other sellers. This gives you a major advantage over the competition.

The more popular and reputable you are in the foot pic industry, the more money you can charge and make. Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for content created by some of the best in the business. Build yourself up to be the best and you’ll soon enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

The Cons of Selling Feet Pics


With the positives, there must come a few negatives. Before you get too excited and quit your day job to join FunwithFeet or FeetFinder, check out these potential drawbacks to the foot pic industry. 


The Risk of Getting Scammed

In 2022 alone, 2.4 million people reported getting scammed online, losing a total of $8.8 billion. Any time you enter into an online transaction or negotiation, you’re at risk of getting scammed. And this applies to selling feet pics as well. Even if you remain anonymous, buyers can scam you out of your content, steal your banking information, or even steal your identity.

The best way to avoid getting scammed is to only sell your foot content on reliable, reputable platforms that offer their own payment system and protection. Avoid selling on social media, sharing your financial details, or accepting payments via gift card or wire transfer. Never agree to meet a buyer in person or agree to send them money in advance. Don’t release the final version of your foot pics until you’ve received and verified payment. 


It’s a Taboo Market

There’s no denying that selling feet pics is a taboo market. It borders on the line of adult content and often involves marketing your work to people with foot fetishes and kinks. Not everyone is comfortable dabbling in this type of industry. It may raise a few eyebrows from those closest to you and could also result in some pretty explicit, outlandish, and downright naughty requests from customers. In short, if you can’t handle the first (of selling feet pics), it’s best you get out of the kitchen and try your hand (or foot) at something a little less risqué.

Get money from feet pics


No Control Over Where Your Photos End Up

Once you sell your foot pics, you’re also selling your rights to them. There’s no telling where they might end up or what the buyer will use them for. This is a casualty of the job and a major con for some people. For those hoping to remain anonymous, be careful what identifying features you use in your foot pics including tattoos, birthmarks, and anything in the background that might give away your location or identity. 

If you feel emotionally attached to your foot pics or passionate about where they’re posted or how they’re used, you may want to think again before selling them. You could finalize a sale one day and see your flashy red toenail polish and ankle bracelet on a BDSM website the next – and there’s nothing you can do about it. 


Prices Vary Drastically 

Just because your friend, roommate, or cousin earned $50 on their most recent foot pic doesn’t mean you will. Unfortunately, the income you make off your foot content is extremely unstable and varies dramatically from one platform to another. While most foot pic websites let you set your own prices and negotiate directly with buyers, certain types of content will also generate more revenue than others, making it difficult to budget or rely on consistent income from your foot pic sales.

The same can be said for foot videos. Not everyone is comfortable filming videos of their feet or flirting with buyers in a chat. Everything from the way you conduct yourself to the conversations you have, and the type of content you produce will directly impact how much you make. Other factors include how active you are online, how in-demand your content is, how popular you are, and the quality and variety of your foot pics. 


Difficult for Newcomers

Although the foot pic industry welcomes sellers from all walks of life (yet another pun), it can be tricky for newbies to break into the business. Lack of experience and knowledge, limited exposure, and a saturated market all make it difficult to stand out, make a name for yourself, and make money.

While this is a definite downside to selling feet pics, with enough patience, hard work, and research, you can start to gain traction and land a few sales. When it comes to promoting your content, this falls squarely on your shoulders. From social media to OnlyFans and even starting your own website, most foot content creators do all of their own marketing and advertising. (Don’t forget to add this to your overhead costs.) 

Some foot pic platforms promote new sellers by showcasing them on the homepage for a set period of time. Others invest a big chunk of money in marketing and advertising to drive traffic to the site for you. After all, a foot pic marketplace is only as successful and popular as its top-performing sellers. It’s in a website’s best interest to support its members, new and established.


Unsolicited and Inappropriate Custom Requests 

Custom requests are a big part of the foot pic business. No matter how well-stocked and diverse your foot pic collection is, there are some pretty picky customers out there with very specific needs, demands, and kinks. Because of this, you may need to field unsolicited, inappropriate, and outlandish requests from customers sliding into your DMs. 

While it’s completely up to you which custom orders you fill, there’s no real way to prevent these messages from getting through. You can politely and professionally decline the offer, but if the person doesn’t get the point, don’t be afraid to block them and/or report them to the website’s admins. Unfortunately, when you dabble in a taboo business like selling feet pics, you’re also exposing yourself to the sexier side of things, and in many cases, this simply comes with the territory. 


The Potential for Negative Feedback 

When you put yourself and your feet pics online, you need to be prepared for some negative feedback. While most people will shower you with compliments and drool all over your beautiful feet and toes, you may encounter some criticism. 

Cyberbullying is a huge problem and anytime you throw yourself into the limelight, you’re at risk for some harsh, distasteful, and downright mean and hurtful comments. You’ll need a thick skin, a strong sense of self, and enough confidence and strength to put people in their place if needed and let other comments roll off your back. You may also get flack from your friends and family (if you decide to tell them about your endeavor) so be sure you’re prepared for their input and opinions before sharing your secret side hustle.


Quick Tips for Selling Feet Pics Online 


Now that you know a few pros and cons of selling feet pics, it’s time to determine if this is the right online adventure for you. If the pros outweigh the cons and you’re ready to whip off your socks and get to work, consider these quick tips for success.

  • Choose a trusted, reliable, and well-known foot pic platform for selling your content
  • Avoid selling feet pics on social media where you have little protection against scammers and are at risk of having your account banned
  • Consider remaining anonymous unless you’re prepared to handle any negative backlash
  • Research the industry and determine the type of foot content you want to produce
  • Understand the inner workings of the foot fetish industry so you’re prepared for anything that comes your way (including kinky custom requests)
  • Set a budget and use that to help determine your listing prices (remember, you’re doing this to make money, not lose)
  • You won’t be an overnight sensation so stay consistent and stay patient


Weigh the Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics Before Diving Feet First


Although selling feet pics online may sound silly to some people, it’s a serious and lucrative business for many. Entering into this industry shouldn’t be taken lightly, though. It takes time, effort, and a long-term commitment to see real results. We hope this list of pros and cons helps you determine whether or not the foot pic industry is the right fit for your personal, professional, and financial goals.