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Best Psychic Readings Online

It’s entirely normal to often feel lost and unsure in this long journey of life. However, what’s not fine is to not do anything to find meaningful perspective amid the chaos and turn things around for the better. Therefore, during times of ambiguity, it’s best to seek advice and clarification from somebody who can help you see the light throughout the unending life obscurities. This is where a psychic reader can help. 

Psychic readings are a great way to receive meaningful insights regarding your life and bring in some clarity. No matter what you’re battling with, an authentic psychic medium and the best psychics cans provide life-changing psychic readings. Whether you need past life readings, career forecasts, love readings, numerology readings, astrological readings, spiritual readings, or even oracle card readings, the best psychics online will not disappoint. Best thing about online psychic readings? You can get all the help you need without even stepping one foot out of your sweet abode. 

But finding the best psychics online can be a bit challenging; since with each new dawn, the online psychics industry introduces a new contender, claiming to be the “best psychic reader.” But majority of these contenders merely over promise and under deliver. 

That’s why we took it on ourselves to search the internet and find the absolute best online psychics for you. Each one of the psychic reading sites mentioned in this post houses live psychics for accurate readings coupled with thousands of past user testimonials supporting their credibility.

Keep scrolling to uncover the best online psychics platform for your next psychic reading session. 

3 Best Psychic Reading Sites of 2023

Kasamba - Best for Meaningful Psychic Predictions (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for New Users)

Psychic Source - Accurate Psychic Readings for A Thriving Love Life (3 Free Trial Minutes + 75% Off for First Time Users)

Purple Garden - Affordable Psychic Readings by Experts ($10 Worth of Free Credit with Any Purchase) 

The list of our top 3 psychic medium sites is a combination of platforms that provide free psychic reading online opportunities to users before they’re charged for paid psychic readings. So, if it is your first try at a cosmic chat, be sure to avail the free psychic readings option and learn more about this mystical art before deciding whether you’d like to pursue it ahead or not. 

Luckily, most of our top contenders provide free psychic readings on an array of topics including: tarot readings, astrology readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, spiritual readings, love readings, career forecasts, oracle card readings, numerology readings, and even past life readings.

Sign up today for free to get best psychic readings online and decide whether you’d like to invest more in it.

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What Makes These 3 Psychic Medium Sites the Best: A Closer Look 

Whether you’re searching for cheap psychic readings or spiritual readings, we won’t advice you to make a judgment without learning more about each of these contenders. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve closely examined the most noteworthy features and services of each of our top contenders for the best online psychic readings. 

This section reviews what you can expect from best online psychics as well as how each platform can help you navigate the various facets of life. 

Whether you’re double guessing a business deal, experiencing a spiritual crisis, or feeling overwhelmed in love, the best psychics on these sites can help. Psychic predictions can help you overcome almost all life obstacles. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself. 

NOTE: Each pick for our best psychics site is chosen after closely examining a number of parameters. Therefore, is you’re concerned about accuracy, quality, and reliability, we promise you won’t go wrong with these sites. 

Here’s a closer look at why each of these platforms is part of our winning bunch: 

1. Kasamba - Best for Meaningful Psychic Predictions 

If you’re tired of wasting time on inexperienced online psychics that barely know their way around a tarot card deck, then Kasamba is the place for you. With more than 20 years of experience in psychic and tarot readings, back by a strict psychic reader screening process, the platform ensure you only get the best psychics online. 

With a vast selection of psychic readings to choose from including spiritual readings, astrology, career forecasts, fortune telling, love readings, tarot readings, and dream analysis, at Kasamba you can find cheap psychics for any problem. 

In addition, the site also provides 24/7 customer assistance. Meaning, you will never have to wait long for an insightful psychic reading. Plus, thanks to Kasamba’s free online psychic readings option, you can always first experience what you’d be paying for.  

First Look…

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


·        Wide variety of psychic reading specialties

·        No online psychic readings on video

·        Free online psychic readings of up to 3 minutes

·        Not every psychic reader agrees to use every communication mode

·        70% discount on psychic phone readings for first timers

·        Free minutes are only applicable chat psychic readings

·        24/7 psychic online service (via chat, email, or phone)


·        Flexible pricing strategy to suit every budget


·        Money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory psychic readings


·        Availability of multiple payment methods, including PayPal


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Signing Up on Kasamba

If you were searching for a “psychic near me”, you’ve come to the right place. To get in touch with phone psychics or chat psychics on Kasamba, you must first visit platform’s official page by clicking here.  Next, choose the type of psychic reading you are looking for. As shared earlier, Kasamba has a flexible pricing strategy that provides offers online psychic readings affordably and in a range of specialized areas, such as:  

  •       Tarot readings
  •       Astrology readings
  •       Spiritual Readings
  •       Oracle Card Readings
  •       Love & Relationship Readings
  •       Career Forecasts
  •       Past Life Readings
  •       Fortune Telling 
  •       Dream analysis 

Once you have done that, Kasamba will ask you to select a psychic reader of your preference. Make sure the psychic reader you select is capable to providing you meaningful online psychic readings. To ensure you have made the right decision, head to the psychic reader’s Kasamba profile and closely examine the online psychics past user testimonials and reviews, service description, and charges for every session. Thanks to the site’s simple layout, all this information can be easily accessed by new users to ensure they receive the best psychic reading online 

Once you find a psychic reader of your preference, click the “Let’s Chat” option for a free psychic reading online session. 

After this, the site will automatically take you to the sign-up page. Simply type in your basic information including your name, email address and password to create an account. You will also learn about the payment details will here. 

And that’s it – you are ready to roll! 

You’ll receive your free psychic reading online right after you sign up, considering that your preferred psychic reader is available. 

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Popular Site Features

Let’s have a closer look at Kasamba’s most popular features: 

Easy Onboarding Process

As you just witnessed, getting on board with Kasamba is rather a simple process. All you essentially have to do is create a profile with the help of basic personal details (name, email address, etc.)  so that you can meet free psychics and get started for a life-altering cosmic chat. 

Multiple Contact Modes (Chat, Email, Phone)

Another feature which makes Kasamba so great is that users have the option to communicate with readers via three different modes. The platform allows user to receive psychic online reading sessions via phone, chat, and email. So, if you are not a fan of catting, Kasamba has you covered. Users have complete power to schedule psychic readings as per their preferred communication medium to ensure they receive the most out of their reading. 

 Multiple Psychic Readings

Kasamba is home to some of the most talented, gifted, and experienced readers, providing psychic online readings on a vast range of life problems. To receive an insightful psychic reading online, be sure to use the filter option given by the site. This will help you pick a category of your desires and find a psychic reader that best fulfils your unique requirements.

 100% User Safety

This psychic reading online site is SSL encrypted which means your personal details and are 100% safe from any external breaches. Kasamba guarantees the privacy and personal information of all its users.

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2. Psychic Source - Accurate Psychic Readings for A Thriving Love Life


For 30+ years, Psychic Source has been providing authentic and trustworthy psychic readings from some of the best with psychic readers in the industry. All Psychic Sources advisors are carefully vetted for credibility to ensure they’re not imposters hunting for quick cash. Psychic reading session are available via phone, live chat, email, and video. Perhaps the best thing about this incredible platform for psychic predictions is their 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory readings. 

In addition, Psychic Source has a vast network of brilliant online psychics offering everything from spiritual readings, career forecasts to tarot card readings. The site also allows users to read past client testimonials/reviews as well as their specialty and average scores. It’s safe to say that such an option is not available when meeting a psychic advisor in person. 

First Look… 

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


·        30+ years of experience in psychic online readings

·        Prices vary based on the reading type i.e. chat, video, or phone.

·        Free online psychic readings of up to 3 minutes

·        Not every psychic reader agrees to using the user’s preferred communication mode

·        75% discount on psychic readings for first timers

·        Communication channels can get mixed up

·        Multiple communication modes (video, chat, email, or phone)


·        Highly vetted and screened psychic readers


·        Guaranteed and around the customer satisfaction


·        Daily horoscopes for free and membership reward programs


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Signing Up on Psychic Source

Psychic Source offer an array of reliable psychic services to users, thanks to the hundreds of credible psychic readers on its network. Popular psychic readers you can connect with via this site include love psychics, clairaudients, and clairvoyants. Moreover, the platform offers several different kinds of psychic readings including:   

  •       Tarot readings
  •       Numerology readings
  •       Angel card readings
  •       Catomancy 

To schedule a psychic reading session online with Psychic Source, you’ll have to visit and sign up. Next, you’ll be asked to choose a psychics medium of your preference which may include chat psychics, phone psychics, and even video psychics. After this, a number of psychic reader profiles will be shown to you, who are supposedly the best in the industry. At this point, the site also gives you an “Filter” option, through which you can narrow down search results based on each online psychic’s reading style, field of specialty, experience, charges per session, and more. This unique feature by Psychic Source can facilitate users in locating the best psychic reader for their needs. 

Once you find a psychic reader that matches your requirements, head to their profile to schedule a live psychic reading.  

Popular Site Features

Let’s have a closer look at Psychic Source’s most popular features: 

Multiple Communication Channels

This is one of the reasons why Psychic Source belongs in our top 3 psychic readings sites. Unlike other platforms, Psychic Source provides live readings not only via chat, email, or phone. Video psychic readings are also available. However, it’s worth noting that according to some reviewers, the reader’s communication channels can get mixed up from time to time. 

 Excellent Matching Process

To make the process of choosing a reader less overwhelming, Psychic Source enables users to narrow and simplify their search based on a reader’s star rating, price, specialties, availability, expertise, etc.

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Simply Layout

Psychic Source’s easy-to-follow three step onboarding process is another reason why this platform has been thriving for over three decades now. In addition to this, the site also boats a super simple and easy-to-use interface which makes navigation and signing up extremely easy for first-timers.

Credible Psychic Network

All psychic readers on this platform are carefully vetted for credibility to make sure users get the service they deserve. Each Psychic Source reader is mandated to undergo an extensive background check to prove their credibility. Moreover, every physic reader also has reviews and testimonials by past clients, showcasing whether they are any good for their money. 

Moneyback Guarantee

Perhaps the best thing about this incredible platform for psychic predictions is their 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory readings. Psychic Source also provides special sign-up discounts to first-time users. 

Take advantage of the $1/min intro offer on Psychic Source

3. Purple Garden - Best for Authentic Psychic Readings 

Purple Garden intends to bridge the gap between users and psychics. This is majorly done via their on-the-go Purple Garden smartphone application. After thoroughly examining this platform, we can safely say that the Purple Garden covers a wide variety of psychic services, from fortune telling to relationship and career forecasts. Major kind of psychic readings offered by the platform include: 

  •       Tarot readings
  •       Astrology readings
  •       Relationship coaches
  •       Palm readings 
  •       Fortune telling
  •       Oracle guidance
  •       Angel card readings
  •       Dream analysis 

Each psychic reader on the platform is given a star rating to make it easier for users to know who to trust. 

Purple Garden also has a desktop version. But this version only allows users to receive psychic readings via live chat. Considering the mobile app also offers video and phone reading options, it definitely delivers greater functionality to users than the desktop version.

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First Look… 

What We Like

What We Don’t Like


·        On-the-go psychic readings available, owing to a mobile app

·        Prices vary based on the reading type i.e. chat, video, or phone.

·        $10 worth of free credit with any purchase

·        The pricing is a bit on the higher end

·        Detailed psychic reader profiles for accurate pairings

·        Limited discount offers

·        Purple Garden app often glitches due to technical issues

·        Multiple communication modes (video, live chat, and voice)


·        Highly vetted and screened psychic readers


·        Several psychic mediums, styles, and tools available


·        Referral bonus



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Signing Up on Purple Garden

Getting started on Purple Garden is easy and free. All you really need is a working email address and a password. Once you sign up on the platform, the same account can be used for logging in both: the smartphone app as well as the desktop version. However, it is worth noting that there are some functionality differences on both mediums. 

On Purple Garden’s desktop version, users are allowed to participate in psychic readings only via chat. For video or phone readings, users must download the app on their smartphones. Since Purple Garden is mobile-centric, you may notice that the experience of finding psychic readers and browsing through different reading categories is pleasanter and easier on your smartphone. 

Once you have found a psychic reader to connect with, it’s time to select whether you would like to communicate with him/her via call, video, or chat. In addition to this, you’ll also have to specify the length of time you’d like to communicate with your chosen reader. The minimum and maximum time varies between 5 minutes to 60 minutes. We appreciate the fact that the prices for different durations are clearly displayed. 

Even if you have paid for more minutes than you end up requiring, or you wish to end the session sooner for whatever reasons, you have the power to hang up any time. The remaining unused balance will be credited to your Purple Garden account. 

Popular Site Features

Let’s have a closer look at Purple Garden’s most popular features: 

On-The-Go Psychic Readings

Purple Garden is all the rage when it comes to on-the-go psychic readings. The smartphone application enables users to connect with expert psychic reader directly from their phone, anywhere and any time.  – Since the app offers psychic convenience at its best, Purple Garden is often a crowd favorite among avid smartphone users. Additionally, we found the Purple Garden smartphone app to be incredibly well-developed, boasting a pleasant user interface and convenient features. 

Top Psychic Readers

To deliver maximum benefit to users, Purple Garden highlights top-accuracy and recommended psychic readers, making it easier for users to receive great guidance right from the get-go. Additionally, majority of readers on this platform have reviews and testimonials by past clients on their profiles to ensure you make an informed decision when choosing a reader for your session. 

Journeys – A Purple Garden Community

Purple Garden also provides one-of-a-kind feature called “Journeys” to its members. Journeys is a safe space where users like you can share their mystical journeys and open up about how a Purple Garden psychic reader helped them to transform their lives. 

Cashback Perks

Another of our top favorite thing about Purple Garden is their cashback feature. Whenever you make a purchase with Purple Garden, you receive a $10 worth of free credit. Unlike other sites where introductory packages are redeemable only once, Purple Garden chooses to provide a long-term reward to users.

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Best Psychic Readings Services - FAQ

Now that you know everything about our top 3 picks, let us move onto some other things that you must know about psychic readings.

Does these platforms provide rewards and bonuses?

Yes, they do. For example, when you create an account at Psychic Source, you’ll automatically be enrolled in a loyalty program (exclusive only for members) without paying an extra dime. The program rewards users with 3% bonuses for each dollar that’s credited to their account. In addition, $5 bonus are also given for members who select the reward program. Apart from this, all three of our top psychic reading platforms provide certain discount offers to users. 

Here they are:

Kasamba: 3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for New Users

Psychic Source: 3 Free Trial Minutes + 75% Off for First Time Users

Purple Garden: $10 Worth of Free Credit with Any Purchase

Is pet psychic reading a real thing?

Yes, your read that right. Have you ever wondered what your furry little companion thinks of you as an owner?  Do you ever wonder what your pet is feeling or thinking? If the answer is yes, then pet reading is the thing for you. 

You can get the answers of these questions and more by receiving a pet psychic reading from one of the top psychic mediums on these platforms. An expert pet psychic reader will enable you to communicate with your pet in a language they understand and help you decipher their thoughts as well as share details about their past lives. 

How can psychic readings help me?

Whether you need advice related to most important life choices, are struggling in your career/relationships, or simply want to understand what fate has planned for you, psychic reading can help with all that and more. Here are some popular ways psychic readings can change your life for the better: 

Encourage positivity

If your life is in a dark space right now and you feel nothing is ever going to work out in your favor then an online psychic reader can help you see that you’re wrong. A credible reader from one of our top 3 psychic mediums can show the light waiting for you at the end of the dark tunnel. They can help you understand your personal turmoil and also possibly reverse it with invaluable mystic guidance. They can empower you and provide needed strength to bring about a positive change.

Prepare you for the unknown

Psychic readings allow readers to take a glimpse at your future and help you know what the it has in store for you. With this information, you can better prepare yourself for whatever destiny has to throw at you. Though a psychic reader can’t exactly see what’s about to happen in your life, he/she can definitely prepare you for the looming challenges. 

Get closure

If you’ve suddenly lost somebody who was extremely close to you (either to death or life), you most likely have myriad of things to say to them. This is especially true when it comes to sudden deaths since one never receive the closure to heal from the loss. This is where a psychic reader can help. Through spiritual readings you can communicate with the spirits of your lost loved ones. These reading can also provide answer unrequited questions to restore your faith in the divine. 

Reconcile with painful past life experiences

A painful past life experience can leave scars on your mental and emotional being. These scars often take years to heal but there are some traumatic events which don’t heal even then. This can be anything from a long-term break, losing a loved one suddenly to death, an accident, an unforeseen change in your relationship etc. Authentic and seasoned psychic readers can do what a pricey psychiatrist can’t. Through psyches readings, gifted readers use their spiritual knowledge and foresight in order to help you overcome those traumatic events by dealing with the complex emotions that come attached with them. 

Uncover true life purpose

Through online psychic readings, a psychic reader can act as a personal mentor to help you realize your potential and find the true purpose of your life. With mystical power, they can see what the future has in store for you and use that information to determine the best course of your life. This way you’ll lead your life as it was meant to be. A psychic reading gives you the chance to find happiness that very few folks have. 

Is online psychic reading convenient?

Yes, it is. Online psychic readings offer both convenience and flexibility to people who might be not able to visit a psychic or spiritualist in person. However, please note that not all online psychic reading platforms are equal. The internet is a vast place. And you can easily get lost in it if you don’t know what you are looking for. To avoid wasting money on inaccurate psychic readings online and tap into the real power of psychic readings, make sure you only go to credible, experienced, and qualified psychic readers.

Best Psychic Readings Online  - Final Words

Thanks to internet, now you don’t have to experience the various troubles of visiting a psychic reader. Instead, you can schedule an introductory session for free with some of the best online psychics out there.

Through regular psychic readings, you’ll be able to give a meaningful perspective to both your past as well as your present. With the help of psychic predictions, you can acquire an effective understanding of the present and take decisions that can benefit you the most. 

In addition, online psychic readings can help your subconscious mind understand traumatic life events which may inadvertently be disturbing your today. Whether you have questions regarding your career, relationships, health, spirituality, or anything else, a good psychic reader can help you unravel the true meaning behind every situation to help you make wise choices in the future.   

And although there are several psychic reading online sites on the web, it’s imperative to understand that ceaseless attention and custom solutions is what matters most. After all, it’s your life at stake here. So, search for a psychic reader who is willing to walk the mile for you instead of being just another addition to a client list; as it’s usually the case with most psychic reading online sites. Therefore, be solid on what you demand, expect and deserve from the best psychics.

We assure you, our top 3 contenders for the best online psychics are going to provide you all that and more!