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Multiple factors have contributed to the rise of psychic readings and the growing interest in them. Much of it concerns the current economic, political, and general world scenario that has everyone on edge. To many people, there has seemed to be a barrage of events starting with the pandemic that has directly affected them. In these situations, it is understandable that everything seems uncertain to people. Living through a host of unprecedented events within a short span of time with the looming fear of you or your loved ones being affected is not easy. Historically, people turned to organized religion when times like these came around. However, due to multiple societal factors, societies have moved toward the secular, and most people do not subscribe to organized religion. Psychic readings perfectly straddle the boundary between the spiritual and the secular. They help people get in touch with their spiritual side, not restricting people as religion does.

This rise in popularity has led to the growth of a vibrant and incredibly prolific online psychic reading scene. Combining the accessibility of modern technology with the mysticism of psychic readings has proved to be a major success as numerous psychic reading sites have cropped up over the years, and more are getting in on the act. If you want to join the psychic reading wave, you’re at the right place. We have compiled the ultimate guide to the best online psychic reading sites. If you are looking for guidance from someone with extra-sensory abilities, these are the best psychic sites to explore.

5 Best Psychic Reading Online Sites of 2024 


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These 5 sites stand distinctively amongst the vast number of psychic sites due to their focus on customer experience, accessibility, and the true spirit of the mystic arts. Each site on this list has praiseworthy qualities and some areas they could still improve on. Read on to get a detailed review outlining all the advantages and weak points of these online psychic reading sites, and get enlightened before venturing on your psychic reading adventure.

1. Kasamba - Predicted the Future with Stunning Accuracy

Things to Like About Kasamba

Kasamba is a mixture of experience and a more relaxed approach to psychic readings, leading to a mix of diverse psychics and a huge range of readings. The site has been around for 20 years, and the success of its longevity lies in the fact that it keeps adding the kind of readings that are in vogue at the time. Known for its love readings, Kasamba also has many niche sub-genres of psychic readings for its clients. It’s a site that has a little bit of everything for everyone. Here are a few things to appreciate about Kasamba:

1) Psychic Availability- Kasamba is a bit more relaxed when it comes to providing psychics a platform. The sheer options of psychics that are available on the site sets it apart from other major psychic reading sites. Kasamba has a huge number of psychics online at any given time. Therefore, customers do not have to wait to get a reading.

2) Huge Variety of Topics and Types of Readings- Kasamba provides even the highly obscure type of readings. If you want to dabble into any type of mystic art, the site will not leave you disappointed. Not many sites offer niche readings like graphology i.e. handwriting analysis, but Kasamba has you covered. If you are interested in all aspects of mysticism and spirituality, Kasamba is your best bet.

3) Block or Unblock a Reader- Kasamba provides you the agency to cut off the readers due to any reason. We all have unpleasant experiences, the site gives us the options to move on and report the psychic you felt was problematic.

Things Kasamba Could Improve On

The sheer options that Kasamba provides are a major defining characteristic of the site, but it also leads to some issues that should be looked at. The site should focus on these aspects and improve them to make it even more successful:

1) Increase Methods of Communication- Kasamba provides a very limited number of media through which clients can contact their psychics. The absence of video psychic readings is especially glaring, as a lot of people believe in face-to-face interaction when it comes to psychic readings. Giving customers multiple options to communicate with their psychics during readings will transform Kasamba into an even better site.

2) Set Pricing Structure- Many returning customers have reported a great fluctuation in prices from day to day. This could be explained by many factors due to demand etc., however, it makes clients confused. Many of them want to be clear on the financial commitment they would be pursuing; therefore, Kasamba would benefit highly from a set pricing structure. It will bring clarity to customers and raise their confidence.

Testimony from Paying Customer

A very noticeable factor as one browses through Kasamba is that many psychics have high ratings. This shows a high customer satisfaction rate, and it is further reflected when one goes through customer reviews. The majority of the reviews are happy with their readings and see it as a worthy investment. One such review is from Gwen, who lives in Idaho. She found her reading eye-opening as it informed her of the many changes she needed to make in her life. Gwen’s experience with psychic readings is shared by many people who have many realizations after just a slight nudge from their psychics.

Best Deals 

Kasamba provides what is perhaps the best introductory deal out of all the major online psychic readings sites. For a client’s first reading the site provides the first 3 minutes free and a 70% discount for the rest of the reading. This makes the total cost of the reading almost negligible while giving you the much-needed understanding and guidance from a psychic. Kasamba also continues to provide weekly deals for its returning customers, ensuring that their customers are not financially burdened.

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2. Psychic Source - Best Psychic Readers for Matters of The Heart

Things to Like About Psychic Source

There is plenty to like about Psychic Source, especially as it has been in the psychic reading game for around 30 years. The platform has learned a thing or two about customer satisfaction and accessible psychic readings in all its years. Therefore, Psychic Source remains one of the main choices for both beginners and veterans of the online psychic readings scene. Here are some of the best features of Psychic Source:

1) Emphasis on Client Security- Psychic Source requires a video interview from all its readers as they register to be on the website. They also have a rigid code of ethics for all their psychics, and anyone found to be breaching the code is de-platformed. This ensures a secure experience for their clients and increases their credibility amongst competitor sites.

2) Blogs and Articles Written by The Psychics- The site has many informative articles about psychic readings, astrology, and other aspects of mysticism written by the psychics themselves. This helps clients get a sense of the psychic and be well informed about the spiritual realm.

3) Find-a-Psychic Tool- Sometimes, the options are too overwhelming, and you cannot decide on which psychic to get a reading from. This tool helps clients match their ideal psychics according to their requirements.

Things Psychic Source Could Improve On

Like everything in life, Psychic Source isn’t perfect, though it has many praiseworthy aspects. The site can further improve on these things to make the user experience even better:

1) Introduce Ways to Get to Know a Psychic Before A Reading- Many people are unsure before making a financial commitment and choosing a psychic. While the profiles are comprehensive, the site could still introduce ways to assure the client that the psychic has what they require. One easy way could be to include video introductions where the psychics can outline their style and provide a demonstration to make it easier for the client.

2) Standard Rates for Method of Communication- On Psychic Source, the rates for reading vary according to the method used. Video readings cost more than phone or chat readings. While we understand the thought process behind it, readings will be far more accessible to clients if they are priced similarly across the spectrum

Testimony from a Paying Customer

Psychic Source ensures that all customer reviews are present on the website. For the purposes of Transparency, they do not remove any negative reviews. If you want to get a sense for the psychic, go through the numerous reviews available and then make a decision. There are also reviews that focus on the overall website. One such review is from Kathy, who lives in Connecticut. She praises the easy-to-use nature of Psychic Source and is very happy with her tarot card reading as it helped her refocus her career aspirations.

Best Deals

Psychic Source is also a major success due to its numerous deals that help lessen the financial strains on its customers. Its introductory value package gives customers the first ten minutes of the reading for a low price of $1 per minute. This deal provides incredible value and shows that the site is not a money-grabbing scheme. 

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3. California Psychics - Highly Trusted and Reliable Psychic Readers

Things to Like About California Psychics

California Psychics has been around for 25 years on the online psychic reading site, which means it is almost a new kid on the block compared to many of its competitors. However, California Psychics managed to solidify its spot in the market by innovating. California Psychics is credited as being one of the first sites to shift psychic readings entirely online instead of just booking the Psychics for a face-to-face reading. California Psychics continues to innovate and has many features that we like. Here are some excellent features that make us go to Asknow

1) Readings Available in Different Languages- California Psychics understands that English is not the native language of many of its clients. An experience as personal as a psychic reading should be done in a language the client is completely comfortable with. Therefore, California Psychics provides options to get readings in other languages such as Spanish and French.

2) Psychic Spotlight- California Psychics has a feature that highlights the most popular psychics or those who are rising in popularity to help their clients know the premium options when browsing the site. This is an incredibly helpful feature that benefits both the clients and the psychic.

3) Customer Satisfaction Guarantee- California Psychics has safeguards in place in case you do not like your psychic reading. If you are not fully satisfied, you can contact their customer service team and they will do their best to mitigate the circumstances and ensure you get your money’s worth.

Things California Psychics Could Improve On

Due to its relative newcomer status, California Psychics is receptive to customer feedback and keeps adjusting its site to ensure the best customer experience. These are some things that California Psychics could further improve on:

1) Variety of Payment Methods- California Psychics only accepts payments via credit cards. A variety of payment methods through Cash App could help lots of customers who do not necessarily have a credit card.

2) Psychics Only Available Through Appointments- California Psychics has its customers book psychic readings for a certain time. While this is great to clear your schedule for the reading, psychics who are available at the given moment are a great help to address any urgent questions that might have popped up in your head. Finding psychics online is a great relief for clients who might have any pressing issues to deal with.

Testimony from a Paying Customer

Like other online psychic reading sites, California Psychics also has the option for customers to leave reviews after getting their reading done by a psychic. The more popular psychics have tons of reviews, all of them mostly positive. An anonymous review claims that California Psychics has some of the best psychics on the internet, and she gets answers to all her burning questions every time she frequents the site. She also advised the site to add more psychics to subscribe to eastern practices of mysticism.

Best Deals

California Psychics provides an introductory package of 20 minutes for $20 or 30 minutes for $30. This makes the introductory rate $1/minute, which is a total bargain. California Psychics’s rates are comparable to the cheapest options on the market which is a major plus point.

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4. Purple Garden - Best Psychic Site for Video Readings

Things to Like About Purple Garden

Purple Garden is on the more premium end of the spectrum when it comes to psychic readings. With its sleek app interface and higher-than-usual rates, Purple Garden brings a style to psychic readings matched by the quality of its services. Despite the perception of it as high-end, Purple Garden takes customer satisfaction seriously. There are many aspects of the site that should be appreciated. Here are some of them:

1) Free Cashback Program after $10 Purchase- Purple Garden knows the financial commitments psychic readings require and has introduced a loyalty program for its members that helps you safely relieve some of that financial burden. After spending $10 on Purple Garden, members automatically get enrolled in a cashback program where they pay 5% of any purchases they make. This credit can be used within six months on a psychic reading of your choice.

2) Sleek App Interface- Purple Garden’s modern and accessible app truly sets it apart from its competitors. The app provides a direct connection to a network of authentic psychics while being incredibly convenient. Carrying out a portal to psychic readings in your pocket is incredibly comforting; guidance is just a few swipes away.

3) Live and Recorded Readings Available- If you cannot take out the time to do a live reading, Purple Garden provides the option to have recorded readings, which is a relief for customers with timing issues. Many clients seem to miss the psychics of their choice due to timing constraints, and this option makes it possible to have a reading with the psychic of your choice without any issues.

Things Purple Garden Could Improve On

Purple Garden is focused on providing the best experience to its customers, there it should focus on these aspects to make its site better:

1) No Satisfaction Guarantee- Purple Garden does not provide a safety net for paying customers if they are not satisfied with their reading. This is a major gap in the service, and Purple Garden should address it to ensure the best experience for its clientele.

2) App Can Have Technical Issues- Apps frequently have glitches; Purple Garden should be on top of their game and provide regular updates to their app. This will make the experience even smoother and attract clients.

Testimony from Paying Customers

Purple Garden has plenty of positive customer reviews on the app. One of them is from Felix who is appreciative of the app’s accessibility and the fact that he accumulated enough credit to get a free psychic reading. Felix’s review speaks of Purple Garden’s unparalleled ease of use.

Best Deals

Users who get their first reading from Purple Garden automatically get $10 credit in their accounts. This makes the next readings extremely cheap and helps you to find even more peace and guidance from your chosen psychic.

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5. MysticSense - Best for Diverse Psychic Reading Categories

Things to Like About MysticSense

MysticSense has a network of psychics who specialize in about every psychic reading category possible and use all possible tools to conduct those readings. You can use the site’s filters to find a reading tailor-made for all your requirements. This commitment to the occult arts gives MysticSense a special place in the psychic reading community. As a site, it has many interesting and helpful features; here are some of them:

1) Comprehensive Psychic Profiles- A small but highly appreciable aspect of MysticSense is the amount of detail in the psychic’s profiles. A client browsing for a particular kind of reading benefits immensely from all the details, and it also helps them save a lot of time.

2) Strict Guidelines for Psychics- To maintain its reputation, Mystic Sense has strict guidelines in place for its psychics. These guidelines are imperative for the customer’s security and peace of mind when interacting with the psychics. These guidelines also show that MysticSense is run professionally and the psychics are employees rather than rogue elements doing what they want and exploiting customers.

Things MysticSense Could Improve On

MysticSense clearly works on preserving the true spirit of mysticism, if the platform also continues to improve on user experience, it could gallop right ahead of its competitors. Here are some aspects that MysticSense can improve on to be even better:

1) No App Available- To survive in today’s market, it is imperative to adapt to technological changes. Apps are convenient and most people now prefer using them instead of websites. MysticSense should launch an app for accessibility and to attract a significant customer base that exclusively uses apps.

2) Steep Price Point- MysticSense has left the pricing completely to the readers, which makes it a bit more expensive compared to its counterparts on the scene. A better pricing structure will prove to be a good idea for MysticSense as it will attract a more diverse clientele and help them capture previously untapped markets.

Testimony from Paying Customers

Going through customer reviews on the site shows that MysticSense has its share of adoring customers, who seemed to have benefited immensely from it. Most psychics have high ratings and glowing reviews from clients who credit them for turning their life around. A review from Mel outlines her nervousness when she first sought a psychic reading, but now she couldn’t do anything unless she consulted her psychic. This level of confidence also inspired confidence in the other clients and is reassuring for newcomers.

Best Deals 

MysticSense does not have a time limit for its sessions, and most of the readings range from $1-$3 per minute, which makes them accessible to most people.

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What You Should Know About Online Psychic Readings

After reading this article, many of you might be convinced to go and try out a psychic reading online. However, like any experience, it is important to learn from other’s experiences and then go in with realistic expectations and a game plan in mind. Here are some things you should know before you gain guidance from a psychic:

1) Psychics Are Not Mind Readers

Despite the name, psychics do not hold the capability to know every single thought that crosses your mind. Unlike the famous magic trick in which a person claims to know the number you have thought of, psychics pick on your energy and aura and guide you according to those perceptions. Every psychic holds different abilities, and they use their extrasensory perceptions, such as clairvoyance, to get a sense of their client as a person.

Trying to test your psychic by asking them mundane questions like making them guess your favorite color or the type of car you have, is a waste of their abilities and your time. You could be using that time to get answers to pressing questions and guidance for the future.

2) The Actual Agency Lies With You

A major part of psychic readings and other activities relating to mysticism that most people tend to forget is that whatever you gain from them will only reflect in your life if you take action yourself. Many people turn to psychic readings entirely because they badly want something and want to know whether they will attain what they desire. Once they inquire about it from the psychic and get affirmation, they believe that the thing will happen automatically. It’s a tricky concept but one that is absolutely fundamental to understand before you get into psychic readings. You can only achieve what you want if only you put in the desired effort. You might want the love of your life, but you will not necessarily find that person if you do not actively look for them. A psychic is just there to tell you your destiny; it is up to you whether you want to fulfill it.

3) You Might Not Like What You Hear

Many psychic reading veterans say that one of the biggest red flags during a psychic reading is when your psychic is painting a perfectly rosy picture of your future. This indicates that instead of accurate information, the psychic has sensed what you want to hear and is giving you a vision that is free of any problems. An authentic psychic will give you the information you need, not what you want to hear. Life is not perfect; most of the time, you might not attain whatever your heart desires. Psychic readings aren’t a means to get you all you want in life. They are a way to anchor you by providing glimpses of what lies in the future. There will be problems and hurdles; the psychic readings will help you navigate those easily.

Remember, psychic readings are just tools to help you be the best version of yourself. The real power lies within you, and whenever you feel lost, the guidance you get from your psychic will be invaluable. Now that the purpose of psychic readings is clear let’s check out the best online psychic reading sites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my psychic is legit?

If you are on one of the major psychic reading sites, chances are that your psychic is credible due to their rigorous screening methods. If you are still unsure then be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs. Sugarcoating all predictions, telling you what they think you want to hear, constant upselling, and emotional manipulation. These are all signs that an impostor is trying to be a psychic.

What if I forget what I wanted to ask my psychic?

Make a list. It is imperative to have a game plan when you go into a psychic reading. The readings are charged by the minute, therefore, you must know exactly what you want to ask. There is no time for pleasantries, go straight to the pressing questions and gain as much knowledge as possible from the limited amount of time.

I had a psychic reading but I feel like it did not help me

This feeling is not uncommon. A lot of people are dissatisfied with their first readings. Like many other things in life, you also do not unearth gems on your first try when you get a psychic reading. However, it is your call whether you want to persevere and continue in hopes you find a compatible psychic, or you have had enough of the experience.

Psychic readings are a vastly complex topic that can be discussed for ages, however, this guide should be enough to help you make a decision. Remember, fortune rewards those who are brave.